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Hampton, VA – Trade Show Signs

Effective Uses for Different Types of Trade Show Signs

Businesses large and small alike have been relying on trade show signage for many years. Due to the availability, cost effectiveness, and portable form factor, these signs are immensely popular. There are many styles to choose from, and the usage for each can vary even beyond a traditional show setting. What follows are just a few examples of the types of signs and alternate applications for each.

Vertical Banners

These are among the most prevalent types of signage, for good reason. A highly portable form factor mixed with a large profile make it easy to stand out to passersby. The applications for these can range from a simple company logo to a product photo. They could also accommodate feature lists. In addition to merely using these on a show floor, they could be placed in a convention hall entrance, a car showroom, or even an outdoor event pop-up.

Hanging Banners

While banners tend to conjure up images of rectangular displays tied to rafters, some of the options available today are far more dynamic. There are numerous varieties of multi-sided banners, from circular designs to triangular and everything in between. Choosing a unique shape can almost guarantee that eyes will be drawn to this type of signage. While they are typically spotted hanging over a booth, there are various other applications. They could be used in aisles at a show to give directions to a booth, or in a retail setting they can highlight a sale or product.

Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays are a low profile and effective way to communicate at a close proximity. A salesperson accompanied by a tabletop sign can often inform a consumer that is standing by or waiting to be helped of new products or services. Many times they are used as a visual aid for pricing plans or additional information. These signs may also be used to display pamphlets, business cards, or product samples. They can even be used as promotional materials by product resellers or displayed in lobbies or waiting rooms.

Post Signs

Post signs are a great usage of space when a booth profile is smaller. When positioned at eye-level they draw the attention of anyone already at a display or those walking by. Applications outside of a show setting are using these at a point of sale counter or ticket booth.

Signage can provide a product introduction to customers. It can also be used to communicate other important information. One day’s trade show sign can be tomorrow’s permanent fixture.

Yorktown, VA – The Versatility of Banners

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Your Custom Vinyl Banner Sign
One of the best ways to market your business is with the use of vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are economical, flexible, and fully customizable. They don’t require any kind of permanent structure for hanging, and they don’t typically require any kind of government permit. To get the most out of your marketing budget, have a custom vinyl banner made up for your business.

Of course, coming up with a great custom banner design takes some consideration. Since vinyl banners are so unique and can be used in unusual ways, it pays to give careful thought during each stage including planning, designing, and ordering. Here are some decisions to keep in mind for your custom vinyl banner sign.

What Size It Needs To Be

Custom vinyl banners can be made to suit nearly any size you may need. Ultimately, it’s your decision as to what size will work best for your needs. Take your time and consider carefully. If the custom vinyl banner is too big you run the risk of not being able to fully extend it in the space you want to hang it. If it’s too short, it’s possible that people won’t be able to read it clearly enough for the banner to be effective.

To determine what is the best size for your needs, carefully measure the area where the custom vinyl banner will be hanging. Next, try to figure out how far away the most distant of your audience members will be. Now you’ll have a sense of how large the banner and the font has to be to be easily read from that point. If you are having trouble with figuring out the size of graphics and texts you want, we have a tool in our office that can help you out.

The Color Palette

The color palette of your custom vinyl banner plays an important part in how easy it will be to read as well as the overall message that will be conveyed. For example, you may elect to display a sport team’s colors on your banner. However, if the banner’s colored lettering is too close and doesn’t contrast enough with the background color, you’ll need to pick a different color. Generally speaking, the lettering on your custom vinyl banner should be a darker hue than the color of the background. However, white lettering against a very dark background can also work well. For a customized background, you can experiment with different color schemes to ensure that the message is easy to read.

The Actual Letter Size

You may be tempted to have as much text printed on the banner as you have space for. This can be especially true if there are a lot of details you need to let people know about. Remember though, the more lettering you use, the smaller the actual letters will need to be. It’s far better to use larger letters with fewer words. One idea is to put your website address on the banner.

There are other considerations to keep in mind when planning and designing the banner sign. Our staff at James River Signs can help you with the process of ordering your custom vinyl banner.

Hampton, VA – Enhance Your Business Using Attractively Designed Wall Signs

Enhance Your Business Using Attractively Designed Wall Signs

Today, many successful businesses use wall signs extensively. In addition to supplying essential information, a wall sign often performs an important advertising service. In a retail setting, it frequently indicates the availability of goods and services, alerting prospective customers to important shopping opportunities. Many wall signs use graphics or icons very cost-effectively.

Providing Information

If you’ve ever wandered through a sprawling industrial office complex searching for a business address, the presence of exterior wall signs indicating a company’s name probably assisted your search. Sometimes business proprietors who travel to a customer’s location to render services overlook the vital importance of listing their commercial locations prominently. (If customers cannot find your firm, in some situations they won’t patronize your business.)

