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Hampton, VA – Businesses Attract More Customers by Using Electrical Signs

The broad term “electrical signs” applies to several types of illuminated signs in which electricity facilitates message display properties. Typically, commercial enterprises or institutions invest in this type of signage. Many electrical signs attract attention through the use of bright flashing lights and vivid colors.

During recent years, the development of LED lights has allowed advertisers to create very cost-effective electrical signs. Another important recent trend involves the use of Internet-connectivity to link electrical signs with digital displays. Currently, the term “electrical signs” covers a broad spectrum, encompassing both standalone illuminated indoor or outdoor signs and bright digital signage.

Popular Types of Electrical Signage

To really appreciate the diversity of this category of commercial signage, just consider some of the leading types of electrical signs: neon, fluorescent, incandescent, and LED displays. Neon signs, flourescent signs, and high intensity displays (HIDs) require the use of gases or (in the case of fluorescent illumination) small quantities of toxic mercury, in conjunction with electricity. They can produce vividly colored lighting.  Creating these types of signs usually requires the assistance of a trained specialist. Obtaining replacement components sometimes proves time-consuming as a result. Additionally, sign owners must exercise caution to comply fully with environmental regulations during sign disposal.

Perhaps partly for these reasons, during recent years, advertisers have searched for less expensive alternative electrical signage options. The crafting of beautiful signs using these methodologies remains an art form, however. Some artists specialize in creating neon signage. Today, collectors actively search for vintage neon signs in good condition.

Incandescent And LED Electrical Signs

Incandescent electrical signs utilize incandescent light bulbs and electricity to create illuminated displays. These signs offer the advantage of comparatively simple light bulb replacement. Yet large incandescent commercial signs hold a significant disadvantage: high energy consumption. Before installing this type of signage in a permanent location, an advertiser usually benefits by calculating the operational costs carefully.

By contrast, light-emitting diode lamps (LEDs) offer bright, long-lasting value. They last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Since 2010, LED lights have gained widespread popularity in commercial settings. LED displays operates cost-effectively around-the-clock. They function well in both indoor and outdoor signs. This form of electrical signage usually represents a wise advertising investment.

In Southeastern Virginia, James Rivers Signs offers knowledgeable assistance with electrical signage, including LED signs. Our service areas includes Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Chesapeake. Businesses rely upon our expertise to help them create and display stylish, attractive commercial signage.

Newport News, VA – Construction Site Signs Promote Safety and Awareness

Today, construction site signs perform important roles in promoting safety. A wide array of different types of signage falls within this broad category. In some situations, companies must post these types of signs to alert the public and employees to potential hazards within the immediate area as a matter of law. This brief article discusses some of the most important aspects of modern construction site signs.

Highly Visible Signage

Although signs posted near construction sites occur in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, most share one important feature in common: they seek to attract immediate attention. These types of signs often employ simple one or two word messages. They tend to rely upon bold lettering and simple, easily-read text and symbols. Many designers of construction site signs also utilize vivid colors associated with emergency gear in addition to black and white, shades of bright orange and fire-engine red tend to predominate.

Construction site signs alert people to potentially dangerous activities or structures within their immediate vicinity. They caution about excavations, falling objects, the movement of heavy equipment, street closures, and the presence of fire, explosive, or electrical hazards. These signs remind passers-by to exercise caution in order to avoid bodily harm. In this sense, they constitute some of the most important commercial signs in use today.

The Virtue of Clear Communication

An effective construction site sign conveys a simple, easily understood message. Since it needs to command attention quickly, it cannot furnish a lot of detailed text instructions. The sign seeks to alert people of every age and educational background to a potential hazard.

In some settings, these signs do include widely understood symbols. Crossed over flames or cigarettes may communicate a fire hazard to any person more clearly than words alone. Pictures of a lightning bolt may indicate an electrocution risk succinctly.

Durable For Outdoor Use And Re-use

Today, manufacturers frequently create construction site signs from lightweight, long lasting materials. The construction firm may seek to move and re-use its signage extensively at a variety of job sites. Yet this portable signage also must withstand the weathering impacts of gusting winds, heavy snow, and beating sunlight.

In Eastern Virginia, James River Signs assists customers in Newport News, Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, and other nearby communities. Our company offers personalized attention. Customers seeking custom signage for construction sites or other commercial locations should call 757-598-4036 to receive fast, courteous service.

