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Yorktown, VA – Hanging Signs Help Businesses Attract Customers

Today, businesses enjoy numerous options for using stylish hanging signs effectively. While this type of signage has existed for generations, modern technology permits entrepreneurs to employ some particularly exciting, customized products. A variety of firms rely on fashionable hanging signs as a way to attract customers.

About Hanging Signs

The quality of a hanging sign contributes to the impression it makes on prospective customers. Whether finely crafted from wood, metal, plastic, or LED-illuminated wiring, a hanging sign seeks to capture the attention of passers by and lead them towards a specific location or business enterprise. This signage requires a secure hanging method, as well. (In Virginia, companies rely upon a variety of different systems to ensure hanging sign remains visible but firmly suspended from poles or other elevated, prominent locations.)

Regardless of its site, an effective hanging sign possesses the capability to attract attention. In many cases, sign owners choose to include logos or artwork on this type of signage in addition to a company name. By adding eye-catching elements, the firm encourages passers by to pay closer attention to the sign’s information. For example, a hanging sign advertising a flower shop might include the name of the boutique and also the image of a flower. A hanging restaurant sign might display both the company’s name and logo. The care and attention paid to producing a stylish hanging sign enhances memorability!

Indoor And Outdoor Locations

The type of materials used in a hanging sign often vary based upon the location. For example, many businesses today utilize trendy hanging signs indoors. The signage may offer a way for customers to identify the firm’s location within a busy shopping mall. Yet hanging signs also often furnish an excellent way for a business to attract attention to its presence along a busy downtown street; a company may extend a pole at right angles from a brownstone or storefront to position a hanging sign directly over pedestrians, for instance.

If a hanging sign will remain outdoors for an extended period, its owner gains advantages by selecting low-maintenance, durable signage materials. Wooden signs do offer attractive design accents. However, they don’t usually withstand the impacts of rain and snow well over the long term.

Obtain Impressive Hanging Signs

In Newport News, Virginia and outlying areas, commercial enterprises frequently obtain high quality, affordable hanging signs from James River Signs. We offer turnkey assistance with sign creation and installation. Contact us at 757-598-4036 for further information and assistance.

Newport News, VA – Temporary Signs are not a Temporary Solution for Your Busines…

Many company managers use temporary signs for events and for special sales campaigns such as for discounting prices during a weekend or for advertising a house for sale. The signs may be displayed inside the window of a store or may be displayed on the front lawn of a house. Paper, plastic, or vinyl are suitable materials for signs that will not be permanently displayed for a business and that can be easily installed and then removed after a temporary event.

Target Audience

The purpose of a sign is conveying crucial information and it is imperative to design a sign that will be suitable for a specific target audience such as for the shoppers inside a mall or for the visitors who are attending a concert at an amphitheater in a public park. The sign should be easily visible for the target audience and should be designed to avoid problems from condensation and from weather conditions such as high winds and rain.

Crucial Factors

Each sign could be affected by several different factors. A sign that is in the window of a store or a mortgage company could be blocked by a shadow during the daylight hours. The distance of a sign from the potential shoppers and customers would affect the dimensions of the sign such as using a larger sign to attract customers from a large parking lot. Outdoor signs that are being used in a public park could also be exposed to problems from raccoons or birds that could rip or trample a sign that is being displayed very close to the ground level. The color scheme is also crucial for enhancing the visibility factor for a sign.

Costs of a Sign

Business managers should have a preliminary budget for making a decision about a temporary sign. The costs for a marketing campaign can be justified with a careful analysis of the various factors for a project such as for a seasonal sales campaign or for an annual fair. The costs for vinyl signs could be justified because vinyl signs are more durable in humid weather conditions than traditional paper signs.

Consultation with Sign Professionals

The design of a sign, such as the shape, is important for attracting a target audience. A paper sign could have a rectangular shape but would not be as suitable as a vinyl sign for an outside banner. A political campaign or sporting event could require banners on small metal or wooden stakes that are used on grassy areas near an outside parking lot. Sign professionals can offer recommendations and suggestions for avoiding potential problems and for getting the best sign for your specific business needs.

