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by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Directional Signage – Pointing the Way for Customers

Currently, there are many businesses that need to prepare for re-openings in their cities and towns. These are locations that function by providing customers products and services from physical shops, stores, and practices. Having the right type of signs for these businesses is essential to conduct regular operations, as well as, adjusting to restrictions related to COVID-19 and distancing requirements.

Directional signage is extremely important when it comes to these goals. These are signs that steer customer movement throughout a location. It is possible to have these signs designed to market a brand or to promote sales. James River Signs is a good place to get signs for floors, walls, and other portions of store locations. These are also strategic tools that will prove effective for diverse businesses and companies, as they begin to re-open for business operations.

Combine Social Distancing and Shopping

According to the CDC, social distancing or physical distancing is important for those who are in public places. This distance should be at least 6 feet apart from the next person, which is another reason that directional signs are paramount. These are helpful resources to use in shopping locations and provide safe distancing options. Combining these objectives with signs protects shoppers, staff, and visitors.

Keep Customers Informed

These signs are designed, manufactured, and installed with professionalism to assist with opening new and existing businesses. These are good for keeping customers and clients informed when they visit. Vend HQ points out that in-store and exterior signs are useful for reminding people about social distancing. They are also alternate ways to direct them to stairways, parking garages, and exits.

Get Flexibility in Sign Designs

There are a lot of good reasons to hire experts to design signs for stores and shopping areas. Along with being able to incorporate brand names, logos, and contact details in designs, these professionals offer flexibility in sizes and coloring. It doesn’t matter whether signs are needed for floor directions or for on-going marketing campaigns. The ability to make design changes will prove helpful over the long-run.

James River Signs provides business owners, restaurant owners, and shop owners with a variety of signage options. Directional signs can be used creatively to point out sales displays or even exits. Stores, offices, and medical facilities benefit from having custom signs that enhance business. This is an important time to utilize professional signage for getting back to work and re-opening dates.

Newport News, VA – Using Way-Finding Signs to Reinforce Brand Identity

Today, many facilities and institutions employ way-finding systems to help direct pedestrians and auto traffic. This type of signage provides an opportunity to emphasize a brand identity, if desired. Way-finding signs range from simple to automated and complex.

About Way-finding Systems

Unlike simple address signage, Way-finding systems proactively assist people in locating specific sites or services. This type of signage enables a large organization to use symbols, colors, or other identifying elements to help direct visitors through a campus, a zoo, a museum, a mall, a neighborhood, a city, a base, a transportation hub, a manufacturing facility, or other geographic setting. Way-finding systems usually help visitors track their progress in reaching a destination. This signage may occur both outdoors and indoors.

In many cases, designers employ way-finding signs to help reinforce branding. They also seek to ensure complete accessibility for everyone (including people with disabilities). The excellent Pedestrian Wayfinding Kiosk Project undertaken by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania illustrates the broadly based community effort sometimes invested in creating attractive, useful way-finding municipal signage today.

Using Way-finding to Promote Branding

.Sometimes designers of way-finding systems choose to utilize logos or specific signage color combinations in order to emphasize branding goals. For example, the logo of a university might appear in every single way-finding sign on a large campus. By repeating the logo, the sign sponsor reinforces this image.

Developing useful, attractive way-finding signage often plays an important role in creating welcoming settings for visitors. By enabling people to find unfamiliar locations with ease, a way-finding system seeks to assist navigation. This effort may ultimately enhance the goodwill visitors feel towards the sponsoring organization. In this respect, way-finding functions as a vital brand marketing tool in some situations.

Variable Technologies

While way-finding signs do seek to furnish accessible information, they vary widely in terms of their complexity. For example, today digital signage frequently serves a way-finding purpose. Changing messages displayed on computerized road overpass screens by some state transit authorities demonstrates the potential flexibility of way-finding monitoring systems. A highway department may use these displays to notify travelers about temporary detours and road closures. Detailed online maps describing roadway conditions often serve as useful online adjuncts to a state’s way-finding signage system.

Yet numerous way-finding signage today still employs comparatively simple signage technologies. Posted plastic or metal signs, often with braille components, assist people in finding a way to rooms within a large building or to facilities on a sprawling campus. Way-finding systems sometimes employ a variety of different signs!

