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Hampton Roads, VA – Wall Graphics for Business Image

In the business world, business image is everything. Many business owners are willing to stretch budgets to find a professional graphics consultant to assist with promoting the best business image.

Nothing looks more impressive to potential clients and business associates than an artistic wall graphic. Wall graphics serve many purposes, other than to promote business. Wall graphics are found in schools, banks, hospitals and legal offices to name a few.

In schools, for example, a wall graphic can help students identify their school with its location and/or history.

In medical facilities, wall graphics can be used to create a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Hospitals also find the use of wall graphics are helpful as a distraction from the severity of illness.

In banks, customers enjoy a historical treat with wall graphics depicting their town’s first bank or bankers. These graphics are usually custom made due to the historic nature required to produce the desired effect.

How to Choose Wall Graphics
The specific wall graphic chosen depends on the message to be sent to viewers. An engineering firm, for example, may choose a wall graphic of their most significant engineering project.

To choose a wall graphic for a business design, style, and size are the most important considerations. These features are best left to professional wall graphic designers with experience in graphics for a variety of businesses. This assures business owners of a value added investment.

Wall Graphics Design, Style and Size
A professional graphics expert can help select the best location for a wall graphic in a building or office. Their expertise with proportion make the design and style appropriate to the size of the wall and location.

Businesses today try to capture the most hi-tech designs and styles for their chosen wall graphic. Some designs create the illusion of the outdoors, a three dimensional scene or an impressive image, or the founder of the business.

Many music businesses capture attention of customers with graphical images of famous concert celebrities or a specific concert event.

In many dental offices, dentists whose clientele is comprised of children often capture their attention with fun wall graphics like puzzles and other familiar images.

How Important is Business Signage?
All business owners know, in order to identify the business name, signs are important at the business location, but other signs are important too for a business and should not be overlooked. Signs attract the most attention when they become familiar to the public. For more details on options and choices visit,

Newport News, VA – How to take Care of Your Signs

As one of the main impressions of a firm’s brand, a sign ought to be maintained and repaired to ensure it works perfectly. When neglected, a sign could taint the brand’s image and put off potential customers. As such, it is important to maintain and repair your business signs.

How to Maintain Your Signs

You can use a number of ways to maintain your signs. Here are some of the ways to consider.

Proper Lighting

Improper lighting is one of the most common maintenance issues of a sign. It is crucial to ensure that the lighting system is working properly and that it is illuminating the sign to make it visible to customers. Poorly lit signs are likely to give a negative impression to the customers.

Fading and Peeling of Faces

If you have a fading or peeling sign face, you need to fix it as soon as you can. It is also important to change your sign information once you make changes to your company’s website, phone number, or business hours. Surely, you don’t want to misguide and frustrate your customers with outdated information.

Moreover, don’t forget to inspect the sign to ensure it is in perfect condition. An old or rusted sign ought to be painted or replaced.

Why You Need Your Sign Maintained?

One of the many reasons for maintaining your signs is to ensure they are in proper working condition to help with marketing strategies. Besides supporting your marketing campaigns, here are the other reasons why you need to have your sign maintained.


Some of the sign materials after spending time outside in different weather elements start to fade, get dirty, and peel off. Although this can’t be entirely prevented, it can be helpful if you have them maintained to increase durability while keeping them clean.

To Keep it Up to Date

Depending on the kind of sign you have, it is important to have a regular schedule to have it maintained in order to keep your signage up to date. After making various changes to a business, most people forget to update the sign. But with scheduled maintenance, such issues can be sorted out.

Safety Measures

The hardware that is used to make and keep your sign in place must be checked regularly and maintained or repaired. Poorly maintained, peeling, or rusted hardware communicate negligence on the part of your business. Moreover, they can be a safety hazard if they fail to support the sign.

Now you can see how important it is to have your sign maintained and repaired regularly. Ensure your company’s signs are maintained often in order to boost your marketing efforts.

