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Hampton, VA – Learn About The Best Signs for Libraries

Because libraries are designed for silence, the written word becomes a powerful way to communicate basic information, direct patrons to specific zones and inform them about upcoming events. Moreover, whether a patron is driving by or walking by, signage can capture and inspire them to come inside to learn more.

The two best temporary signs for libraries are banners and movable signs.

Banners can hang for short periods, both inside and outside as well as be stored for later use. They are great hanging above the information desk, at the top of staircases, and in foyers. Banners capture the attention with significant presence and charm. Libraries with summer meal programs and events for children find banner signs very valuable.

Sidewalk signs can be moved every day all year long. They are best used in major walking areas of the library such as the entrance, check-in/check-out zones, and near bathrooms. The versatility of a sidewalk sign is that they can accommodate vinyl letters for employee-created messages or accept newly made marketing inserts. Marketing inserts can even have the advantage of braille reliefs along the top so visually-impaired patrons can read them. These signs are extremely durable all year long and can even be used outside.

Signs that are more permanent are usually affixed to the walls, book stacks, and windows or highlight specialty areas.

Wall signs are perfect for pointing out points of interest in the library, such as children zones, computer labs, and reading areas. They can also point out danger zones, best practices for health-related issues such as bathroom use and/or washing hands and book drop zones. Wall maps are probably the most used of all the wall signs. Whether in the elevator or at the entrance from a stairwell, maps tell a patron where they are and guide them to what is available on that particular floor.

Stack Signs can either follow the Dewy Decimal system or the Library of Congress new system. Whether they are affixed to the aisle or set in out-cropping wing style, they need to stand out and inform the patron of what is found in that stack. Signage in children’s areas can be quite colorful while adult areas are typically done in black, beige, or red.

Window signs can be frosted, tinted, and more. These signs are typically designed to be part of the library ultimate decor and enhance the beauty of the area as well as inform. They are best used in conference rooms, auditoriums, study rooms, and glass-walled areas dividing the library into smaller sections.

Williamsburg, VA – What Kind of Signs Will Help a Restaurant Run More Smoothly?

A restaurant needs a variety of signs along with great menu boards in order to be successful. In this guide, there are great suggestions for practical signs that work well in a fast food or elegant restaurant.

Wait for a Seat

This sign is commonly used in a classic restaurant that gets tons of customers. It should be placed by the entrance so that guests will know that they may have to stand for a while before a table is ready. Many managers also use this type of sign when the staff needs time to clean up tables after previous customers have finished their meals.

Make Orders at the Bar

To reduce your overall service costs, let everyone order at the bar instead of at the tables occasionally. Many restaurant owners are now structuring their services this way because it decreasing the number of waiters that are needed to take orders. This sign should also be placed near the entrance whenever it’s needed.

Menu Sign

In order to drive guests through the door, a restaurant must have a great menu board. On the board, list popular dishes, specials, and deals so that customers will know what they can expect upon stepping through the door.

To attract a lot of foot traffic, always swap out a traditional menu with a themed option during holiday promotions. For example, on Thanksgiving promotional menu, list appealing Thanksgiving specials. The theme of the menu board should reflect the holiday so include pictures of turkeys and a fall color scheme.

Business Hours

The business hours sign is very important because it lets people know when they can place orders. Hang this sign on the front door or on a window and ensure that the font is bold and bright.

Sign Options

All of these signs are available in various styles, and each option provides different advantages in a restaurant’s design scheme.Some of the top sign materials include

  • Acrylic: Acrylic signs are made of a dense plastic. They can be illuminated and placed on walls in a restaurant.
  • Aluminum: These signs have a dense aluminum housing that typically as vinyl applied to either one side or both sides. Several holes are usually drilled in these signs so that managers can hang them.
  • Magnetic: Magnetic signs are made with a charged sheeting material. The magnetic layer sticks to the metal surfaces on a food truck.

Yorktown, VA – Four Ways A Wall Mural Can Transform A Business

The Power of A Wall Mural
For a business to stand out, it needs to do more than other companies. One of the most impressive ways for a business to boost its presence is by using a wall mural. A wall mural is a large painting or piece of art that can communicate what a company stands for. Below are four compelling ways a wall mural can transform a business.1). Communicate The Brand
Every business needs to develop a brand in order to stand out from a crowd. That can be done with a logo, a tagline, or a mission statement. Every business should have these three things. Innovative businesses go a step further with a wall mural. The human eye can process visual information 1,000 times faster than the written word. A large visual will quickly communicate what a company stands for.