Obtain Way-finding Signage Services

Individuals and enterprises seeking assistance creating or implementing way-finding systems appreciate James River Signs. Conveniently located at 724 City Center Boulevard in Newport News, Virginia, we offer comprehensive sign making and sign installation services. We also assist clients across the Hampton Roads area. Contact us by dialing 757-598-4036 to schedule an appointment.

Newport News, VA – Post and Panel Signs – Temporary or Long-Term for Businesses

Interior and exterior signage is an important factor for businesses across all industries. Signs serve many purposes for business owners and the public. Directional signage provides great assistance for drivers, pedestrians, guests and staff. Interior directional signage is especially important in the case of emergency. Exterior signage may encompass a variety of purposes, and therefore has many different formats. Here is a look at one particular style of commercial signage: post and panel signs for businesses.

Post and Panel Signs for Businesses

Post and panel signs are essentially self-descriptive. Two posts are connected by a panel of material containing a message for passersby. The posts are generally made of wood, metal, or heavy duty plastic such as PVC. Opportunities for advertising or public announcements are virtually endless when it comes to post and panel signage. Sizes vary based on the need and local permit guidelines.

Temporary Post and Panel Signs

Signage is generally not an area of architecture, design, and construction that is easily movable. Signs are considered a staple of the industry and are installed to establish permanence. However, there are occasions where temporary post and panel signs are the best option to attract attention:

  • Construction Sites
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Grand Openings
  • Environmental Dangers
  • Amateur Sporting Events

In some cases, these signs can be constructed so they are easy to remove and store for future use. Real estate companies and public auction houses frequently use post and panel signs to announce events and company contact information. These materials can be reused at multiple locations, eliminating the need for purchasing new signage for each event.

Permanent Post and Panel Signs

Due to their commercial grade construction, post and panel signs for business are durable. Property management companies generally choose post and panel signs to denote residential communities and leasing offices. Shopping centers and other retail spaces utilize post and panel signs as a form of advertisement to direct traffic to their complexes. Healthcare centers, senior living communities, and social clubs such as golf courses, utilize post and panel signs for their businesses.

The versatility of post and panel signs make them a timeless option for business owners. Companies can generally find a quality post and panel signage option to accommodate just about any budget. Wood post and panel signs are easily repainted as they will naturally wear over time. Metal and PVC materials can be touched up as well, although they may be more difficult to repair if damaged.

Newport News, VA – Pop-Up Displays for Trade Shows, Don’t Miss Out On These

Businesses that specialize in the sale of products, no matter the industry benefit from attending tradeshows. These are held across the country each year and provide attendees a chance to see what new products are being launched. At the same time, as vendors, it is also an opportunity to make sales, as well. Having the appropriate types of signage is instrumental in this process and could make it more successful and profitable.

At James River Signs, we assist our clients who need Popup Displays for Tradeshows. These are included in the various professional signs that we design and manufacture. We understand that these displays are meant to serve dual purposes for our clients. In some cases, these will be marketing materials to raise awareness about a company or a business. These are also useful tools to showcase the exact types of products a company offers to the public.

Why Tradeshows are Important?

According to Spingo, in 2018 approximately 99% of businesses exhibited at tradeshows experienced a unique benefit. This number took into consideration all of the other marketing channels that held potentially profitable increases. It is important to note that tradeshows are attended by a wide array of business representatives. In some cases, these are executives, salespeople, marketing teams, and vendors. The goal is to promote brands and to sell products, which is why professional signs matter.

Getting New Leads

The Popup Displays for Tradeshows that we produce at James River Signs offer a noticeable quality that benefits our clients. One of the goals of many business and company owners is to be able to get new leads. Traditional and online lead generation is in their own category, outside of the opportunities that tradeshows present. In fact, 72% of those who participate say they get new leads and new prospects.

Connecting with Clients

Another good reason to attend these tradeshows is the chance to connect with existing clients. The Small Business Expo is one of the largest nationwide tradeshow events that are attended each year. There are 400+K registered businesses for this year’s activities. Taking effective displays along allows for getting more business from current clients, and attracting those that are new to the company’s brand.

Contact us at James River Signs when you need signage for the next tradeshow event. Our displays provide businesses with visually appealing signs that are expertly designed. We help business and company owners to establish brands in a competitive environment. It may be necessary to design and order a selection of our signs to make the best impression at these events.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.