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Newport News, VA – Wall Graphics: A Charming Way to Increase Customer Interest

About Wall Graphics

Wall graphics offer businesses an excellent opportunity to communicate important branding information in a subtle, integral way. Often including slogans and logos, these long-lasting images decorate walls, doors, ceilings, elevators, entrance ways, and lobbies in a wide array of professional settings. In retail establishments, wall graphics sometimes advertise brand features, products, and available services. The quality makes a significant impact upon the overall effectiveness of the display.

Why Companies Should Utilize Wall Graphics More Extensively

Wall graphics today span the bridge between advertising and interior design. By carefully selecting this product, a firm helps establish an ambiance and tone for its facilities. Customers upon entering the premises appreciate aspects of the enterprise brand based upon the décor alone. Arguably, wall graphics remain one of the most underutilized branding tools. They offer three key benefits:(1) the ability to share a corporate motto or philosophy through business facilities;(2) durability; and (3), versatility.

Generating a Desired Corporate Culture

By selectively utilizing wall graphics with carefully chosen imagery and slogans, businesses convey significant information about the firm’s own brand and its ideals. This form of advertising offers a flexible platform for educating and inspiring staff members, business associates, and customers. It may help foster the development of specific corporate values, such as environmental responsibility or a commitment to excellence, for example.

Long Term Impacts

Wall graphics provide a highly cost-effective form of advertising because this imagery remains in place over extended periods of time. Created from elements such as vinyl, wallpaper, or engraved glass, these durable displays convey important information about brands over the long term. Unlike a short-term print ad or a radio spot, wall graphics continue to impress viewers over the span of months and years.

Exceptional Versatility

Additionally, wall graphics function effectively in a wide array of locations. Some companies utilize these images on walls. Yet others include them on moveable wall panels, doors, flooring, elevators, or even ceilings. The ability to utilize wall graphics to support company brands in an array of different settings contributes immensely to the value of this type of advertising.

Further Information

In Southeast Virginia, James River Signs excels in the creation of elegant wall graphics. Request our assistance designing and implementing this trendy product in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, and other communities within the James River Valley. Call us at 757-598-4036 to obtain skilled assistance!

Norfolk, VA – Temporary Signs Inform the Public to Details about a Business

Today, temporary signs play a vital role in society. This type of signage mirrors the diversity of the general population. From a festive banner hung across a building to an elective office seeker’s yard sign, these messages occur in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Frequently, temporary signs promote specific events such as music festivals, bake sales, or film auditions. In other cases, a temporary sign may advise the world-at-large about circumstances of immediate interest to the reader. A notice cautioning someone to use another door or to beware of a wet, slippery floor sometimes falls into this subcategory.

Aspects of an Effective Temporary Sign

Temporary signs need to command the attention of the audience rapidly. For example, this type of sign may utilize bright colors to capture the interest of people in its immediate vicinity. The use of clear, simple texts and letters permits wider comprehension.

Modern technology even allows some temporary signs to employ audible components. For example, currently real estate agents in some locations rely upon beacon technology to supply a detailed description of listings for the convenience of interested passers-by carrying Bluetooth-equipped cell phones. Yet regardless of the presentation media, an easily installed and removed temporary sign offers advantages.

Different Temporary Signage Options

In some situations, customers who anticipate using the same type of temporary sign in a variety of different settings may invest in a semi-permanent portable sign. The owner may choose to display it briefly as the need arises. Recurring sales promotions, frequent trade show displays, or maintenance operations may justify this investment.

In other cases, an advertiser requires a temporary sign capable of remaining effective for a limited period. The cardboard images, posters, and yard signs widely used during political campaigns fall into this broad category. Advertisers usually select these temporary promotional displays expecting to use them only once.

Some Benefits of Temporary Signs

By employing temporary signs, an advertiser gains the ability to market more flexibly. This type of signage permits an organization to respond nimbly to changing circumstances. Most enterprises cannot afford to invest significant sums in temporary signage. However, relying upon this important tool does help the organization inform the public about upcoming events and last-minute schedule changes. Creating effective temporary signs proves critically important from a cost control standpoint.

James River Signs serves customers across Southeastern Virginia. We provide high quality temporary and permanent signage. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to request further information.

Hampton, VA – Using Creative Graphics to Design Business Doors and Logos

Customer Experience

Business owners are always concerned about customer experience. A business wants to give the customer a rewarding experience and do what they can to encourage the customer to return to the services they offer. One way of making customer service excellence is the presentation. How a business is presented to the customer is just as important as the services and products of the company. For example, when people see a swoosh, they will think of Amazon®; when they see an apple with a bite taken out of it, they think of the Apple Computer brand. Of course, this kind of association takes years of development and creative development. Every Fortune 500 business has a front door where they have the chance to showcase their brand briefly; they use their logo as a symbolic way to tell who they are. They use their logo on everything they brand to advertise.

