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September 05, 2018

Newport News, VA – Sidewalk Signs for Real Estate

Posted in: Industry News

Sidewalk signs are an integral part of the real estate industry. These signs are an ideal choice in areas with heavy foot traffic. They can be used to grab customer attention, raise brand awareness, and communicate information.

Different types of sidewalk signs exist, so it is advisable to gain knowledge about them so that you can make the right choice for your real estate business.


  • A-Frame

The A-frame sidewalk signs are available in many colors, sizes, and materials. The folding design makes it portable. The double-sided sign is easy to change.

  • Weighted Base

If you want the signage to stay put and not get blown away by heavy winds, then the weighted base is an ideal choice. The signage prevents movement and damage in the wind.

  • Swinging

The swinging signage holds customized graphics from the top. The rest of the sign tends to sway or swing in the wind. It is great for outdoor use and is sure to grab customer attention.

  • T-Base

The double-sided signage has a strong base. The shape of the display resembles a “T.” The sturdy design ensures that the signage stays upright even in windy conditions.

  • Portable

The portable sidewalk signs come equipped with wheels and handles and this enables easy transportation. They are an ideal choice for trade shows and other real estate events.


  • Letter Boards

The letter board is a great choice if you have changing signage needs. You can change the messages and information easily without having to print new graphics.

  • Standard Poster Frame

The poster frame holds and displays posters in an upright manner. This makes them easy to spot even from a distance. They are available in different styles and sizes.

Sidewalk signs have been used as an effective tool of communication. They can be used to inform customers about new and existing real estate deals. As these signs usually sit at eye level, they are hard to miss.

The signage can be customized as per the specific needs of your business. They offer the flexibility of promoting different types of messages. The signs are cost-effective and can help in attracting new and existing customers to your real estate business.

Ready to buy sidewalk signs for real estate? We are committed to providing quality products and services from initial consultation to design and installation. Contact us at (757) 598-4036 to get a free quote or any other information about sidewalk signs for your real estate business.

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