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Newport News, VA – What Is the Channel Letter Signage Fabrication Process?

Channel Letter Signage Fabrication Process
Channel letters are often a preferred option for business signage because they offer dimension and depth to entry walls, storefronts, and monuments. When professionally manufactured and installed, this type of signage can help to boost brand awareness for a business while generating a great first impression.

Business owners considering this option for their signage may have questions about the channel letter signage fabrication process. Standard channel letters feature a graphical sign or dimensional logo element. These elements are often manufactured from a type of thin gauge sheet metal. Often, this is aluminum. The purpose of this is to prevent the letters from rusting even when exposed to the elements.

In most cases, a computer-controlled CNC router is used for cutting the necessary shape from the sheet metal. This creates the base for the graphical element or dimensional letter. Known as the returns, the sides of the channel letter are then formed. A small strip of aluminum is bent to create this design. Once the return is cut from the metal, it can be fastened to the metal base or welded at the seam. This creates the final shape of the letter or dimensional element. Electrical components are then placed inside the formed element or letter.

Channel letters often feature a face manufactured from polycarbonate substrate or transparent acrylic that has been cut to fit over the shape of the logo element or letter in a precise manner. The border of the face is then topped off with trim cap material to present a finished appearance.

Numerous mounting options are available for channel letter signage. For instance, the finished channel letters can be mounted straight onto the face of a monument wall or a building façade. This is referred to as a flush mount. Other options include mounting them onto a raceway, which is a rectangular-shaped box. In this case, the raceway contains the electrical components for the sign, such as the transformer and power supply. As a result, the raceway serves a practical purpose along with acting as a mounting structure. Once complete, the raceway can be mounted onto a monument or building façade. In most cases, the raceway is then painted to match the surrounding elements.

In some cases, channel letter signage may feature a reverse-lit design. In this type of design, the lighting is actually directed to the back of the sign instead of the face. This makes it possible to flood the building or the wall faced with light, making it possible to display a negative space when it is dark.

Norfolk, VA – Why A Company Needs to Get a Professional to Create ADA Signage

Why You Need ADA Signs
Signage plays a vital role in the society. The information relayed through them gives directions to a specific place. The users also become familiar with the environment they are about to enter. The passage of the American disabilities act of 1990 prohibits the discrimination of the disabled in the society.

In compliance with the ADA act, signage has become a necessity in all permanent rooms. Americans with disabilities can now access information through signage. The signage needs to be accessible and easy to visualize or use tactile touch.

Why Choose Us

• We provide designs that are fully compliant with the stipulations on the ADA act.
• Timely installations.
• We offer comprehensive solutions at a competitive price.

Complying Rules of ADA Signs

Our company understands the need to comply with the ADA standards. Our designs will adhere to the ADA rules by ensuring;

• The signage installed must have a non-glare background. The glare background is likely to hinder the elderly or the visually from accessing the information.

• The signs in our designs are easy to read or interpret.

• We place the signs strategically by ensuring that they are adjacent to what they are specifying to offer a description of the room.

• Our signs are customized in braille to possess the tactile lettering. The letters used in braille are in lower case safe for the proper nouns.

• The characters we use are conventionally acceptable. The characters are either in upper case or lower case or both at the same time.

• Our proportioning of the characters is standard with a maximum of 55 percent for the width and 110 percent for the height.

• The writing style we practice in our work is sans serif.

• We make signs that contain visual characters such as arrows or wheelchairs, to emphasize the message. At the same time, the visible characters should be in a light-dark contrast.

• The signs are mounted at a height that is 40 inches above the finish floor or ground.


The signage we design offer effective communication. The message being relayed determines the types of designs that we do. Some of the designs we can customize include but not limited to; entrance signs, display signs, bathroom signs, lobby signs, office door signs, and restroom signs.


We offer the best kinds of signage designs that meet the set rules as outlined by the ADA act. The signage is customized appropriately and will create a lasting impression with information relayed.

Hampton, VA – Employing Conference Signage Effectively to Promote Branding

About Conference Signage

Both convention center owners and conference sponsors currently achieve branding benefits by selecting high quality signage. Locations which serve as venues for meetings often include extensive built-in way finding signs, of course. Yet conference sponsors sometimes discover important name recognition advantages in adding their own useful, informative portable signs and banners.