Newport News, VA – Schools Can Benefit from a Variety of Different Signs

Many schools today function as multipurpose learning centers that are open to the entire community for a variety of purposes. Although the primary goal is to provide quality education for school-age children, many schools offer literacy classes, parenting skills, and job training for those who need it. Because the school building and campus coordinates a number of activities on any given day, clear signage plays a major role in ensuring everyone gets to where they need to be as well as doing what they are supposed to do.


Schools can be large structures of several floors, plus additions, extensions, and outdoor areas for gym class and recess. Strategically-placed signs at key locations will help new students or adult visitors to know where they are at in various wings of the building. The signs should be the same color and design for easy identification. The school office and restrooms are among the most sought places to visit in a school building, along with classrooms.


Directional signage is helpful in pointing the way to a series of locations or those sites that may be challenging to find. Printed arrows, words, phrases, and images show people where to go when searching for a specific location. Main signage can be placed at the entrance to corridors or wings to indicate what is found there, and by omission, what is not. Inside large areas, smaller or more specific signs can be posted on walls or posts to help guide pedestrians to their destinations.

How-to Graphics

During special events, like seasonal fairs and celebrations or community activities, signs with print, photo, or painted graphics can explain visually what is happening at each designated site. In classrooms graphic signs using cartoon figures or other types of images may illustrate gymnastic routines and exercises, like how to do a pull-up correctly or how to dribble a basketball. Graphic display signage can also be used to teach a progressive topic like a foreign language or math formulas.


School-age children need clear warnings about how to avoid danger such as steering clear of utility closets or chemistry labs. They also benefit from reminders of do’s and don’ts of certain protocols as when entering no-talking zones or not running in the halls. Swimming pool signs, gym signs, and playground signs are also helpful to keep kids following the rules and reduce the risk of injury.

Fun Activities

In addition to somber indicators and warnings, fun signs sometimes depict amusing reminders or humorous references to social activities and community events. These signs are often decorous with bright colors or distinctive shapes and may be adorned by streamers or balloons.

Anyone who thinks signage is unimportant should consider how a school would look and be utilized without the presence of signage. Well-designed signs keep the day running smoothly so everyone can accomplish their goals and stay on schedule. With a range of options and styles to choose from, there are plenty of styles for every school-related occasion and multiple purposes.

Newport News, VA – How to Reach Customers on the Go with Vehicle Graphics

What is the most effective way for a business to reach hundreds of people every day?

It can be a struggle to get noticed and stand out to potential customers. Traditional television ads can be incredibly expensive and require ongoing investment. Billboards might not even be seen by busy drivers and have no flexibility. One of the most interesting and creative ways to grab attention and promote a business is using vehicle graphics. Creative vehicle graphics stand out and make people curious. When someone sees a colorful, interesting design it creates an instant impact, and makes them want to know about the business behind it.

Are vehicle graphics right for your business?

Almost every major company today uses vehicle graphics to promote their brand. With vehicle graphics, a business can be promoted anywhere they can drive. Any business not using vehicle graphics could be missing a huge opportunity to connect with customers.

Once a business owner makes the choice to use vehicle graphics there are many options to choose from depending on their needs. Vehicle graphics can do more than just include a business name, phone number and website, they can include images and designs that promote the brand and ideas they want customers to associate with their services.

What options are available for vehicle graphics?

Vehicle magnets are easy to install and remove, making them one of the most versatile and affordable options and can be contour cut to match a company logo to increase visual impact.

Perforated window graphics can be placed over side and rear windows to create impact while maintaining visibility. Window graphics can also be merged with side and full-body designs.

Side graphics can easily and simply transform a vehicle into a mobile billboard, can be designed to fit virtually any size surface and fit into almost any budget.

For maximum visual effect, full-body graphics, can change the look of the entire vehicle from all sides. When a business wants to make the most impact, full-body graphics are the way to go.

What is the most flexible and cost effective way to promote a business?

To effectively reach potential customers in the area, vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to make an impact and promote a business. Our team at James River Signs is here to help business owners simplify the process and decide which option best meets their needs. All of our signs are made of durable material that won’t peel or fade. Our experts can select the best fonts and colors to use on vehicle graphics to capture the most attention and can even design a logo from scratch. We take the stress out of deciding on designs and can work within any budget.

Call or e-mail our team today to get started.


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