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by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Business Signs for Buildings Custom Built

Building signs identify businesses, which helps save time. Imagine how a world without signs or addresses would cause mass confusion. Furthermore, signs help people find destinations from a distance. Ideally a sign communicates to as many eyeballs as possible to build a brand and clarify location.

Inviting Signs for Increasing Foot Traffic

Most brick-and-mortar establishments still rely on physical location for connecting with target customers. The business may have been strategically planned in a spot where the demographics fit the product and surrounding entities support the culture. Consumers, for example, often expect malls to have restaurants, so they look for signs that communicate food. Sometimes an image of food is used as part of a restaurant sign to lure the dining crowd.

The most effective signs for small businesses are those that communicate the name and type of business in one sign. If it associates with an appropriate emotion, that’s a bonus. In this sense the logo serves as a vivid connection to the brand. If there’s room for the sign to convey more than the logo it should include something that identifies the brand as unique. The more the sign communicates effectively, the more it can be used in other aspects of marketing in different forms.

Specific Building Signs

Every business potentially uses multiple signs to communicate multiple messages to customers or employees. Signs are needed to identify bathrooms, roof access, meeting rooms, as well as for entrances and exits. For large places like schools, hospitals, and parks a giant directory is needed to help guide visitors to their destinations. In many of these places locations are given numbers to simplify the search.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Not only does a message on a sign communicate, so do characteristics of the sign, such as shape, size and color. Many people have developed personal associations with these factors, such as associating red with vibrant energy and green with a more relaxed state. This concept can be used to test how customers respond to in-store displays. Big signs reach more people and have more impact than small signs. Window signs can help raise interest level and attract foot traffic.

It’s important to remember that sign makers deal with templates and have access to many universal designs. At the same time a business owner should be aware of options for customized signs, since no two businesses are exactly the same. The more unique the sign is, the more it will stand out among many signs. Contact us at James River Signs to learn more about how signs can be the key to improving business activity.

Newport News, VA – Logo Design Because A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

James River Signs designs, manufactures, and installs signs for business. We offer logo design, a necessary component of any business. A known fact is that people react and relate to graphics better than to text.

In the always-on culture of social media and mobile, projecting a company’s brand takes on a bigger importance than ever before. With people accustomed to recognizing a business by its brand, creating a logo with a purpose ensures that consumers fully understand the story of the business.

Purpose in Logo Design
When effort, creativity, and purpose combine to make a logo representative of the brand, the logo stands alone as a moniker of the company. Think of popular brands recognized by their logo. Nike, Target, and Shell have logos recognized worldwide. Without purpose, a logo can be a meaningless design.

A complete logo can communicate information about the company it represents. First impressions form a perception and understanding of the business, and it’s this first impression formed in less than two seconds that lasts.

The Importance of a Logo
A critical aspect of logo design that transcends color and symmetry is its meaning and ability to speak well for the company. The first impression of a company starts with its logo, and it must tell a story about the company’s good reputation, trust, and reliability. Logos describe what a company does and what it stands for.

Creating a logo requires a high level of attention to detail. Colors, fonts, and shapes have their place and technical yet fluid design demands proficiency at every level. The best logos have a similar impact in black and white or in color. Also, universal use across all types of media removes any limitations of its use.

Design Considerations
Logo design uses the rules of graphic design regarding contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. Professional designers use these principles of design to ensure quality and balanced logos that reflect the nature of the company’s business and its innate qualities.

Design elements such as fonts, colors, and shapes work together to convey the company’s message. Types of fonts match well with certain industries or businesses. People relate to fonts and associate bold, thin, or cursive type with a company and how it’s perceived by them.

It is important to use images and fonts that match people’s perception of the company to avoid discrepancies and confusion. Logo design always delivers the correct message and conveys meaning according to the company’s requirements.

Yorktown, VA – Tailor Commercial Real Estate Signs Intelligently to Reach a Wide…

About Commercial Real Estate Signs

Around the world, eye-catching commercial real estate signs help marketers attract interested customers. This category of signage spans a wide, diverse spectrum. It ranges from large temporary banners hung across the exteriors of downtown office towers to permanent window signs and semi-permanent exterior post and panel signs.

Today, the form of commercial real estate signs selected by a business often depends upon the nature of the realty. For example, the best signage to promote the lease of a suburban office condo usually differs significantly from the sign used to advertise the sale of a vacant lot or a potential commercial pad site. Advertisers typically discover benefits in matching signage selections to specific locations.

The Importance of Visibility

When commercial real estate signage promotes a specific parcel of realty, it makes sense to create a message capable of attracting a wide potential audience. Passers by generally won’t have a lot of time available to absorb extensive details. However, by alerting them to the availability of a site and to the general nature of the transaction (a lease or a sale) the sign performs a valuable function. Ideally, it also supplies contact information to allow an interested observer to contact the marketer.

In this respect, visibility matters enormously. Real estate firms strive to place commercial real estate signs in prominent locations. Many marketers anticipate limited marketing time ranges. Yet in some cases, this form of signage must perform on a semi-permanent basis. Announcing the availability of rental space in a large office complex may help ensure a full waiting list, for instance. Even if no vacancies occur at a given point in time, a property management firm may discover advantages in accepting applications for the next available unit. It may prove necessary to invest in multiple commercial signs in order to optimize visibility.

Assisting Branding Efforts

Many realty companies promote their brands effectively by including their firm logo and name on every commercial real estate sign. This strategy benefits the marketer as well as the individual site. It may yield additional business for the realty firm in the future.

Real estate firms seeking high quality commercial signage gain advantages by relying upon the expertise of experienced sign manufacturers and installers. In Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Williamsburg and other Virginia communities along the scenic James River, our company offers excellent commercial real estate signage assistance. Visit the James River Signs website or contact 757-598-4036 for further information.

Newport News, VA – Post and Panel Signs – A New Way to Look at an Old Concept

Post and panel signs help businesses in many cities reach customers. However, in some communities, the demand for these signs isn’t very high because most designs seem basic. The big benefit is that consumers can make panel signs appealing. To achieve this, they must work with a company that provides designer upgrade options. This guide has a lot of information about key upgrades and designer options that are available for post and panel signs.

Paints and Finishes

Colorful paints can make a bland design stand out. If the colors are bright and vibrant, their tones will highlight a sign’s theme by enhancing outlines and borders. For example, signs for parks stand out when they have paints that match colors of the great outdoors, and panels with neutral accents for law offices make lawyers appear professional.

The finish on a panel sign takes multiple coats of paint to the next level. Some finishes provide a glossy effect that shines in the sunlight, and others have a thick coating that acts as a shield. A weather-resistant coating doesn’t decrease a sign’s curb appeal. Instead, it creates a durable layer of protection that prevents

  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
  • UV damage

Graphic Designs

A skilled graphic designer can create logos and designs for large and small panel signs. This is very important because the main look of a sign is created based on its graphics and fonts.

The font style always complements the graphics on a sign, and the color of a font blends with the background paint on a sign. Green and white are common colors on pubic signs because an ivory shade pops against a forest tone.

Sign Layouts

To make a post and panel sign extravagant, seasoned designers incorporate the posts in strategic ways. For example, they may mount a sign several inches between two spaced posts to provide flair. If a sign needs a focal point, a designer could cut a panel into a unique shape. A post and panel sign on a pole can also be enhanced.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.