Businessman Omar Rahman notes the importance of supplying “relevant” signage. This principle certainly applies in conference settings. In busy conference centers, signs help ensure more efficient daily operations. Some of the most useful inform participants about the availability of important services and amenities:

  • Meeting Rooms;
  • Restrooms;
  • Food And Beverage Options;
  • Admission Lines;
  • Registry (or Check-in) Stations;
  • Daily Meeting Room Schedules.

Permanent Signs Enhance Conference Centers

Conference center property managers typically select permanent interior wall signage to enhance facilities serving the public on a recurring basis. Investing in attractive way-finding and ADA compliant signs helps make a meeting venue more attractive to prospective customers. Many modern conference centers also include built-in digital signage capabilities.

The addition of permanent exterior billboard or pillar and post signage outside also frequently serves a valuable advertising function. Site owners need to ensure visitors from remote locations readily identify the conference center address and main entrance. A conference center sometimes gains repeat business simply by meeting this basic requirement.

Conference Sponsors Frequently Use Signage

Yet today, conference sponsors also often choose to augment existing conference center signs with their own logo-bearing portable signs and banners. Using signage displaying a conference name and logo helps increase brand recognition. This practice may encourage wider participation in the future. It helps raise public awareness about recurring conferences, for instance.

Conference sponsors enjoy a wide array of portable sign and banner options. For example, a sponsor may choose to repeat the same eye-catching brand logo on the cover of official conference registrant packets and on portable meeting room signs. This strategy may allow participants to locate conference rooms in a large facility more easily. The use of portable signage also offers benefits if meeting sites within a large venue change on short notice. In some cases, sponsors may choose to add rooms or relocate existing seminars due to higher than anticipated attendance.

Further Information

James River Signs assists conference center owners and conference sponsors seeking effective custom-designed signs. We serve customers in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, and Yorktown in Virginia. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to request further information.

Newport News, VA – What Can A Business Owner Do To Maintain Business Signs?

Maintenance for Signs

Signage can provide many benefits for businesses in all industries. In order to make the most of those benefits and reap the best return on investment; however, business owners need to know how to maintain their signs. As is the case with a home, appliance, or vehicle, signs must be maintained on a regular basis to retain their beauty and functionality. Regular sign maintenance will help businesses to present the best image while also making the most of their investment.

How to Clean Signs
Maintenance for signs begins with understanding what to avoid when cleaning a sign. Signs should never be cleaned with the following:

• Ammonia
• Abrasive cloths
• Solvents
• Scrub brushes
• High-pressure washers

Any of the above items will likely cause more harm than good to a sign.

Inspecting Signs
Signs should be checked on a regular basis for any broken or loose fittings. In the event any fittings are loose, they should be repaired promptly. Larger signs also need attention, even if it means using a bucket truck or ladder to complete the examination and necessary repairs.

Lighted signs should be inspected to check for burned out bulbs, dimmed neon, or faulty LEDs. While an illuminated sign can quickly get attention, this also means that any malfunction is also readily noticeable. Regular checks will ensure this does not become a problem.

In examining signs, business owners should always look for signs of corrosion. Rust not only makes for an unsightly sign, but it can also eat away at the structure of a sign, making it necessary to replace the sign earlier than intended.

Cleaning Schedule for Signs
On average, indoor signs should be cleaned once every three months. Quarterly cleaning will help to ensure signs maintain their beauty while eliminating the potential for damage. Signs should be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or paper towel.

Monument and pylon signs require regular landscaping. This will help to ensure they look their best while also mitigating the potential for damage from trimmers and mowers. Overgrown tree limbs, shrubs, and foliage should be trimmed regularly to prevent signs from being obscured from view.

Storing Seasonal Signs
Some signs are not always on display year-round. This is often true of seasonal signs. Event and seasonal banners and signs should always be stored in a dry location located out of direct sunlight. The signs should be allowed to dry thoroughly before they are either rolled up or stored flat.

Maintenance for signs does take some time and effort, but it more than pays off by protecting a business owner’s investment in their signage.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.