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The Southside, VA – The Most Popular Designed Lighted Signs for Businesses Today

The Most Popular Designed Lighted Signs for Businesses Today
One of the best ways for a business to advertise is by having a lighted sign created and installed by a professional. Signs can be of all shapes, sizes, and colors tailored to each business to promote their brand and fit their budget. The five most popular signs are front-lit channel letter signs, reverse-lit channel letter signs, neon, lightbox or cabinet signs, and signs lit from an external source.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs
This type of lighted sign is an ideal choice to make letters and colors really stand out. The letters and colors achieve the bold effect from being lit from the front. These signs are popular and  are able to be used as a outdoor and/or indoor display.

Reverse-Lit/Backlit/Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs
Although there are many names for this sign type, it is a rather popular for its ethereal sophisticated look. Each letter and element of the sign is easily visible during the day and at night. Each part of the sign is individually illuminated to make a bright and bold statement.

Neon Signs
Neon signs are a classic way that businesses have used to promote and advertise their brand for many years. Even modern LED’s have trouble copying the bright, warm glow that neon signs are best known for. These signs can also be used inside and outside of the building.

Lightbox or Cabinet Signs
This type of lighted sign is one of the most affordable kinds of lighted signs. Each sign is lit from the inside to shine through a panel that is transparent. The panel will display the business logo, name, and/or branding. With its simple design, these lighted signs stand out during the day and at night.

Externally-Lit Signs
These types of signs stand alone, but are lit up by an external source. Such sources include ground lighting, lighting from the top, or from recessed lighting that intends to light up a shadowed part of the sign. The lights can be visible or hidden; it just depends on how each individual business wants their sign to be displayed.

By using a professional sign designer, a business can have a sign completely custom designed for them. The sign will also be fabricated by the designer and efficiently installed with reliable service.

Newport News, VA – Seven Tips for an Effective Logo Design to Enhance Your Brand

Seven Tips for an Effective Logo Design

The logo of a company is the first impression that customers get when they are shopping either in a brick-and-mortar store or online. Company leaders who need advice for the graphic design of their signs and logos should seriously consider the seven following tips.

1) The Right Color

Choosing the right colors for an organization is vital when designing a logo or sign. The right color combination will be more pleasing to customers and more likely to attract their attention.

2) Develop an Original Logo

The more original and creative a logo is, the more a company will stand out among its competitors. The logo should represent the company culture and general mission, which means originality is key.

3) Ensure File Size is Significant

The size of the logo file matters greatly. The size of the image file will make a difference when it comes to the clarity of your sign or logo. Even with a high resolution image, if the size is too small, the resolution will decline when the sign is scaled.

4) Keep it Simple

A good logo or sign will also need some general simplicity. An eye-catching logo is key, but overthinking every aspect will not lead to a superior image. If the logo looks too busy, it will turn people away. Keeping a logo simple will make it memorable for customers and clients.

5) Make it Meaningful

Company leaders should ensure the logo or sign is meaningful and encompasses a superior concept. The meaning of the logo should be based on the company brand and mission. The logo symbolizes the company, which is why a meaningful concept is key.

6) Keep the Image Resolution as High as Possible

Resolution is defined as the details of an image. The resolution of a logo image needs to be at least 300 dpi at a minimum for printed art while a logo or image viewed online needs to be at 72 dpi or higher. Essentially, the higher the resolution is of a logo or sign, the better is its visibility and details.

7) Create a Multipurpose Logo

The logo will need to have enough flexibility to be applied in different situations. For example, a logo should be eye-catching in both color and in black-and-white. Signs and logos also need to be effective on a large and a small scale. The logo needs to look good in small print as well as on storefront signs and billboards.

These seven tips should provide business leaders with the perfect plan for graphic design of their logos and signs.

Tidewater Area, VA – Directory Signs Will Point Your Customers in Your Direction

Some of the most important things that business owners will buy are those that market for you after operating hours. The right type of professional signage definitely fits into this category because they attract the attention of passersby. In some cases, these are used to showcase what it is that the business offers to the public. Other products, such as directory signs are useful to provide shoppers, clients, and visitors with important information.

These are signs that are used in different areas of a business location depending on the design of the building. Directory signs are necessary to differentiate the business from others which has a branding benefit. At the same time, these are tools that provide names, contacts, and in some instances physical locations. James River Signs provides customers with a choice of these for their business locations. It is possible to position these on the exterior of the building or strategically on the indoors.

Think About the Details

The details and appearance of these professionally designed directory signs are essential. They help to make a positive first impression that may be profitable. According to Forbes, the details play a big role in the impact that businesses make in marketing. This essentially reinforces the fact that the details truly matter. Using industry professionals to help design the best signage has a current benefit and one that is long-term, as well.