Newport News, VA – Fleet Graphics Come in All Shapes and Sizes and Advertise 24/…

Fleet graphics is a generalized term used to describe the visual branding of an organization’s “fleet” of vehicles. Graphical options range from basic vinyl lettering to total car wraps based on individual preference. Aesthetic preferences aside, fleet graphics offer a general benefit for a few key reasons.

Visual Consistency

Brand identity as an abstract concept has quickly lost its meaning from overuse. However, visual consistency is still as important as it ever was. Color schemes and simple logos stick in people’s minds for a long time. They associate certain color patterns with specific businesses for a long time. Having a single organization decorate a storefront and fleet means a more powerful connection and a chance of recall in a consumer’s mind.

Passive Advertising

To say that most consumers face advertising overload is an understatement. Whether its watching television, listening to the radio, or surfing the internet, the average person deals with obnoxious, over-the-top marketing every second of their day. This doesn’t mean that they don’t still need goods and services. It just means that they would like a little breathing room and a chance to decide on their own. Fleet graphics are advertising background noise. Consumers notice them on the road or parked at their neighbor’s house only when they have a specific need.


The type of vehicle that a delivery person or technician drives doesn’t change the quality of the good or service. Either it’s good or it’s bad. The customer is happy or they aren’t. In reality, appearance is extremely important. It is not logical, but people expect things to look a certain way. Fleet graphics are for service vehicles what uniforms are for service staff: a way to demonstrate professionalism and establish credibility.

Longevity and Flexibility

Exaggerations aside, fleet graphics aren’t a magic shield between vehicles and general wear-and-tear. However, they do offer a level of protection from basic surface damage. They can also be replaced more easily than a vehicle can be repainted or refinished. In a pinch, they can sometimes be used to cover existing surface damage or inconsistencies.

More importantly, fleet graphics represent a single, one-time cost. How effective they are compared to traditional marketing campaigns is up for debate, but they are almost impossible to beat when it comes down to raw efficiency. Fleet graphics get paid for at installation and then they spend the next several years doing the job of advertising.

Norfolk, VA – Stylish Sidewalk Signs Catch the Attention of Pedestrians

About Sidewalk Signs

Attractive sidewalk signs range from simple wooden or metal framed re-usable chalk board-style signage to modern plastic signs displaying pre-printed messages. Ideally, this type of advertising captures the attention of pedestrians in busy locations. Although some sidewalk signs contain only a single display, most offer both front and back message capabilities. A double display enables the advertiser to attract passers-by heading in either direction along a sidewalk.

Sidewalk Signs Offer Flexibility

For generations, sidewalk signs enjoyed popularity in cities with busy public sidewalks. Shopkeepers sometimes placed them outside businesses, such as barber shops or restaurants, to advertise daily specials. More recently, businesses such as real estate firms have discovered the value of using sidewalk signs to promote open houses. This form of signage also offers utility for anyone conducting a special event in or near a busy mall or plaza. Farmer’s markets, antique fairs, public concerts, and auctions all sometimes benefit from utilizing fashionable sidewalk signs. Virtually any business obtains enhanced recognition by employing sidewalk signs.

Some Important Aspects of Sidewalk Signs

Investing in a reusable sidewalk sign potentially offers years of value. However, correct sign construction and placement remain two very important considerations. A sidewalk sign requires a sufficiently sturdy construction to prevent it from toppling over or blowing away on a windy day. At the same time, this type of sign should permit portability, so an owner can move it between locations easily. The theft of sidewalk signage (like the theft of street signs) poses a concern in some places. Sign owners may discover advantages in temporarily securing a sidewalk sign to a post or a building. Owners sometimes also attach colorful pennants or balloons to the sign frame to enhance the sign’s visibility.

Legal Considerations

Before placing a sidewalk sign in a public place, an owner should consult applicable local ordinances and advertising regulations. While most municipalities allow this form of signage, some restrict sidewalk signs to specific locations. An owner may need to exercise care in placement, to ensure the sign does not obstruct a sidewalk or fall onto a busy roadway, for instance. Obtaining sturdy, well-constructed premium sidewalk signage offers advantages in this respect.

James River Signs serves customers in Newport News, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Hampton, Chesapeake and other surrounding communities. Call 757-598-4036 to discuss a full spectrum of fashionable sidewalk signage for businesses and community events.


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