Newport News, VA – Way-Finding Signs

When it comes to the sign business, the term way-finding primarily appertains to the information system and arrangements in a physical environment of which direct people to their desired destination. Way-finding signs help people navigate the area, improve their general experience at the facility, and amplify their understanding of the space. The ever-evolving architectural element of complex environments can present challenges to the individuals trying to navigate to their destination within it. Without any form of directional signage, this can be a complicated task. Visual cues in the form of directions, maps, and symbols on mounted signs can make the experience of those within these facilities easier and altogether less stressful.

Way-finding signs also significantly improve the efficiency and general flow of the facility especially for those who regularly experience high volumes of people. In addition, facilities that experience frequent and or repetitive movement of people and equipment between different areas of the facility can also considerably benefit from way-finding signs. Way-Finding signs are of considerable importance to facilities such as healthcare campuses, transportation facilities, educational campuses, and urban centers. This type of signage allows people to form a mental visual of which direction they need to proceed in to reach their destination.

High-stress facilities such as airports, train stations, and healthcare facilities greatly benefit from way-finding signs and systems. The reason behind this is that often times the individuals who are navigating through these facilities are not in a relaxed state of mind due to the nature and purpose of the facility. A difficult navigation experience due to insufficient guidance can quickly compound any frustrations that may already be present.

The most effective way-finding signs combine elements such as text, symbols, colors, and maps on their signage to give people both a visual and textual representation of direction. This ensures that everyone can understand the directional cues and not just those who interpret symbols easier than text, or vice versa. Way-finding signs include information and identification signs that simply state where the person is in the environment and what can be found there. Establishing current location is usually the first step a person will take in a new environment, so the presence of such signs is imperative.

Directional way-finding signs will give a person a better view of the facility as a whole, and they help establish the different areas of the facility. These types of signs provide a visual to show the direction of which other areas of the facility are in with comparison to where the individual who is reading the signage is located. Way-finding signs also include warning signs which intend to inform the person of hazards around the facility. Examples of these include stairwell signs, fire safety signs, exit signs, or any other sign necessary to indicate a safety feature. Depending on the region the facility is located in, there may be specific requirements and or regulations in terms of safety and warning signage.

Hampton, VA – Using a Pole Sign to Draw in Business

Attracting attention to businesses can be a daunting task. High-quality products and services, coupled with a memorable catch-phrase, won’t be enough to attract more customers and grow a business’s wealth. To get those sort of results, a business would need some marketing tools to grab people’s attention and interest as well as to let them know where the company is located within the customers’ communities and towns. Pole signs are ideal for this purpose as they prominently display a company’s logo high above street level. This gives the logo and business maximum visibility within the vicinity of potential customers, businesses, and busy streets.

Sign Specifications

Pole signs can be customized, designed and fabricated to a client’s specifications. These pole signs can be as tall as a city’s local codes will allow. They can be designed with different heights and widths. The sign’s number of sides and its thickness are customizable. These kind of signs can also be fabricated with a wide variety of options in these categories: durability, shape of cut sign corners, mounting kit type, frames, and material finishing.


Pole signs offer quite a number of benefits for a business. Some of the most important ones are:

• Drawing Attention: Large signs attract more people to a business.
• Exposure: Making a company’s brand more well-known increases its revenue and success.
• Standing Out: Use pole signs to promote the unique image of the company’s brand.
• Customer Loyalty: Signs promote brand awareness, and together with good business results in repeat business and customer loyalty.

Purposes of Pole Signs

A wide range of purposes can be accomplished through the implementation of well-designed, well-placed pole signs. To name several:

• Highlighting Location: Some businesses are shrouded from the public’s view by surrounding stores or are located away from a city’s main roads or highways. Some potential customers may not know where the business is located or how to reach it. Signs that pinpoint a business’s location are vital in these cases.
• Advertising Business Image: Pole signs can advertise a business’s name and logo to both new and long-time customers attracting them or reminding them to try the company’s products.
• Marketing Services: Pole signs can list some key products or services that a business offers as well as announce special deals or events in a big way.
• Road Advertisement: Drivers will be able to see the business’ pole sign throughout the day and night giving the business a lot of exposure.


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