Stand Out in Your Location

One of the most important things about operating in a multi-business location is standing out. For some owners, this involves separating yourself from the competition. Directory signs make it possible for people to find business floors and locations. These are commonly positioned near elevators and escalators for this very purpose.

Provide Clients with Direction

New and existing businesses these days are founding buildings, shopping centers, and plazas. In some cases, these are sprawling areas that could be confusing. Directory signs are beneficial for highlighting the exact location of the business. Clients use this to find exactly where you are whether they are walking or driving. At James River Signs, we will design you signs that are produced to these goals.

Work with Professionals

There are many important benefits associated with working with professional sign companies. Our ability to design, manufacture, and install these signs is a bonus. This makes getting the type of sign that you want simple and convenient. Custom details and features are available to create an appealing sign. We also offer packages for interior, exterior, LED, and other designs to meet our clients’ needs.

Contact us for your directory sign plans so that we can help you to continually market your business. These are tools that provide around the clock information to market your location, products, or services.

Newport News, VA – Get Marketing from Using Window Graphics for Your Business

It is important to use all available resources to promote the business that you run. In some cases, this involves utilizing employees and the assignments they perform. The building itself offers a variety of opportunities for marketing products and services. The windows for offices, storefronts, shops, and other commercial locations are essentially blank canvases for this purpose, which is why window graphics are popular.

The design and appearance of these graphics have changed drastically from how they were used decades ago. Advances in technology and marketing objectives have steered how small, medium, and large businesses take advantage of window space. James River Signs provides business owners with a number of avenues to connect with customers in a productive way. These are especially helpful to new businesses that are trying to attract shoppers to the location.

Bring Them Inside

Think of window graphics as tools that are designed to bring customers into your store. According to Small Businesses Do It Better, this process is a way too inexpensively establish your brand. This is an opportunity to capture the attention of passersby and making them want to know more. The goal may be to sell specific products and services. The right graphics display will work for you before they make it into the physical location. Remember that it’s important to market to drivers and pedestrians, as well.

Control the Display

James River Signs provide customers with professional-looking window graphics. They get the opportunity to control these displays with custom designs. The benefit of having a company that not only designs but also manufactures and installs is important. It is possible to have control in the requested graphics so that they harmonize with branding details or marketing campaigns.

Create More Privacy

Depending on the design of the office or store, windows may prevent required privacy for client meetings or other activities. Graphics that cover a large portion of these windows work to create a more private setting. Along with getting this benefit, these projects should be tailored to do marketing for the business objectives, as well. Consulting with designers is the best way to get the result that you want.

Window graphics work to promote business locations, while providing customers with important information. Some of these displays include business names, logos, websites, and contact information. Business owners may opt to use windows solely to market for sales and special events with temporary graphics. Others find that long-term branding designs are more essential to their business goals.

Hampton Roads, VA – Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with Interior Signage

Business owners benefit greatly by putting themselves in the shoppers’ shoes. Imagine you have never visited a store or retail location before. What types of things will be important to know about this store? Being able to find the point of purchase is certainly an important area to highlight with interior signs. It is extremely critical to direct customers to sales, special information, and new products.

Finding a company like James River Signs that has experience creating these signs is helpful. Even if a store is small, it is a good idea to have signage that works for you. These tools are often considered to be silent salespeople. Interior signs are used in a number of different ways to help to achieve business goals. They are useful for directing customers, as well as, marketing to them at the same time.

Establishing the Brand

Because of the professional appearance of these signs, it is possible to make a good impression on a customer’s first visit. These tools are also beneficial when it comes to establishing a brand. In some cases, these are associated with particular products that are familiar to the public. New businesses that don’t have name recognition should utilize expertly designed interior signs.

Launching New Products

It doesn’t matter if a business is just starting or has been operating for a while. The process of launching new products can be challenging. This is even more difficult without having the type of signage that is necessary. According to Mena Entrepreneur, beautiful signs are effective for attracting the attention of visitors or customers. This is why entryways are key locations to position these marketing materials.

Highlighting Sales Opportunities

Along with showing customers where they can make a purchase, interior signs need to be utilized strategically. One of these ways is to highlight exactly where sales items are located in the store or shop. This is a creative way to get rid of excess inventory while meeting revenue objectives. The right use of signs also adds to the overall appearance of the store and its sales presentation.

Encourage Return Visits

Signs that promote future sales or special celebrations are very useful. These give shoppers something to look forward to that is associated with the brand or location. This is another way to encourage them to return for a future visit. The process of perfectly positioning these signs is beneficial for today’s visit, as well as, for the next one. Purchasing interior signs is definitely a way to invest in business success.

Contacting James River Signs is one way for small, medium, and large businesses to get the custom interior signs that are needed. These can be designed to include logos, product names, and various types of content. It is possible to select signs that reinforce branding long-term or those that will be used seasonally for sales. The ultimate goal is to continuously enhance the shopping experience of customers.


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