Creative Design

One night after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were returning from introducing their computer to the Homebrew Computer Club at Stanford; Steve Jobs intuitively came up with a name for the computer company, Apple Computer. How they developed the Apple logo is not documented. Jobs and Wozniak did much of their work from Jobs garage for some time. Some creative decisions went into the color and design of their logo. Having a logo means coming up with a plan and usually having an innovative team to help. The same creative decisions apply to what a company chooses to put on their front door. The logo requires much thought and planning since it is supposed to tell what mission, story, and brand a business wants to convey to the public. When planning to create a logo, there are several principles to keep in mind.

Logo Design Principles for Graphics

  • Simplicity
  • Originality
  • Timelessness
  • Balance and Proportion
  • Scalability
  • Versatility

Originality and Endurance

Rarely does a company or business ever choose to change their logo into something else. A logo will be a constant reminder of the original decisions of the founders of the business and a reminder of those original principles from which the business grew. Proudly displaying this logo and image on company doors, helps to establish the brand and identity of a particular company.

Importance of Door Graphics

A client or consumer needs to know they have arrived at their destination, and that is one reason a specific number and address is used for businesses. It’s also another reason a company will put that information on their doors. Regardless of whether it is “221B Baker Street” or “One Infinite Loop,” the addresses of companies are essential. Locations are important, and the creative energy that is put into designing a corporate logo is equally important.

Newport News, VA – Working Towards a Menu Board Design for Restaurants

Purposes of a Menu Board

Have you had the experience of passing by a menu board recently and seeing words misspelled or letters missing? Having problems with keeping track of a complete set of alphabets is a common problem for restaurants that have DIY lettering for their menu boards. Solving this problem with digital restaurant menus is a standard solution today. A business loses when customers come into the restaurant, and the customer cannot find a food item on the menu list. Perhaps the menu is not designed for user-friendly interaction, or the letters are too small. There are reasons to have a menu board that works smoothly with changing menu needs. A digital menu is linked to a computer system that allows the business owner to change the list when they need to add a new menu item, change the format, or even the type of font without expensive changes to the menu itself.

Messages to Customers

Often it is necessary to give a message to customers throughout the year. Whether the news is a thank you or a holiday greeting, these messages from the business owners can make a difference in the way its customers perceive the business. These messages can be included on a digital menu board. Regardless of the multiple purposes of a menu board, they are worth their weight in gold. A menu board can help lighten the burden for order takers and staff that are waiting on tables. They are also a convenient and easy way for new customers to become quickly familiar with all of the menu without having to ask too many questions with a full house and busy waiters and waitresses.

Qualities of a Good Menu Board

A good menu board is well lit so  that it causes no displeasure for your average customers. A good menu board is lit and uses lettering that is easy to read. Electronic menu boards, indeed, have the advantage of being able to change the size of the fonts and letters on the board effortlessly. Some people believe that the right list should have clear pictures of what is on the menu because that is what gives the customer the best understanding of the kind of food that is being served. A good menu board takes time to design and often is a joint effort between the restaurant owner and the graphic design team that understands marketing, the right font, and the right color combinations.

Hampton, VA – Businesses Attract More Customers by Using Electrical Signs

The broad term “electrical signs” applies to several types of illuminated signs in which electricity facilitates message display properties. Typically, commercial enterprises or institutions invest in this type of signage. Many electrical signs attract attention through the use of bright flashing lights and vivid colors.

During recent years, the development of LED lights has allowed advertisers to create very cost-effective electrical signs. Another important recent trend involves the use of Internet-connectivity to link electrical signs with digital displays. Currently, the term “electrical signs” covers a broad spectrum, encompassing both standalone illuminated indoor or outdoor signs and bright digital signage.

Popular Types of Electrical Signage

To really appreciate the diversity of this category of commercial signage, just consider some of the leading types of electrical signs: neon, fluorescent, incandescent, and LED displays. Neon signs, flourescent signs, and high intensity displays (HIDs) require the use of gases or (in the case of fluorescent illumination) small quantities of toxic mercury, in conjunction with electricity. They can produce vividly colored lighting.  Creating these types of signs usually requires the assistance of a trained specialist. Obtaining replacement components sometimes proves time-consuming as a result. Additionally, sign owners must exercise caution to comply fully with environmental regulations during sign disposal.

Perhaps partly for these reasons, during recent years, advertisers have searched for less expensive alternative electrical signage options. The crafting of beautiful signs using these methodologies remains an art form, however. Some artists specialize in creating neon signage. Today, collectors actively search for vintage neon signs in good condition.

Incandescent And LED Electrical Signs

Incandescent electrical signs utilize incandescent light bulbs and electricity to create illuminated displays. These signs offer the advantage of comparatively simple light bulb replacement. Yet large incandescent commercial signs hold a significant disadvantage: high energy consumption. Before installing this type of signage in a permanent location, an advertiser usually benefits by calculating the operational costs carefully.

By contrast, light-emitting diode lamps (LEDs) offer bright, long-lasting value. They last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Since 2010, LED lights have gained widespread popularity in commercial settings. LED displays operates cost-effectively around-the-clock. They function well in both indoor and outdoor signs. This form of electrical signage usually represents a wise advertising investment.

In Southeastern Virginia, James Rivers Signs offers knowledgeable assistance with electrical signage, including LED signs. Our service areas includes Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Chesapeake. Businesses rely upon our expertise to help them create and display stylish, attractive commercial signage.


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