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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Hampton, VA – Harness The Power of Projecting Signs

Projecting signs literally stand out! Mounted with brackets to permit them to extend outwards from buildings or walls instead of lying flat against paneling, this form of signage enjoys enduring popularity. It frequently functions as a vital business generator. Many enterprises use projecting signs effectively in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Exterior Projecting Signs

Projecting signage ideally include striking visual qualities. This type of sign needs to command attention. It allows an enterprise to capture the interest of people passing a storefront. A sufficiently appealing exterior projecting sign may prompt some prospective customers to stop and take a closer look at a retail site. Projecting signs often include carvings, engravings, or colorful acrylic imagery.

Perhaps not surprisingly, numerous small businesses count on eye-catching signage to help attract business. From bakeries to barber shops to professional practices, service companies also appreciate the utility of this form of advertising. The most effective projecting signs include images and lettering on both sides, enabling the sign to gain notice from people passing along an adjoining sidewalk in either direction. This type of exterior signage does require the use of durable, water-resistant materials; some firms replace outdoor projecting signs every few years due to weathering.

Interior Projecting Signs

Numerous uses also exist for interior projecting signs, especially in a retail context. Grocery stores and specialty boutiques sometimes spur impulse purchasing by adding colorful decorative projecting signage in specific locations. This type of advertising helps alert customers to the presence of items they might like to consider buying.

Some enterprises also employ indoor projecting signs to supply patrons with information about specific facilities. For example, a cinema might choose to add projecting signs to direct attention to screening rooms or vending services. Art museums sometimes employ this type of signage to designate individual galleries. Projecting signs also clearly identify public restrooms, employee break rooms, lobbies, and other locations withing a building.

Customizing Projecting Signage

Some enterprises obtain benefits by customizing projecting signs (especially interior projecting signs) to carry forward unifying design themes and company logos. For instance, if a business requires 15 or 20 projecting signs to identify indoor locations, managers frequently prefer to utilize distinctive signature signage elements. This consistency helps enhance branding and name recognition.

Further Information

James River Signs possesses extensive experience crafting high quality projecting signs. We serve customers in communities proximate to Virginia’s scenic James River (including Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, and Norfolk). Contact us at 757-598-4036 to receive personal assistance!

Newport News, VA – Monument Signs Are An Investment Worth Considering

There are numerous reasons and situations when a monument sign is the best solution for a client. A monument will uniquely identify a company, brand, and a civic or religious organization. This type of signage is used for landmarks. It is also perfectly suited for a directory of stores and tenants. A monument is custom made, and it can include graphics, personalized wording, a logo, and a picture or series of pictures.

Monument signs can be built in any shape and size, and James River Signs can custom fabricate the finish of the monument sign to match the architectural style of a building. A monument is an investment that will last for many years to come. They are designed to be durable, and they will withstand almost any harsh weather conditions.

Companies that perform their business in a broad range of industries can be well-served by this category of signage. A monument will provide a look of distinction on the property of an organization’s corporate headquarters. Luxury automobile dealerships have used a monument sign at their entrance to attract prospective customers to enter the showroom. Real estate developers and property management companies display the signage to identify their apartment and town home communities.

College and university campuses are another setting where one or more monuments are an identifying and navigational structure for students, faculty, and visitors. Monument signs are popularly used by owners and operators of shopping centers and large entertainment venues. Municipal and county park commissions are also consumers of monument signs. Monuments provide both beauty and function when they are properly situated on a property. They are a proven attention-getting method of advertising that can help promote brand awareness and new business.

The team at James River Signs is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to their clients. They know that no project is complete until their clients are completely satisfied.

Hampton, VA – Customized Portable Signs Help Generate Business

Today businesses enjoy a wide selection of useful portable signs. Customizing these products helps many companies generate additional business. Flexible, versatile, and extremely effective as marketing tools, portable signs may contain promotional messages or alert the public to important site information.

Promoting Business

Why do so many types of companies depend extensively upon this form of signage? Attracting new business constitutes one important reason. Numerous firms appreciate the capability to advertise the availability of goods and services flexibly in temporary venues. For example, auctioneers often conduct sales at variable locations. By investing in high grade, durable portable signs, they enjoy the capability to promote an auction virtually anywhere.

Similarly, numerous retailers with well established brick-and-mortar storefronts employ portable signage as ancillary advertising to inform customers about sidewalk sales and other special promotions. Practically any business may benefit by acquiring one (or more) sturdy portable signs. Even institutions sometimes prefer this type of signage as a way to direct people to special events or conference sites. Customers who make the decision to utilize portable signs often obtain a significant return on investment.

