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Newport New, VA – What Are the Best Benefits of Investing In Window Film?

What are the Benefits of Investing in Window Film?
Window film is a vital but often-overlooked part of the store marketing business. At first glance, you might be hesitant to invest in window film. Why would you want to cover up your windows and limit the amount of natural light that can come inside? But in fact, window film can be a simple, affordable, and eye-catching way to promote your business and add an air of professionalism to your store. Here’s just a few reasons why you should invest in window film.

1. You Can Do Just About Anything with Window Film

When you think of window film, you might think of a massive screen that covers the entire window–think of the giant photographs pasted to the window of your local clothing store. You can buy window film in that style, and it can be an effective way to get the customer’s attention. But you can also opt for a more subtle, professional touch that makes your business appear more established. For example, you could buy a clean monotone logo that looks like it was etched into the glass. This sends the message that your business is a permanent fixture in the area, not a flash-in-the-pan.

2. You Can Create Different Window Effects

Do you love the look of frosted glass, but don’t have the time and money to replace all the glass doors and windows in your store? Window film can be used to create the look of frosted glass without all the time and effort. You can opt for clean rectangular strips that stretch across the glass, or have your company’s name and logo “etched” into the film for a truly professional touch. You can also use this type of window film to hide off areas of the store that are meant to be more private.

3. You Can Go Bold with an Eye-Catching Advertisement

Sometimes, bigger is better. If you want to attract attention to your store, a large window covering can draw attention away from the competition. Many businesses opt for bright, colorful stock photography that makes the customer feel cheerful and excited as they walk inside. You can also advertise your products, inform customers about a sale, spread the word about a new product, or simply welcome customers into your store. Window coverings can also give your customers a sense of privacy if you’re operating a business where you don’t want people looking inside (for example, a hair salon or an urgent care clinic.) In a sense, it makes your customers feel sealed off from the world, giving them the impression that nothing is more important at this moment than your business.

Hampton, VA – How Can A Business Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Signage

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Signage

The right signage is incredibly important to businesses. Signs serve as advertising 24 hours a day and help make it easier for customers to find the businesses they’re looking for. Although they matter a great deal, a surprising number of companies make mistakes with this important tool. Here are some common missteps to avoid.

Location, Location, Location

Location is just as important for signs as it is for real estate. Signs don’t work if no one can see them, but business owners continue to place their signs in areas of poor visibility. It’s important to make sure that a sign won’t get blocked by a growing tree, another building, or even another sign.

To avoid this mistake, take a moment to view the sign from a customer’s perspective. Is it visible from the street? Is it easy to read quickly when driving past? These details are important.

Size Matters

When designing a sign, keep in mind that small letters prove difficult or even impossible to read at certain distances. To be visible from 100 feet away, the letters on a sign must stand at least 4 inches high. It’s possible for customers to see a sign from 1/4 mile away, but only if the letters stand 57 inches tall. Plan a sign accordingly.

Colors and Fonts

The colors on a sign should match each other, but don’t confuse matching with blending, The lettering on a sign should contrast to the background behind them so they’re easier to see. They don’t need to clash, but they do need to stand out.

Choose font as carefully as colors. Skip the Olde English script and choose a type style that is easy to read at a glance.

Logos and Clutter

A recognizable logo is an excellent branding and advertising tool, but sometimes it’s best to leave the logo off of the sign. Complicated designs or multi-colored logos don’t always scale well and can make signage too complicated and cluttered. The same is true of adding too much information. In an effort to be helpful, some companies design signs that are just too busy and hard to read.

Going Dark

Signs can serve as advertising literally 24 hours a day, but only if they’re visible during that time. There should always be a light built into or shining onto a sign after dark. There are plenty of energy-efficient lighting options available today, so lighting the sign need not be costly or create a noticeable increase in energy bills.

Following these tips is a great way to help any business get the most from their signage and maximize the return on their signage investment.

Hampton, VA – Dimensional Letter Signage Brings Style to a Business Sign

To make businesses or brands stand out, people will need to use a professional, classy, and new signage system. When businesses or offices have uninteresting and unprofessional signage, customers may not want to buy their brand. A poorly done sign portrays a terrible picture for any business. A type of signage system that stands out is dimensional sign letters. This signage is three-dimensional and makes the business stand out from other businesses around them. Dimensional letters are custom made and come in a variety of materials that can reflect the unique image of any individual company.

For example, a law firm or a city mall can use dimensional letters from brass or bronze to give a professional and elegant look. Aluminum and stainless steel provide a classy and modern look when used in an apartment building or an office. Businesses looking to put up dimensional letters on a small budget can choose to use acrylic and plastic that are convenient and less expensive.

