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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Commercial Real Estate Signs

The owner or manager of a commercial real estate company rely on signage for a variety of purposes. It is important that their signs are the right size, and they need to be properly placed in order to achieve the optimum results.

There are different phases to consider when thinking about signage for a commercial property. In the very early stage, finding new tenants to occupy the building is the priority. A full service sign company will help with the design concept and style of the signs. They’ll have the experience and expertise to recommend the most appropriate size, texture choices, letter size, and font. The signs used for a commercial property are usually much larger than those used for residential real estate.

Many commercial buildings have glass fronts or overhangs where owners can choose signage indicating the building address and/or building name. This lends a prestigious look to the entrance. Permanent building rental signs help to keep the vacancy level down well after the initial lease phase is completed. Commercial real estate owners have an ongoing need for indoor and outdoor signage. A professionally designed banner hung on the building continuously attracts new tenants to the property.

There are numerous choices for customized signs. Commercial real estate companies will also frequently use flags. They attract attention and create a professional look for any building. The lobby is also an ideal location for a very effective use of signs. All of the options can have a combination of artwork and wording. The marketing theme and a company logo can also be reproduced by the professional design team at the sign company. The message will come across in an attractive and consistent presentation.

Another key location for the installation of signage is the parking area of a commercial business. Indoor and outdoor parking lots, as well as parking decks, are well-served by signs. The size and location of the signs will help to direct drivers, minimize illegal parking, designate handicap parking, and more. Exit signs and signs to and from the elevators of a multi-level parking deck are also commonly used by commercial business owners.

James River Signs is a full-service custom sign company. They will design, manufacture, and install signage with precision. The company is located in Newport News, VA.

Williamsburg, VA – Consider Portable Signs for Your Business

There are various types of custom portable signs such as printed signs, chalk signs, banners, signs that can be hung, and more. Business owners must give serious consideration to what marketing tools and cost-effective advertising will provide the most success for their enterprise and which will gain the consistent attention of prospective customers.

The best and most economical signs are those that can be easily changed and can be re-used over and over again. They are the ideal answer for seasonal promotions, giving information about new products or coming sales or events, giving directions to the business or home location, and much more.

What kind of businesses can make the most use of portable signs? Commercial and residential real estate signs on the property and advising of “Open Houses” are the first that come to mind. Real estate listings are definitely enhanced with high-quality and appealing professional signs that attract potential purchasers and give basic information to invite personal visits to the agent to gain details. There are signs out in front of restaurants to announce daily special and  sales alerts. Portable signs help people find specific stores or businesses in shopping malls and business parks.

A Microsoft Corporation study in 2015 suggested that most people have an attention span of only about eight seconds, so it is crucial for the sign to stand out and catch attention as quickly as possible. The right sign must be placed in a location with maximum visibility, be easy to read, and leave a memorable impression.

Choose a company with a well-rounded and experienced team that will work through an in-depth assessment and a gathering of information about the concept and the targeted audience. They must be familiar with and be able to professionally design the sign to meet the particular goals, do fabrication with first-rate materials, integrate the desired and recognized brand and logo for a visual impact, and install the sign at a prominent location. Contact James River Signs today.

Newport News, VA – Electrical Signs for Business

In the cutthroat world of business every firm needs an edge to defend competitiveness. Signage offers a key differentiation avenue, and it is critical for a business owner to pick the best choice of sign. Electrical signs are among the most popular type of signage today.

Benefits of Electric Signs

An electrical sign will help a business owner gain potential customers’ attention compared to traditional signage. The head-turning color and glow that an electrical sign has, grabs the attention of a customer. Pair that with the creative design behind it and the result is a sign that customers can hardly ignore.

An electrical sign is more customizable than a traditional sign. When a business owner needs to regularly tweak their messaging, traditional signage can be hard to adapt. If they rely on print, for example, it would call for cumbersome changes. But with electrical signage, they can alter their messaging more flexibly.

Types Of Electrical Signs

If a business owner is considering adopting electrical signs, there are several options in the market they can consider depending on their use case.

1. Liquid Electrical Display (LED) Signs

Liquid Electrical Display (LED) signs are a growing trend that is seeing increasing adoption among business owners. LED signs offer longer life and therefore they can serve your company more cost-effectively. To add to this, LED signs tend to be energy efficient which increases their cost effectiveness.

2. Neon SignsIn the world of electric signs, neon signage has existed for decades. That speaks to its tried and tested nature as a reliable solution. In areas facing persistent brownouts and surges, neon signs offer an operational advantage as they use neon and other gases.

They also offer durability since they have a typical lifespan of 10-12 years. You will be able to derive maximum value for your money due to less frequent replacement.

3. High Rise Signs

These are a type of electric sign that are placed on the top part of the business premises. They are also known as ‘heaven spots’ because they best serve businesses located in a high rise tall buildings. When you set up a high rise sign, it delivers brand awareness to customers who would otherwise not see it due to the firm’s location that is off street level.

Signage is vital to a firm’s efforts in growing brand awareness. Understand the advantage each type of electrical sign delivers to know what will best work for your business.

Hampton, VA – Tenant Panels

Tenant panels are the smaller signs within the larger monument signs outside of shopping plazas, office parks, and the like. These areas often have many businesses housed within, so individual businesses can get lost. That’s why tenant panels are so important.

Size and location can differ drastically, but tenant panels are usually housed in monument signs. Space here comes at a premium, with only a small amount of it available to identify oneself, hint at products and entice customers. Getting a tenant panel right can mean the difference between standing out and being lost in the crowd. The larger signage over the business itself often cannot be easily seen from the road, meaning that the cramped conditions on the monument sign are the best chance for attracting new customers, not to mention the always-important job of directing existing customers to the front door.

The color and design of tenant panels are meant to reflect the branding of the business it identifies, but the process involves more than simply shrinking a logo. Can the logo fit the proportions of the panel? Does the panel follow any codes associated with the larger park or plaza? Will the sign be high up or at eye level for drivers? All of these questions will need to be considered. It is important to remember that standing out will mean looking at the other panels in the monument sign as well as the design of the monument sign itself.

Sometimes, monument signs need to be created with tenant panels already installed. Directories in offices or healthcare facilities will most often have such needs. The tenant panels themselves will all have a uniform design with business names and locations. However, the importance of the tenant panels for navigation is clear here as well. New tenants sometimes mean new monument signs in these cases, and it is worth inquiring to see if designs can be updated or special requirements, such as for long business names, can be accommodated.

Hopefully, it is clear that there is more to tenant signs than one might otherwise think. Making the most of the available space is a must. With the right sign, a business can demonstrate uniqueness even in crowded areas.


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