The Qualities of Great Portable Signage

What properties help create memorable portable signs? Although the specific requirements vary from one enterprise to another, most customers prefer these basic qualities:

  • Sufficiently light weight to permit mobility;
  • Sturdy, durable materials that withstand rain and snow;
  • Eye-catching designs and lettering;
  • Capable of recurring uses.

The purpose of a portable sign informs its design. For example, a construction company seeking to notify drivers about ongoing roadwork might require a far less elaborate sign than a store promoting a seasonal sale in several departments or a restaurant advertising its daily menu special. Frequently, companies prefer the capability to change the information provided on portable signs.

Consider Customization Issues

Many customers benefit by working with an experienced portable sign design and manufacturing company. Managers enjoy the option of tailoring this signage to suit their firm’s unique marketing or promotional goals. This process often enhances branding. Using specific logos, colors, or themes helps reinforce product recognition.

Further Information

Customers seeking high quality portable signs obtain personalized service from James River Signs. We help businesses and institutions throughout Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk and other cities near Virginia’s lovely James River. Contact us today to obtain skilled sign design and manufacturing assistance. Simply call 757-598-4036 to schedule a convenient consultation.

Williamsburg, VA – Retail Stores and the Many Different Types of Signs this Type…

When considering what needs a retail business may have for signage, there are many areas of the business that can be looked at. Retail marketing practically revolves around signs: sales, new products, and even signage to designate certain areas of the store and all must be consistent with its brand. Different parts of the store require different kinds of signs. All of these must work together in making an ideal shopping experience for the retail customer.

The first thing a customer encounters when entering a retail business is the outdoor signage. Having a properly designed and attractive banner or sign outside the business helps draw more customers in regardless of if they are driving by or walking. Additional signs facing outward can help attract customers to a particular sale or event the business is having increasing traffic. If these signs are actually outside, they must be made of proper materials to survive the elements.

Once inside the actual business, customers’ eyes should immediately notice sales and products that will draw them in. These sale signs, which should match those around the store, must be eye-catching without being offensive or tacky. Their design should flow with the rest of the store not looking out of place or intrusive.

Past the sales, the rest of the store’s items should have proper signs to denote their pricing and any other information necessary. These need to be even less intrusive but still keep on brand and be easy to understand. Ideally, these will combine with the sale and event signs to provide a smooth shopping experience.

Finally, different areas of the store and vital facilities such as restrooms need to be properly marked. Though these particular signs are often glossed over, they are an absolute necessity for customers to be able to navigate a store assuming it has been designed well. In fact adequate signage contributes a fair deal to a retail business’ design by making sure that shopping there is easy to understand and hassle-free.

If any one of these parts of a sign plan fails, the store may not perform as well as expected. Making sure products and services are pointed out correctly is key to ensuring that they are shopped correctly. Well designed signs and banners ensure that customers can focus all their attention on finding what they want and getting it leading to maximum satisfaction and, ultimately, repeat business. This is why it is integral for retail businesses to use different kinds of signs to make their customers as happy as possible.

Newport News, VA – Grocery Store Managers Have a Lot to Consider When It Comes t…

When designing a grocery store, signs play an immensely important part in cultivating an excellent customer experience. Since there are innumerable products to deal with, it is a necessity to have well designed signage that can direct customers to these products as well as provide any information needed. Additionally, navigation of the store improves significantly when signs are present, designed well, and easily viewed.

One of the most important signs a grocery store needs is one outside the business to attract customers. Other advertising may accomplish this such as ads in a newspaper or online, but impulse shopping is real and very helpful to grocery store sales. With a noticeable and recognizable branded sign, customers on their way home from work or to an outing will see the sign and stop in for any immediate needs. Naturally this branding must continue inside the business to create a sense of reliability, letting a customer know that the brand is there to supply anything the customer might need.

Once the customer knows they can trust the brand to provide, the business can use signs to lead the customer to what they need. This is where department and sale signage comes into play. Department signage is important to lead the customer to where they’ll find their needs, and sale signage allows them to find things they didn’t know they needed thus boosting sales. Both of these must be properly designed, or else they appear garish and frustrate the customer.

With department and sale signage guiding the customer, the final piece of the puzzle lies within regular item signage. Each item in a grocery store should have a simple sign denoting price, supplier information for ordering purposes, and unit pricing so consumers can make better decisions. While these signs do not need to be flashy or grab the customer’s attention, they are vital because of the information they provide. Some exceptions exist such as call out signs for local or organic products as well as information signs for particular products where the history of the item is important. Item signs are the backbone of a functioning grocery store and need to be designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Grocery stores require many different kinds of signs. They work together in ways that customers ideally do not even notice by providing an experience that gives the customer exactly what they are looking for with all of the information they need. If done well, this will lead to a successful grocery store with repeat business.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.