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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Tenant Panels, A Necessity That Does Not Need To Be Boring

Savvy business owners, regardless of business size, understand the importance of successful signage. The ideal sign communicates what a business specializes in, the product or service that the business supplies, and where customers can find the business. Too much information can drive even interested customers away, while too little information can leave customers confused and looking for more details. This is especially true when it comes to businesses in multi-tenant locations.

James River Signs meets this specific need for businesses looking for tenant signage, with signs that can be designed, manufactured, and installed specifically to fit individual business needs. Businesses from all industries can find tenant signage especially helpful, but particularly businesses with locations in business parks or medical complexes. Succinct but powerful sign usage is central to efficiently communicating with customers.

Effective Marketing

What businesses want in general for their signage is their business name, address, and contact information such as phone number and email address. Specifically, what businesses in unique tenant locations such as downtown areas and business parks need is something to make their business stand out. Businesses want to market properly to prospective and existing customers.

Tenant signs that differentiate businesses from their competition are extremely important. Realize that in locations like shopping centers, apartment buildings, and offices, any other business can be competition for customers’ attention. With more choices before them, customers are more likely to make quick decisions based on the sheer volume of options before them.

Communicate with New and Returning Customers

Businesses need as many tools at their disposal as possible. Ingenuity in signage can help customers distinguish between businesses. The best types of signage combine originality with the information required to draw in new customers as well as stick in the memory of returning customers.

Businesses, including those on strict budgets, can find creative ways to communicate necessary information to their customers. This includes everything from the business name and logo, address and operating hours, etc. Providing businesses with a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from can be crucial to their success.

Business Tools

Options are a business’s best tool, and James River Signs can provide exactly that with their design team on staff ready to assist businesses starting from scratch or with an existing vision. From a wide collection of color combinations, graphic designs, high-resolution image options, and more, businesses will be set up with all of the tools necessary for success.

Newport News, VA – Raceway-Mounted Signs – An Affordable Investment that Works

Raceway mounted signs can be one of the first things customers see before deciding to visit your store, clinic, spa or any other business that wants to stand out. These signs are mounted to the top of the front of your building with a backer plate (called a raceway) allowing the giant letters, symbols, and other parts of the customized sign to be illuminated and visible.

Brand Marketing for physical business locations

Raceway signs, referred to channel letter signs by some, do much more than just allow a business location to stand out in a shopping, medical, or business center; they serve as part of your brand marketing. Every business needs to build a brand and reputation in people’s minds in order to attract business. These signs are highly customizable which means that a professional sign manufacturer can recreate your business logo even if it contains letters in another language, symbols, shapes or numbers. A professionally-designed, installed, and maintained raceway mounted sign will give you an offline marketing edge.

An affordable investment that keeps working for you

Much like a website, a major marketing tool, a raceway mounted sign gives you presence offline. It is more than just another place to proudly display your business name and logo.The letters should be large enough to be visible while being appropriate for the building’s size and should meet safety standards. Smaller signs don’t necessarily mean a lower cost, rather, a smaller sign might cost you in the long run. Rest assured professional sign designers will help you choose the right size for your business and budget.

Consulting with professional sign designers and manufacturers

Think of your sign manufacturer as your guide in getting this offline marketing tool to work for you. Professional sign designers and manufacturers will guide you regardless of how much knowledge you have about raceway mounted signs. There are a number of options available and different types of lit raceway mounted signs to choose from. An experienced professional will also be able to tell you what other business owners in your industry are currently choosing.

Business competition is high and getting a profession raceway mounted sign made is easy. These raceway mounted signs are ideal for rented commercial space because they leave minimal damage to the outside wall of the building. Online and offline marketing strategies are more important today than they ever were.

Hampton, VA – Lighted Signs – Attracting More Business During Night Hours

Attracting Business during Night Hours

Although there are a lot of businesses that only operate during the daytime hours, it is important to consider the benefits of lighted signs. These are tools that are effective in marketing your products and services. They are useful even when your store, shop, or building has closed for the day because consumers are able to read them. James River Signs provides diverse lighted signs that will allow you to reach out to current and potential customers throughout the night hours, as well.

According to Fits Small Business, storefronts and other types of businesses really benefit from having lighted signs during the evening and at night. Restaurants, bars, and even coffee shops often operate during these times and want to attract attention. The goal is to have signage that can be seen as people drive or walk past your location. These are signs that help with brand recognition and bringing traffic into your physical business.

Competing with Other Businesses

There may be a number of shops in your business area that are open during the same hours. Some of these may even offer customers the same types of products as you. Lighted signs are designed so that you can meet your competition in a professional way. You may opt to have LED displays for early morning hours, as well as, late at night. Bright and colorful details are successfully used in this way.

Pinpoint Your Location

James River Signs will help you to design the type of lighted sign that you want for your business. These may be used to pinpoint your location in a particular community or shopping center. It is important to show not only where you are but what you offer. Product names, company names, and contact information may often be included in these designs.

Attract People at Night

Your business may have extended hours for customers to shop or receive services. Finding good ways to attract these people is essential to your bottom line. Thinking about signs for nighttime use is another way to expand your operations and profits. This gives you the chance to not only earn during the day but at night, as well.

Consult with your design team to create the most effective signage for night hour use. You can display your logos, catchphrases, and other details in these lighted tools. Working with experts who design, manufacture, and install these signs are the best way to make the impression that you want for your business.

Newport News, VA – Custom Outdoor Signs – Advertising Done Right All Day Long

Custom Outdoor Signs

Maybe as long ago as 15,000 years, North American natives carved petroglyphs, rock carvings, as signs or messages, and the first OOH — out-of-home — advertising was born.

Outdoor Advertising

There are multiple methods available to the business that wants to advertise outdoors. The most obvious is on the building that houses the business. Outdoor business signs can announce not only the name of the business, but the address and hours of operation, as well. They can be on the door, the side of the building, the front of the building, even on the sidewalk in front of the business. In fact, the options are almost limitless. The important thing is that the sign be easy to see and easy to read. A well-planned address sign is especially important for businesses that depend on their storefronts to generate new business.

Hanging signs offer a useful and attractive method of advertising and announcing a business. Hanging signs can point people in the right direction to a business, announce daily specials and promotions. Like the hanging sign, the attached sign announces the brand and valuable information for the approaching customer. Well-designed signage conveys more than cold information. It bears emotion, promise, direction to a fulfillment of what is needed or desired.

Businesses and Industries

No matter what the business or industry, outdoor signs are a standard of advertising. Whether the business is a construction company, a doctor’s office, a restaurant, grocery story, law office, or even a library, church, or school — outdoor signs are a must to announce, “Hey, here I am and this is what I can do.” Signs can, of course, do more than signal where the business is and what it does. Excellent outdoor signs whet the appetite for what the passing wanderer pursues. An inviting restaurant sign can set the mood for an exciting experience in just the type of atmosphere the future patron seeks.

Often the very first impression a business makes on a passerby is with the sign out front. A sign either calls attention to the business it advertises, or it provides a stark contrast to the business across the way that has an attention-grabbing presentation. Unfortunately, all too often the bottom line dictates available advertising budgets for many small businesses. That doesn’t mean you have to settle. Working with the right people can open new horizons of possibility for the tight budget. To find out more about this and the other ideas presented, contact James River Signs.


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