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Williamsburg, VA – The Undeniable Importance of a Quality Sign Building Sign

Having a quality sign is important for virtually any business, especially any business with an actual physical location. If a business has a building without a sign, how would one know it was even a business? No customer driving by a building without a sign would assume it was a business. Rather the more likely scenario would produce a would-be-potential-customer presuming the building to be uninhabited. This is literally the opposite of what a business should aim to do when marketing their location.

Having a good sign is an important part of marketing for a business. The sign has the capacity to both utilize a great logo design to implant the idea of the business in a person’s brain, as well as to tell the potential customer just what the business is. For example, is it even possible to picture a McDonald’s restaurant without their golden arches sign hanging high into the night sky showing all what is available within the walls of their building?

How Would One Get a Sign Designed?

The answer is simple. By going to a professional at a reputable company, one can work with a designer every step of the way to produce a sign which perfectly represents their business. The business owner has ideas. The designer also has ideas as well as infinite expertise in design. Together, they can work out what will be the absolute best for their needs.
How Would One Install Their Sign?
James River Signs offers installation packages with their signs. This is great for an entrepreneur and business owner because as it is so often stated, “time is money”, and most business owners don’t have time to install their sign personally. Plus, it’s easy to hang a sign incorrectly which looks incredibly unprofessional. Instead, have a professional hang the sign and be certain that it will look incredible.

Every Business Needs A Sign

Every business needs a quality sign. There’s no better place to find a designer who will work with you every step of the way than James River Signs.

Newport News, VA – Roof Signs: A Powerful Business Tool in Certain Locations

A well-designed roof sign supplies a way for a businesses to draw immediate public attention to its presence. Specialized signage serves the needs of certain enterprises very cost-effectively. Retailers, in particular, sometimes obtain significant benefits by investing in roof signage. This brief article explores some reasons to direct part of a business advertising budget towards a high quality roof sign.

Enjoy 27/7/365 Advertising

Many retailers choose illuminated rooftop signs to ensure prospective customers identify their locations around the clock. Today, firms enjoy a variety of design, color, and lighting options. A brightly lit roof sign atop a restaurant or a hotel may alert drivers at night to the fact a business remains open. Its increased visibility helps attract customers.

Even retailers who maintain daytime business hours sometimes appreciate the promotional impact of distinctive roof signage. Instead of directing advertising dollars into print ads, a manager may use an investment in a roof sign as a permanent, highly visible reminder of the company’s activities. Essentially, a rooftop sign benefits enterprises which depend upon passing foot or vehicle traffic to generate revenue.

Inspire Word-of-Mouth Advertising

One advantage of maintaining a prominent roof sign relates to ancillary word-of-mouth advertising. When people within the community notice a distinctive sign and use it as a landmark for furnishing directions to others, they also tend to communicate more frequently about the business itself. This situation holds benefits for companies which promote superb customer service.

Consider for example the impact made by the famous hillside sign “HOLLYWOOD”. Originally intended to promote a real estate development during the 1920s, the sign composed of nine giant individual capital letters eventually became synonymous in the minds of many people with an iconic film industry community. Did the famous sign generate word-of-mouth advertising? Clearly, it did. Successful roof signage (in some unique places) offers similar potential advertising benefits.

Enhance an Investment in Commercial Real Estate

Additionally, the use of a suitable roof sign sometimes helps retail businesses located away from suburban areas optimize specific commercial locations. This situation may ultimately increase the value of the real estate due to increased traffic. Flea markets, antique stores, factory outlets, and other businesses sometimes draw customers to their premises using roof signage.

Both the nature of a retail business and its site influence the decision to erect a roof sign. In Newport News, Virginia, James River Signs offers experienced roof sign services. Contact us at 757-598-4036 for further information.

Newport News, VA – Signs for Law Offices

Signs are important for any business. However, when thinking about the type of signs a law office might need, it becomes apparent that the signs can serve as advertisement for the office. Therefore, getting the right kind of signs can be very important. Signs are needed more than most people realize. There are certain signs a law office should have.

• Outside Signs

Having a sign on the outside of the law firm building is critical in letting people know what building to go to. Additionally, it is possible to make additions to the sign beyond just the name. The sign can also reference what kind of law firm it is. For instance, if the law firm specializes in personal injury, that could be part of the sign. Outdoor signage can be mounted on the building, or there could be a stand alone sign in front of the building, or both. The objective of the sign is to let people know where the firm is located.

• Directional Signs

Once a client finds the building of the law firm, they may need signs to let them know where in the building the law firm is located. It may be necessary to guide people by letting them know what floor the firm is on or how to get to the front desk. This will help eliminate potential clients from wandering around trying to figure out where to go. A clear direction will convey a sense of organization for the client.

• Office Door Signs (Exterior)

These kinds of signs are especially important if the law firm is housed in a building with other companies. The firm should have an entry door into their main office and it should be clearly marked. Otherwise, a client could pass by it causing frustration. Additionally if there is another law firm in the building, they could end up in that office instead of the correct law firm’s office.

• Office Door signs (Interior)

Once inside the office, it is helpful to know what individual office to go to. Usually, someone will either come out to meet a client and take them to the proper office. However, there is a chance that the receptionist gives directions to the office the client should go to. In this case, it is critical to have signage on or next to the appropriate door. This makes it clear where the client is going and gives them confidence in the law firm.

So, when thinking about the signs needed for a law office, make sure multiple areas are considered. It is important that people know where they are going and how to get there. Signage helps guide people, but it also advertises what the law firm is and sometimes even what they specialize in.

Hampton Roads, VA – Post and Panel Signs are a Great Choice for Many Businesses

Post and panel signs can be found just about everywhere, but they serve a much more important function to business than just simply displaying a company’s name. These kinds of signs offer their users the advantage of being able to advertise their services and provide information to passers-by in a simple and concise manner. Post and panel signs can also be customized in a variety of ways to make them stand out so that they are easily seen.

One reason that these signs are commonly used is that they can be placed practically anywhere on a business’s premises—so long as it is out of the way of customers or workers, of course. As previously stated these signs are typically used to advertise, inform, and direct people to where it is that they need to go. To specify, post and panel signs can provide business names, their brands, their addresses, and how long they stay open. These signs can also be used to provide directions, like in parking lots, to direct visitors of all types (employees, delivery personnel, etc.) to their designated spots. More in-depth directions, such as instructions to a specific location can be provided as well. Some places that use these signs may not be easily accessible, and they may need to place many signs that provide a way to find them.

Imagine that there is a new salon that has just recently opened. This establishment is going to need to be able to reach out to people to quickly build up their clientele. Television and radio ads aren’t exactly cheap, so the better option is to get a sign and put it by their property’s road. They then need to make sure that this sign provides their business name, number, and hours. That way, even if potential customers don’t have time to actually enter the establishment, they can still call later if they choose to do so. Simply put, post and panel signs are a good choice for a business that wants a cost-effective way to succinctly inform people of what they have to offer and how to contact them. They are also good for temporary usage, like real estate signs and construction sites.

These signs offer many advantages over other kinds because they are able to give possible clients and onlookers much more information than just the name of their business. Post and panel signs can be likened to giant brochures and they can get someone interested in what a company does by offering a sneak peek of sorts into what they are all about. Contact James River Signs to find out more about the Post and Panel signs we can make for your business.


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