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October 10, 2018

Yorktown, VA – There are so Many Sign Choices for Churches

Posted in: Industry News

Making signs is a craft and an art. Finding a company that can make signs to the specifications needed is important. We all think about different companies and even individuals that might need the services of a sign maker. One place we do not really think about needing signs is a church. Churches can benefit in many ways from the use of signs.

Churches can benefit from different signs. They use signs in a multitude of places. They can use signs inside or outside. Signs can be used to direct people to where the church is located. They can be placed on street signs and free-standing poles that serve as permanent guiding posts. They can contain text or have graphics. The choices are endless.

Most commonly there are signs with the name of the church placed in front of the building. Sometimes churches have signs that allow them to change the message using individual letter cards. These signs can be used to convey a biblical message, show announcements, and even communicate funny messages that have a desire to bring parishioners into the church. They serve as a way to effectively communicate with everyone in the neighborhood and people that might just be passing by. This type of sign is an economical choice for a church with a limited budget.

A more technologically advanced sign choice would be an LED sign. These let churches use state-of-the-art techniques that give them an energetic voice in the community. LED panels signs can create a graphic appeal that displays the church’s name in brilliant excellence for the entire community to see as well as messages. If the church wants a more subdued presence and maybe something more traditional, they can opt for a monument sign that is durable and will stand the test of time. A monument sign can also hold a LED panel.

In addition to all the outside applications, churches have sign needs on the inside of the church also. Churches can use LED signs inside as well. These type of signs are good for a large church so that all can see messages during the service. LED panels can be used in other areas of the church also to convey messages for the people in the building. Churches can also benefit from using lobby signs to direct people to various parts of the building. These types of signs can be wall signs, attached signs, or other various types of signs. These are especially useful if the church is large and has a lot of different activities happening. It lets everyone know where to go.

Regardless of whether signs are used inside or outside, a church can benefit from using a professional sign company. As more and more technology becomes available, it becomes more available to churches as well as other businesses. James River Signs looks forward to working with churches in all their signage needs.

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