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October 03, 2018

Newport News, VA – The Importance of Signs in Today’s Fast-Paced Business Landscape

Posted in: Industry News

It’s harder than ever before to succeed in business. Between today’s fierce domestic competition and numerous international companies, as well as the internet’s commercial byproducts, having reasonable prices and so-so products and services no longer cuts it for companies.

Furthermore, just as companies must feature outstanding prices and top-quality products and services to stay afloat, businesses must also take steps to differentiate their brand, identity, and offerings from those of competitors. In a day and age when companies from all across the globe can deliver their wares to buyers with a simple click, having the best prices is only half the battle.That’s where sign manufacturers like James River Signs come in.

James River Signs specializes in the design, creation, and installation of many different types of signs. To help business owners benefit from the advantages of professional signs, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sign variations!

Lighted/Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are fairly common today, and it’s easy to see why. These signs are affordable, customizable, eye-catching, and indicative of a cutting-edge business. Electronic signs can attract gazes from a distance or up close, in daytime or at night, and in any climate or weather.

In short, electronic signs help businesses to stand-out from others.



Sidewalk Signs

The internet has made it possible to pre-plan everything—from meal deliveries to medical check-ups and air-conditioning schedules to equipment servicing—but humans are, by their very nature, spontaneous. Thus, there’s something inherently alluring about a tasty meal special or a fantastic clearance promotion being advertised on a sidewalk sign.

And for businesses, there’s something inherently rewarding about cashing in on passersby while using minimal effort and resources.

Sidewalk signs are customizable and they’re a favorite of businesses today because they stand on their own, can be updated in no time at all, and produce excellent results. It should also be noted that sidewalk signs, because they can be modified to suit specific business needs, also help customers to feel as though they’re being personally attended to. Again, the internet and lightning-fast ordering processes are great, but in business, there’s still something to be said for a human touch.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great option for businesses looking to add a new flair to their decor. First, because they’re usually applied to the inside of a window, they’re protected from the elements and will remain intact regardless of the weather. Second, window graphics are highly customizable and can appeal to customers on a variety of levels. Window graphics can advertise promotions, products, a funny-looking company logo or mascot, pricing information, and much, much more; the possibilities are endless.




Roof Signs

The old saying, “go big or go home,” may have derived from the early days of roof signs.

As their name suggests, roof signs are electronic signs that are especially designed for placement on roofs. These signs are energy-efficient and can be LED-powered. They’re able to withstand even the roughest of elements, and they’re ideal for helping businesses compete in particularly difficult areas, as they can entice customers from near and far to stop in.

These customizable signs are some of the most popular types available for purchase today, but they aren’t the only signs on the market. On the contrary, there’s a sign available for every purpose one can think of; don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals regarding sign needs, questions, and estimates.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to signing up for the all the perks of signs!

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