Numerous trade providers (including plumbers, roofers, electricians, cleaning companies, locksmiths, and home remodeling firms) benefit by ensuring their company name and logo appears prominently on the exterior of a rented industrial location. While most customers contact service providers online or via the telephone, a certain percentage prefer to visit the business premises in person. Even if you cannot allocate funds initially to obtain prominent street signage, a well-designed exterior wall sign offers a highly cost-effective way to announce your firm’s existence.

Advertising Retail Goods And Services

Both interior and exterior wall signs perform important advertising roles in retail settings. Sometimes large warehouse stores sublease seasonal space to smaller companies on an ongoing basis. Visible wall signs promoting tenant businesses play a vital role in converting passing foot traffic into sales revenues in these situations. For instance, a customer may not realize a tax preparer or a photographer subleases space in the location unless these tenants supply information about their available services and hours of operation by investing in removable wall signage.

Similarly, retailers sometimes boost their sales figures significantly by using illuminated or colorful wall signs to draw customers towards specific product categories. A drug store which also markets electronics, cosmetics, or toys may discover adding signage to the adjoining wall alerts more shoppers to the presence of these specialty items. Stylish wall signs perform a highly cost-effective retail advertising role indoors (and outdoors).

Locate Well-Designed, Effective Wall Signs

In the Newport News, Virginia area, numerous service and retail businesses count on James River Signs to supply experienced assistance designing, building, and installing effective wall signs. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to request service. We look forward to helping you boost your commercial presence using this important marketing tool.

Williamsburg, VA – Using Vehicle Graphics to Enhance Brand Awareness

Vinyl graphics are not only a fun way to personalize vehicles, they are also an effective way to advertise any business. Think about it, businesses use their company vehicles every day. Not only does vinyl signage help to identify a company, vehicle graphics can potentially reach thousands of would-be customers each time their vehicle hits the roadways.

Besides being one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways of advertising one’s business, vehicle graphics are also fast and easy to have installed. A reputable signage company will work with business owners to not only help them to create a vehicle graphic (or graphics) that coincide with their logo and other marketing materials, but they can help the business stay within their marketing budget.

Some of the most popular vehicle graphics for businesses are:

Vehicle Magnets

Magnets are a cheap and easy option for businesses that have multiple vehicles or even business owners who may have one vehicle for both business and personal use. Some of the benefits of vehicle magnets are that they are removable, easy to use, adaptable, and an effective way to advertise.

Vinyl Decals

These vinyl products come in any shape and size, and are completely customizable to the business owner’s needs. They can be as simple as a couple of single-colored lines with the company’s go-to information on the doors of their vehicle to a multi-colored logo that spans the length of the vehicle.

A few benefits of vinyl decals are that they are fairly inexpensive and are not permanent, so they are great for advertising promotions or even changing with the seasons.

Vehicle Wraps

Wraps are a fun, exciting, and eye-catching way for business owners to draw attention to their brand. One of the most notable benefits of vehicle wraps is that the sky is the limit. A business owner can truly create a one-of-a-kind mobile billboard for their business. Wraps are without a doubt one of the most effective ways to use vinyl graphics for advertising!

As you can see, a business’s vehicle is prime real estate when it comes to advertising and should be used as such. Whether a company adds basic information such as their business name and phone number to the back of their pickup, covers their entire vehicle with a vinyl wrap, or anything in between, adding vinyl signage to their company vehicles will without a doubt help to create brand awareness and keeps a brand in the minds of potential customers.

Williamsburg, VA – School Signs Are Important Even for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities can be very confusing and intimidated. One of the most significant things the college or university can provide to its students, visitors, and employees is proper signage throughout the campus. This will let everyone know where they are going. Without proper signage, people will get lost, students will be late to classes, and employees might not get to work on time.

• Buildings
It is important to identify the buildings on the campus of the college or university. Some schools are very large and have multiple buildings. Is it especially important to identify the different buildings for freshman and visitors. People who are on the campus on a regular basis would get used to knowing what each building was, but people who are not used to it need to be given direction.

• Doors
The doors to each office and classroom need to be clearly identified. If this does not happen, students will have a difficult time finding the right place. This could mean places like financial aid, the dean’s office, or a classroom. There may be a lot of rooms in each building, so they need to be clearly marked.

• Hallways
Some colleges and universities have sections of buildings that are devoted to different facets of the school. For instance, the administration is usually housed in the same area. Therefore, it is important to use signs to tell people what particular hallways are housing a certain department. This will help people get to where they need to go in an efficient manner.

• Parking
Parking lots at colleges and universities can be very large. Using signs to tell people where they are parked can be important. This would be so they can find their car when they come out of a building. Furthermore, some parking might be reserved for administration or security. These spots need to be clearly marked so the wrong people do not park in them.

Making sure the college or university has the proper signs can help students, parents, and employees understand where they are going. It also helps people get to where they need to go. Without proper signs, people may not be able to find what they are looking for. Employing a company like James River Signs will enable you to get the signs you need. Additionally, they can help install the signs and give guidance about what is needed and where it needs to go. This guidance can help the college or university focus resources on other areas because they know the signage is being taken care of.


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