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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Yorktown, VA – Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Door Sign

Whether you are a new business or an established business if you do not have a door sign, you need one. Any respectable business has a sign on its door notifying clients and customers about the company’s name, work hours, and contact information. A client confused by lack  of information missing from of a door sign is more likely to walk away, taking their business with them.

Invest in a door sign!

You will gain immense benefits from one minimal expenditure. A door sign will reassure your customer that they’ve come to the right place. Also, it will inform them about how they can get in touch with you if you happen to be closed for business when they arrive.

How should your door sign look?

A door sign is usually made up of white vinyl for visibility purposes. A white door sign stands out distinctly against a door. Business door signs generally display the company name and logo. Some go all out and incorporate their business hours, official website, and phone numbers. You can choose how you want your door sign to look. If you are going for a minimalist statement, consider placing your company name, logo and office hours on your door sign. However, if you want your door sign to provide visitors and passersby with more information, that’s up to you.

Other businesses choose to cover the entire door with a graphic using perforated vinyl. This allows the person on the outside of the establishment to see a vivid image. The people on the inside see not image and can also see out the door. This allows the people on the inside of the establishment some privacy while promoting a brand or product on the door.

We will provide you with a proof of what your door sign will look like before installation. That way you will know exactly what you are purchasing before it is installed.



Norfolk, VA – Have Your Business Rise Above with Elevator Graphics

You may have discerned the elevators of many commercial places decorated with promotional posters, wall designs, and advertisements. If you are in an office building, you may have noticed the elevator to be sprawled with the design and logo of the company. At a hospital, you may find that the elevator is designed with a sign about healthcare or about the services offered at the establishment.

Elevators are undoubtedly a very innovative and convenient marketing tool. Every person who enters the establishment will most likely use the elevator. People may either look at their phones or stare off into space. If you can provide them with some eye-catching material in the meantime, it can prove to be very advantageous for your business.

Why choose elevator graphics?

You can choose to have elevator graphics for several reasons. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, elevator graphics also provide an opportunity for clever marketing. If an elevator is present within your establishment, you can definitely use the elevator space to promote your brand. You may even advertise the different services offered by your business. Since most people spend no more than 30 seconds in the elevator, you can make your design quick and easy to understand. Moreover, using a quirky or eye-catching display is sure to leave the viewer impressed.

Another way to use the elevator space is to lease it for neighboring businesses to use. If you wish to avoid using your elevator space for promotions, you can always rent out the space to adjacent companies to advertise their brand and their services. It is definitely a win-win situation considering that the viewer will most likely come across the neighboring business on their way to the establishment. Using the elevator space for marketing purposes is indeed advantageous and profitable.

Our team of dedicated and talented design experts will strive to create the perfect elevator design that is closest to your vision. We use high-quality materials and installation devices to create the ideal result. If you are looking to spruce up your elevator, promote your business, or lease it out for other marketing purposes, we offer the best elevator designs for you. Contact us to know more about elevator signs.

Hampton, VA – Sign Choices for Churches Are Abundant

The Church is a place of worship that makes people feel most connected to the divine. In perpetuating the message of the Lord, reminders of his teachings throughout the place of worship surely goes a long way in bringing the people closer to divinity. There are numerous signs available for churches. Church signs will draw the attention of the people and may even bring in new members.

Types of Church Signs

  •  Monument Signs

This type of sign is meant to be displayed big and bold outside the church venue to indicate the name of the church. This can be done with the help of bright and bold lettering so as to draw the attention of the viewer towards the place. Monument signs also add a sense of authority and regal flair to the overall appeal of the location. Monument signs can be made of brick or foam to resemble brick. Other alternatives are metal cabinets or signs on a pole.

  • Illuminated Cabinet Signs for the Building

Cabinet signs are one of the best investments for every establishment. The biggest advantage of a cabinet sign is that it is always visible be it day or night. Every worshiper or passer-by can notice the name of the church when it is illuminated on the building. You can choose a design, logo, font, and color of your choice to design the perfect cabinet sign to be featured on the church building.

  • LED Signs

LED signs allow you to put on display certain important quotes or even display verses of the Bible. They also let you convey messages to the community of upcoming events.

