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Hampton, VA – ADA Signs Require Adhering to Specific Guidelines

About ADA Signs

The passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 impacted government agencies and commercial sites conducting business with the public in some important ways. This legislation seeks to improve access to public locations for disabled people. The statute contemplated changes to signage to ensure everyone obtains ready access to permanent features (including exits and bathrooms). While the provisions of the ADA don’t apply to purely marketing or promotional signage, they do cover so-called “architectural” signage.

The 2010 ADA Standards For Accessible Design

During the Obama Administration, The American National Standards Institute A117.1 Committee approved signage standards for ADA compliant architectural signs. These “2010 ADA Standards” control many aspects of ADA signs. Posted in hospitals, government buildings, schools, and businesses, these signs offer vital assistance to handicapped and disabled people during emergencies.

The people responsible for creating these standards hoped to ensure that everyone could gain access to and from public locations. Navigating easily through buildings appeals to everyone. In the past, people with impaired vision sometimes lacked the ability to reach certain sites conveniently. Consequently, one aspect of ADA signage rules involves the use of Braille, a textural “alphabet”.

Specific ADA Signage Regulations

The 2010 ADA Standards For Accessible Design set forth a number of rules for ADA signs. Many locations must now post this type of signage as a matter of law. Property owners may choose to display separate ADA signs for sighted and blind people, or they may post signs containing both letters and Braille in the same sign. The regulations require the use of upper case sans serif characters. Several specific character spacing rules apply. The rule makers specify the use of “non-glare” backgrounds to assist the visually impaired.

The standards also provide highly specific sign posting instructions. Since blind people can only access Braille via touch, the placement of architectural ADA signs matters a lot. Disabled people require the ability to scan the face of this type of signage easily. Working closely with a knowledgeable ADA signage company offers the best way to comply fully with these detailed placement rules.

Further Information

Customers seeking assistance with ADA signs in Newport News, Virginia and outlying communities rely upon James River Signs. We offer knowledgeable, customized service. Call us at 757-598-4036 to discuss any projects involving this type of closely regulated signage.

Newport News, VA – Creating a Professional Law Office with Signage

In this business world, image matters, and any business owner has to work to create a positive impression. As such, there is no business that should be without high-quality signage which will leave customers feeling impressed and like they have walked into a business which can take care of their needs.

This goes double for law firms, which rely on their image and reputation more than most businesses. As such, law firms should be careful about the types of signs which they choose to install.

Law firms may need many types of signs. First – and most obvious – is a sign in the front of their building. There are many potential options for law firms in terms of type (electronic or physical), but in order to attract the right clientele and be visible along roadways, law firms should absolutely install signs which grab the attention of passing traffic and ensure that they have a large and active physical presence.

Once a potential client or other attorney walks into your office, you’ll want to make sure that they are greeted with a large, impressive and tactful sign. Indoor and lobby signs can be very helpful here. In an instance like this, the best bet is to install a large lobby sign which ensures that your firms’ name is one of the first things a visitor sees when they walk in.

Identification signage is also necessary. A printed piece of paper which has an attorney’s name is not enough; after all, you want to make sure that clients recognize that your attorney’s are impressive professionals who are going to bed at your firm for a long time. This sign can have an attorney’s name, their rank within the firm, and potentially the areas of law in which they practice.

If your firm is large enough, you’ll want to make sure that you also have directional signs which point people towards the right location. After all, you don’t want anyone in your office to get lost! More importantly, however, is that you want to make sure people are impressed with your law office. Directional signage helps to do that by conveying the impression of an office which is so large – and successful – that it actually needs signs to ensure that people know how to get from one office to the next.

Regardless of the size of your firm, signage can be critical in ensuring that your office conveys a positive impression.

Hampton, VA – Sign Experts Break Down Corporation Signage

It is crucial for a business to stand out among others, increase brand visibility, get the attention of prospective clients, and create a lasting impression.

There are many ways to gain notice, at a central location or at conferences or trade shows. Attractive, portable, and powerful signs are recommended to do just that. Custom-made signs that are designed to be eye-catching while simultaneously conveying an appropriate message can help promote your business. They are manufactured with high-quality fade-resistant materials, vibrant bold colors, and expert craftsmanship incorporating vinyl or channel letters. Then the signs are installed at in a strategic location to maximize their benefits.

What signs are recommended?

* The most critical sign is located on the building and indicates that the customers have found the location and that the business is ready to provide with outstanding service. A catchy logo or slogan is a plus.

* A directory sign with arrows in the entrance or lobby will lead the customer in the right direction to find the desired department.

* Lightweight and durable waterproof banners come in many sizes to fit spaces for indoor or outdoor use that can highlight new products or a special upcoming corporate event.

* Woven mesh banners are designed to deal with harsher outdoor conditions. They let the wind pass through and they can withstand the effects of wind, rain, and sun.

* Decorative wall murals and window graphics are noticeable and will showcase items that are being featured. They can easily transform a white wall to a mural that says something about your corporation.

Our professional team will be happy to show the ways you can showcase your business the way you envision with signage. We can create the ideal signs that will deliver an individual and unique  message.

Advice and guidance are given through the process of creating the perfect custom corporate signage with limitless design options and practical professional tips that will set the business apart. Our team will work carefully in a detailed way and also provide a free quote.

Newport News, VA – Clear and Informative Directory Signs Assist Customers

Today, numerous businesses help customers locate products and services with the assistance of stylish directory signs. This highly specialized form of signage promotes accurate navigation. It also reassures patrons that a specific department, service, or business maintains a site on the premises.

Directory Signs as Conventional Rosters

Directory signage usually informs the public about all of the enterprises located at a particular address. For instance, many office buildings display a courtesy directory listing in the main lobby. It may indicate the various companies conducting business on different floors. This type of signage requires crisp, clear, easily read letters and numbers. Many people scan through the directory quickly to locate particular listings. It proves important in this situation to use large text. The sign owner needs to ensure visitors can read the directory sign easily from a distance. Adding LED illumination often helps improve visibility.

Directory Signs As Navigational Maps

In some situations, enterprises discover advantages in combining a directory sign with an accompanying area map. Most large shopping malls currently utilize this strategy. The map may outline the specific stores or offices within a building to help guide customers directly to the correct entrance. In other cases, the directory sign furnishes an aerial view of the location. For example, a sprawling industrial, corporate, or university campus or a public zoo or botanical garden may supply a bird’s eye depiction of the entire location and highlight individual buildings or facilities within this landscape. In this sense, directory signs often benefit by supplying distinct, legible map information. This signage helps orient a customer who may lack personal familiarity with the layout of the site.

Directory Signs As Interactive Verification Systems

In rare cases, a large directory may include too many individual units to display. Multistory modern office towers sometimes fall into this category. Commercial tenants may relocate with such frequency that listing every single enterprise in one sign proves impractical. In this unusual situation, some companies rely upon digital interactive signage instead. A visitor may use a courtesy terminal to enter the name of a business into a computerized directory in order to obtain the firm’s address within the building. Since this type of sign requires customers to initiate action to find a business, it may prove less effective than more easily accessed conventional directory signage.

To obtain assistance designing and implementing effective directory signs and maps in Newport News, Virginia and outlying areas, rely on James River Signs. Call 757-598-4036 for a personal consultation.


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