Advantages of Dimensional letter signage
An office or rental building might experience a full transformation when dimensional letter signs are used. First, clients will love to do business with a company that has a signage system that exudes class and professionalism. With the right choice of signage, an office or business can enhance a healthy and positive relationship their clients. These types of signage systems are in hospitals and various doctor offices, law firms, and banks to name a few. These businesses found that the right style of dimensional letter made a big difference in an office space.

Businesses can also use dimensional letter signage on the exterior parts of the building. A company logo made from the right type of materials adds a professional feel to the entire building and makes clients get attracted to what companies have to offer. Artists will customize the company logo, and use the dimensional letter signage to add a professional look to business. The artist can use various drop shadows that attract customers.

Materials available for Dimensional Letter Signage
People operating on different budgets can ask designers to create different styles using different materials for dimensional letter signage. For clients who do not mind spending a lot of money, solid metal letters can be a great start. They are durable and offer a perfect and professional look. Some common materials used include:

  • Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze

Clients can choose to have a perfect finish by polishing, dusting, painting, or adonizing.

James River Sign Company will give business different choices for the types and materials for Dimensional Letter signage. Contact our customer care team for more details.

Hampton, VA – Trade Show Signs Offer An Endless Possibility to Your Display

For trade shows, it is imperative to go the extra mile with your signs. This is because there are bound to be other businesses offering similar services to yours, all aiming for the same audience. Trade show signs serve different purposes, such as give direction, advertise, or offer information. Picking out trade shows signs needn’t be a hassle.
Here are a few factors to consider:
The Venue- Trade shows can either be indoors or in open spaces. A business will require more signs in open spaces than indoors. More so, some trade fairs attract more brands than others, meaning it will take a lot more to attract an audience to the booth. Avoid overcrowding the booth with trade show signs though.
The Need- If the brand is prominent and popular, it will require fewer signs compared to a brand that is just starting. It is the job of the trade signs to allure prospective clients to the booth. Therefore they should be catchy and without too much literature.
Display Method- How the signs will be put up is an important factor to consider because the available working space determines what signs should be used. Some require hanging while others will require installation.
Types of Trade Show Signs
A-Frames-These signs are convenient for any kind of space, and they are easy to customize. They can be heavy-duty plastic or aluminum, and the poster area is usually plastic. To achieve maximum effect, the A-frames should be put in an angle/position that makes it easy to read from either direction.
Banners- These are the most noticeable trade sign anywhere, and they are indispensable. There are different types of banners, such as retractable, telescopic, spring-back, double-sided, and tension banners. Depending on how conspicuous a banner is, it can attract a broad audience in comparison to other trade show signs.
Hanging displays- These signs do not require installation on the wall or floor stands. Rather, they hang from above, and they come in different shapes and materials. The most common include squares, pyramids, tube shapes, and triangular shapes. Hanging displays come with graphic attachments with colors, logos, and symbols of the relevant brand. Most hanging displays are collapsible and fit in small bags making them convenient to carry around as necessary.
Pop-Up Displays- When looking for low-budget and easy to set up displays, this is the best option. To customize a pop-up booth, monitor holders, lights, and shelves may be added.
James River Signs has many options when it comes to Trade Show Signage.

Hampton, VA – Portable Signs Help Move Your Business in the Right Direction

Even though many organizations and companies are using online platforms to advertise and pass information, it is still crucial to maintain physical contact with the audience. This is because even with a massive online presence, people always take notice of their environment.
There are several advantages to using portable signs:
• If the enterprise does not operate on a permanent location or it is seasonal, portable signs are a convenient way for advertising or sharing information. For instance, an organization doing campus tours or the owner of a food truck will not require long term signage.
• The purpose or offerings of the enterprise change often- for example, a health club will discuss different topics on various days while a restaurant will change its menu daily. Portable signs will make it easy to change or update that kind of information.
• If the enterprise’s location is on a large premise, it will help to put up directive signs or parking instructions for the clients.
• Portable signs are very convenient for giving short-term information, such as day-long sales or temporary directions such as slippery roads or temporary change of location.
Depending on the need, there are different portable signs that an enterprise could use. They include:
Curb /Sidewalk Signs- These signs are convenient because they can stand alone. A-frames are easy to customize, meaning anyone can use them. They are also very cheap compared to other advertising methods. Most sidewalk signs are made with durable material to make them sturdy and long-lasting.
Banners- These signs are easy to use either outdoors or indoors. With large graphics and fonts, they can be used to target a broader audience. Banners can be put up for short-term or long term purposes, and they can easily be moved around to suit different purposes. They can be used to advertise or pass information, making them suitable for companies, organizations, or clubs.
Flags- In a place where other organizations and companies are putting up their signs, flags would give your brand an edge. Not only are they eye-catching, but they are also effortless to put up. Ensure the flags are appealing, and the fonts and graphics are visible.
The possibilities and uses for portable signs is endless.


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