  • Wall Signs

Different wall signs can be used in and around the church to indicate messages or instructions. You can use wall signs to display rules of the church as well. A wall sign display can be used at the lobby to showcase the church name, events, and times of services.

Whatever you desire, we have you covered. Our team of experienced designers and workmen will help you in creating the perfect sign for your church. If you need a good sign to display at your church, contact us to know more about our services.

Newport News, VA – Wall Signs are NOT Your Typical Wallflower Sign

Whenever a person visits an office, mall, grocery store, hospital, or even a spa, one thing they might notice that they all have in common – the use of wall signs. Wall signs are one of the most widely used type of signs due to their commanding nature. When a sign is sprawled out across the wall, it automatically gains the attention of the viewer.

When a person walks into an establishment, the wall sign is one of the first things that is noticed. Wall signs add a sense of authority and sincerity to any place and are powerful tools in business. They help to convey to the customer the exact feeling they ought to experience when they are at a certain place. For this reason, businesses should consider an investment in wall signs.

Where do you find wall signs?

  • You will definitely notice businesses using wall signs or graphics in different locations of their establishment. Grocery stores often use them to depict fresh produce or different home goods. It is said that viewing these images influences the buyer to purchase more, thereby benefiting the overall sales for the grocery store.
  • When you go to a spa, you visit the place with the intention of relaxing and unwinding. For this reason, you will find spas using tranquil and pleasant wall signs , which are meant to automatically calm the person and make their experience more enjoyable.
  • Offices also use wall signs to showcase their business and work culture. When a person steps into the door of a business, professional-looking wall signs are definitely impressive to any viewer.
  • Hospitals also use wall signs that are informative or ones that impact the thought process of the visitor. Pediatricians employ juvenile and bright wall signs to appeal to children and make them feel safe and comfortable at the doctor’s office.

What are the different types of wall signs?

You can find a variety of wall signs – a metallic display of the business name and logo at the lobby entrance or behind reception, large illuminated business signs, simple wall hangings, bold dimensional letters on display, and many more.

The right wall signs will speak volumes about the quality of your business and will surely create an impressionable image in the mind of the viewer. We strive to create the perfect wall signs as per your vision. If you are looking for customized designs for your wall space, contact us to know more about wall signs.

Newport News, VA – You Can Be Floored by Floor Graphics

Use Effective Signage for Business Goals

It doesn’t matter what types of products or services are sold, proper branding is necessary. This means finding ways to reach customers wherever they are. It may be those visiting a website or a brick and mortar location. Signage is extremely important when it comes to meeting business productivity goals. They are useful in displaying logos, names, and catchphrases.

According to Small Business Chron, signs serve as a silent salesperson and can lead to sales. Expert designer locations, such as James River Signs is the perfect solution to signage challenges. This is a good resource for floor graphics, which happens to be one of the best signage strategies to utilize. These can be created to meet marketing objectives and to establish a connection with customers.

Lead Customers to Products

Unfortunately, many businesses under-utilize their floors for marketing purposes. This area is just as important as other portions of a store or retail location. Graphics here may capture the attention of customers. This type of creative signage even serves to lead customers to where your products are staged. With this resource, it is not always necessary to have one or more employees on the actual spot in the store.

Create Brand Awareness

Every business or company has to consider what it takes to create brand awareness. This is something that can be addressed with floor graphics. It is possible to advertise a chain name, product brand, or even a motto. The proper use of flooring in any facility could be an alternate way to market. At the same time, it is a great strategy for establishing a brand to new and existing customers visiting a location.

Find Industry Experts

Not every company that offers signage and flooring graphics is the same. This is why we take pride in providing our customers with quality products. They can be used in a number of ways to increase sales and connecting with shoppers. When a business owner needs this type of expertise, it is always a good idea to work with businesses experienced in visually appealing custom signage and graphics solutions.

Let us help you make your shop or store more productive. At James River Signs, customers have the chance to tailor floor graphics to meet their needs. The use of effective signage is the best way to showcase what customers have access to through your business or company. Contact us or call today 757-598-4036 to learn more about these options to improve your business persona!


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