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Yorktown, VA – Break The Sign Ceiling With A Custom Ceiling Graphic

Creating an image or atmosphere for a business requires good use of all available space. One area that is often left out of the thought process is the ceiling. As surprising as it may sound, the ceiling can be an important part of the total picture of a business or office. It can provide a unique and durable space where ceiling graphics can be used to benefits to customers, clients, and employees.

Providing Information
While no one goes to a business expecting to read up on it by looking at the ceiling, there can be benefits to providing some information on a ceiling. Anytime people are browsing or waiting, they let their eyes wander upward. A really striking feature on the ceiling will grab their attention, reinforcing whatever message the facility chooses. Children may find facts about math or science overhead at school, creating an always-learning environment. Doctors’ offices may provide gentle reminders to monitor health factors. The ceiling can be a great place to present this information.

Adding to Decor
It seems like a waste of money to invest in a well-designed space with a distinctive theme when the ceiling is the same old acoustical tiles that visitors see everywhere they go. A ceiling graphic can help tie together the entire look of the room, giving diners in an Italian restaurant the feel of old Italy or contributing to the spiritual atmosphere of a place of worship.

Improving the Mood
Certain places are a source of at least some degree of anxiety for those who visit them. The sterile appearance of traditional ceilings doesn’t help. Well-chosen ceiling graphics can create a calmer atmosphere, easing their worries and helping them feel more relaxed when the time comes to visit the doctor, the human resources director, or the tax professional.

Suggestive Selling
It’s a standard of business to encourage customers to purchase items above and beyond what they came to buy. They may select products that compliment what they’re already getting, or they may want to try new items that they hadn’t even heard of. Somewhere around the common aisle identification signs, ceiling graphics can highlight new products or encourage shoppers to visit another aisle where associated items may be found.

Operating a business, an office, or a school often involves making good use of space. Walls and floors always seem to be at a premium, but ceiling graphics can help by making hundreds of square feet available for messages, decoration, and advertising.

Hampton, VA – Put Your Business Out There With Outdoor Signage

Local business owners take pride in their community and want to ensure that their businesses are incorporated into the local color. There are many ways that businesses can set themselves apart from the competition while still being part of the surrounding community. Outdoor signs are essential to helping a business get noticed by potential consumers while contributing to local area in a pleasant way.

Identifiable Signage

One of the easiest ways to brand a business and encourage foot traffic is through outdoor signage. Easily recognizable logos and colors associated with a particular company will quickly attract customers. There are several types of outdoor signs and they can usually be designed, manufactured, and installed within a few business days.

Mobile Outdoor Signage

Customers are attracted to fun, personalized signage. This fact makes it easy to draw new customers into small cafes and bistros through the use of customized frame signs that are placed on the sidewalks. They can be pre-printed with business specific information or designed with slate or other materials that make it easy to update with daily specials or upcoming events. Special events or celebrations such as grand openings and anniversaries can be reflected through temporary mobile signage for virtually any business. This affordable option is great for businesses that host annual events because many mobile signs can be reused.

Permanent Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage concepts that are intended to weather many storms can be made from various materials ranging from vinyl and plastic to wood and stone. The sturdier versions are typically designed for businesses located within shopping districts where signage represents multiple companies at the entrance to the retail park. Single businesses within a row of other shops or residential properties may benefit from a hanging sign made of metal, wood, plastic, and other materials. Lighting is an effective option for optimizing viewing in these locations.

Having options for signage is important to many business owners. Those who are interested in growing their business want something that is professional and well designed to introduce their new small business to the community. Established companies want to reinforce their brand through high quality workmanship and brilliant outdoor signage options. Either way, both will benefit from customized outdoor signage created with their specific business in mind.

Newport News, VA – Help Your Business Stand Tall With Vertical Signs

When to Choose a Vertical Sign
A vertical sign is usually affixed to the outside of a business so that it may be seen in all directions. These signs are especially useful in downtown areas, where there may be limited space between the different businesses. A horizontal sign will read text from left to right. This can use up large amounts of space across the front of a building. With a vertical sign, text is displayed from top to bottom. The is a great space saving feature for a business that can still be clearly seen and read. Vertical signage can also be helpful inside of a business, where wall space may be narrow.
Who can Benefit from a Vertical Sign
Vertical signs are useful to any type of business or industry including retailers, hotels, bars and restaurants. These signs can be customized with the name, graphics, and color scheme of the business. They can portray a message to potential consumers about what that business has to offer. Vertical signs can be illuminated to meet a business’s needs, providing even greater clarity in reading. A well designed vertical sign can help a business really stand out from the rest. There are so many types of signs from enter/exit signs, bathroom signs, and outdoor signs that a business can use in a vertical fashion to provide easy viewing and unique displays.Materials, size, shapes and Colors for Signs

A wide variety of materials can be used to customize vertical signs including wood, fabric, vinyl, metal, or aluminum. Choices will depend upon what the sign is being used for. A company’s lettering is important as the style that is utilized will convey a message about the business’s brand. Shapes are also considered when choosing materials and colors. A company’s image is very important to their business and good quality signs can portray a very professional, upscale image or casual and inviting image based upon what is desired. It is important to choose a sign company that knows the type of sign being constructed and the material that will work best for the sign. A company that will work with the designs of a business and color selections should be considered when opting for a vertical sign.

Yorktown, VA – Directional Signs Help Keep Your Business Organized

Without even realizing it, society depends heavily on directional signs to find their way around various places. Drivers depend on signage to know which lane to use, how fast to drive, and where or where not to park. Pedestrians rely on directional signs for their own safety and convenience when locating crosswalks and bus stops. Local and national businesses use directional signs to guide customers who are navigating their way through a grocery store, mall, stand alone business, office building or industrial park.

Importance of Directional Signs

Directional signage is obviously a vital necessity when it come to directing occupants to the nearest exit in the case of emergency. There are other important reasons to have directional signage and it benefits the customers, visitors, and employees of virtually any building.

Without such signage, people would not be able to locate stairs, elevators, or restrooms, let alone their favorite clothing brands or cookware. Whether stores use arrow signs, floor decals, or some other means of directional signage, they are most definitely directing their customers to points of interest as well pointing out necessary requirements such as restrooms, exits, and fire extinguishers.

Types of Directional Signs

Generally speaking, directional signs can be designed using any combination of color schemes and materials that a customer desires. Depending on the usage and intended location, a particular material or lettering style may benefit a business the most. Some of the most common materials used when creating indoor and outdoor directional signage are listed below.

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl

Acrylic signs are durable and can be used for many different types of directional signage, including mobile signs. There are several types of aluminum, such as brushed and reflective, and the grade or thickness used will depend on the location and purpose of the sign. Both acrylic and aluminum have an appealing appearance and are versatile enough to hold a variety of colors and lettering options.

Rigid plastic is durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors and flexible enough to handle repairs or lettering upgrades as needed. Vinyl signs are useful for temporary events and permanent structures. Flags, awning signs, and floor or wall decals are typically made of vinyl. This material is pliable and can be easily changed to reflect business needs.

Design and Installation of Directional Signs

Expert sign companies work with business owners to discuss their needs and desired purpose of directional signs. Custom signs can be designed, manufactured, and installed specifically for a particular business. They may include a company logo, design, or other relevant information to promote business while providing useful information.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.