2). Motivate The Team
A business is only as good as the team that runs it. Therefore, motivating the team to go above and beyond is critical. While slogans and mottoes are fine, a wall mural can quickly communicate to the team what is expected of them. The right wall mural can provide a morale boost that will pay dividends to a company’s bottom line. Effective wall murals can include the past accomplishments of the company or future projects that will help grow the business.

3). Make a Statement
A wall mural is an excellent way to show future clients and customers what the company is all about. The wall mural can emphasize the creativity and design aesthetic of the business. It can also quickly communicate what the business is all about. Best of all, a wall mural can be placed on an interior or exterior wall of a business. The wall mural can be placed in the lobby of the business or a conference room or many other places.

4). Advertise Without Using Ads
The average person is exposed to thousands of ads per day. At this point, most people are conditioned to ignore 99% of the ads that they see. A wall mural is different. It doesn’t come across as an ad. However, a well-executed wall mural can act like an ad that can impress future customers and clients. A business can communicate their brand, products, and services with a wall mural that doesn’t come across as an ad.

How to Get Started
A business that wants to transform their business should contact a signage company with experience in wall murals. The signage company can recommend the most cost-effective and impactful ways to design and create the wall mural. With professional execution, a wall mural can go far in transforming the way a business communicates itself to the world. Contact us at James River Signs for ideas on what your next wall mural should be.

Hampton, VA – Conference Rooms Are One Of The Most Important Rooms In Your Offic…

What is the most important room in your office building? Where do all the important decisions get made? Where does the deal brokering happen? Where do holiday celebrations with treats and activities occur? This all happens in a conference room. Which is why it is integral to every business office that a conference room is easily located and portrays a professional message about an office.

Identifying locations within an office can sometimes be tricky especially if you are a visitor or a new employee. No business owner wants a visiting client to struggle to find their meeting location or for a new hire to be late to their first conference because they did not know where to go. These problems can be ameliorated by conference room signage. It is essential that there be signage labelling the conference room. This will ensure that everyone has found the right location. Additional information can be displayed on these signs such as the name of the conference room or the availability of the room. Some options for these types of signs include hanging signs, wall signs, frosted window films, and door signs. Frosted window films and window graphics are perfect if you have a glass door and want to inhibit visibility into your conference room. Wall signs are recommended if the door is not an option for a sign or if the door will remain open for much of the time.

These signs can be manufactured with many different options so that any sign can reflect the business theme. Signs can be customized with several different substrates including wood, acrylic, vinyl, and aluminum. They can have LED wiring to enhance visibility or a stylized font. These signs can be stud-mounted, recessed, hanging, or wall mounted.

These options may be confusing for a first-time sign purchaser, but our custom sign team is fully adept to help create the perfect sign for you. If you have a conference room that needs a sign, please contact James River Signs at 757-598-4036.

Hampton, VA – Visibility Is Key With Address Signs For Any Type Of Business

When opening a business, it is very important that customers know where it is located. Without an easily visible address sign, it may be difficult for customers to find your exact location, even if they know the name of your company. Virtually every company has an address sign located in front or on their building. However just because the address sign exists, does not mean that it is effective.

Visibility is key with address signs. Most customers travel to locations via car, so address signs should be visible from roadsides. To ensure that an address sign is visible, the font should be bold and legible, the letters and numbers should be an adequate size, and the sign should be visible in different lighting settings.

There are several options for how to display a business address on or near its location. One possibility is to have a projecting sign or hanging sign. This is a good option for more discrete locations or locations where the business front does not have a clear space for displaying the address. A hanging or projecting sign will ensure that every customer can easily locate their destination. Another option for address signs is for the address to be displayed with dimensional letters attached to the building front. This means that the letters will be individually mounted to the surface. This option is perfect for businesses that want a professional and customizable look. These signs can be customized with a variety of fonts, colors, and materials so they can match the theme of a business. A classic font with bold, black lettering is perfect for historical downtown areas while a sleek, silver finish will convey a modern-business vibe. If visibility is potentially a problem for a business, neon address signs are highly recommended. These signs light up, so they are easily visible no matter the lighting situation. These signs are recommended for business that are open during later hours when there will be less natural lighting available for easy viewing. These signs can be turned on and off easily which can also help indicate if a business is open or not.

Address signs are integral to every business and customizing these signs can help a business optimize their investment. Every business should consider a customized address sign based on their location, company message, visibility, and operating hours. Investing wisely in an address sign will help bring in more customers to a business.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.