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Newport News, VA

by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Five-Star Awning Signs for Businesses

Businesses naturally are always searching for ways to promote themselves. Many successful businesses these days are turning to the world of awning signs. Awnings are gaining significant traction as advertising platforms. There are many strong reasons for businesses to employ awning signs to spread the word about their available services and products. Companies that are trying to secure top-notch awning signs can enthusiastically turn to James River Signs headquartered in Newport News, Virginia. We’re a full-service business that expertly creates, produces, and even installs signs of all varieties. We assist customers with everything from channel letters and banner signs to vinyl and roof signs.

 Reasons Awning Signs Are a Big Thing These Days

People who work for businesses should consider investing in awning signs for numerous reasons. Awning signs, first and foremost, can make any storefront look a lot more attractive. If a business owner is looking to give his or her storefront a polished and contemporary appeal, an awning sign can help him do so. Awning signs create visual interest that encourages potential customers to give businesses their full focus.

Signs on awnings make structures appear a lot bigger. This is an illusion that can make businesses seem a lot more appealing to their customer bases. Awnings, in short, establish changeover sections in the middle of streets and businesses. Staring at a sign from right under an awning can make a customer feel invested in a business space. That’s how an awning sign can encourage a passerby to linger a lot longer.

Awning signs can provide people with sanctuaries. They serve as covers that can safeguard people from the harsh elements. If a business owner wants customers to be able to seek retreat in the middle of aggressive rainfall, an awning sign can be an aid. Awning signs can also provide people with soothing shade in times of extreme heat. If a business owner wants people to link his business to serenity and ease, the addition of an awning sign can help greatly.

Awning signs can help minimize unpleasant glare that’s situated close to windows. If a business owner wishes to defend items and customers from the stress of glare, investing in an awning sign may be highly effective. Contact with the sun can lead to discoloration that’s brought on by intense ultraviolet rays. Thankfully, awning signs and awnings can keep business interiors safe from the effects of the sun. People who don’t want to have to worry about customers squinting inside of their business often are big awning sign fans.

Businesses that are enthusiastic about first-class signs need to contact the James River Signs team. James River Signs is a local business that genuinely grasps the power of A+ awning signs.

Newport News, VA – Conferences Require Signage

Signs are important in various environments. Effective signs can direct people and convey a direct message. Signage in and around conference rooms is no different. When there is an event coming up or ongoing, the conference hosts do not want participants wandering around wondering where to go.




It is important to have signs on the doors of the room where the conference is taking place. It confirms the proper location for participants to enter. Without these signs, people may not find the correct room in a timely manner and be late for the event. Being late for the conference can cause unwanted commotion because it draws the audience’s attention away from the conference. Suddenly, everyone is turning around to see who is coming in. This also results in the participant missing vital information.

The hallways leading from the building entrance to the conference room entrance can be confusing. Not only can people get lost, but they can also interrupt other people’s events unintentionally. Participants need to follow signage in the hallways to guide them to their conference room, so they can be on time and organized.




Inside the conference room, there might be different areas being used for various stations. Using signs to identify what the different stations are and potentially what order they should be visited is important to their function. For instance, the conference might be on beauty supplies. Because of this, there might be a station for moisturizer, foundation, and other categories. It is important that the participants know, at a glance, what each station is for, so they can utilize their time efficiently.

When participants enter a conference room, they should immediately know who the event is for. Signs help achieve this goal. By hanging signs from the ceiling or placing on easels near the entrance and front of the room, people will know exactly what event they are entering. If there are no signs, people may be unsure of the host and what the conference is about.

The conference host might want to give a sneak peak of the subject matter that will be discussed during the conference. Signs can be strategically placed in the room letting the participants know the broad categories of the conference. This creates a stir and makes participants want more information. This is a great resource for any conference host to have at their disposal.

Having a conference is a big deal. It takes time, money, and effort to put together. Spending resources on proper signage will help the you pull off a conference efficiently and effectively. Using a sign company, like James River Signs, can help you determine the signs you need for your particular conference. We can even install the signs and help you decide where the signs  should be located. Our company can help take some of the stress of deciding what types of signs you need, so you can focus resources on other areas.

Hampton Roads, VA – Construction Site Signage

Construction sites can be dangerous. This is why signs are so important both on site and around the site. Signs help keep employees and the public safe by letting them know where the dangers lie and what might be going on in any given area. Without signs, people can get hurt, projects can fall behind, and money can be wasted. Investing in signage for a construction site is a necessary expense that any business must be prepared to pay. The following are some kinds of signs that might be needed.



Danger signs

Construction signs have many places that are dangerous. It is vital that all these areas have highly visible signage that will let everyone know to be careful and why. For instance, you might have a crane on the site. If so, there should be a sign advising of the danger lingering above. There is a wide array of danger signs and the company will have to decide which ones are applicable to its construction site. These signs are usually white with red warnings and black printing.





Notices are similar to danger signs and warning signs. However, notices are usually white with blue notice graphics and black writing. The warning signs are usually white with orange warnings and  black printing. These signs can be informational but still necessary. They could convey video surveillance or a no trespassing sign.

On-site signs

Many of the signs needed are placed so the public is aware of dangers and notices. These are usually placed on the fencing surrounding the site or near the site. However, there are other signs that are placed within the construction site. These signs advise the workers of dangers on the site like closed off areas, keep out signs, and where safety equipment needs to be worn. Workers need to understand what all the signs mean, so they are generally a few words and maybe a picture. This is so the sign is easily and quickly understood by anyone who sees it. Some of these are caution signs which are generally yellow with black lettering.

Construction site signs need to be durable and have the ability to stand up to rough weather. Because work sites are in the construction phase for a long time, it is important that the signs be able to last as long as needed. There are different sizes, depending on the need, and they have films to protect them from weather, high temperatures, and chemicals.

Using resources to obtain proper signage for a construction site is well spent because it protects the public, the employees, and the site from damage or injury. Sign companies can help install the signs if needed. They can also help get permits for signs that might require this to make sure the signs are appropriately placed and secured. The signs need to be properly installed so they withstand weather and potential vandals. A quality sign company, like James River Signs, can help you determine which signs to use and where they should be placed.

Yorktown, VA – There are so Many Sign Choices for Churches

Making signs is a craft and an art. Finding a company that can make signs to the specifications needed is important. We all think about different companies and even individuals that might need the services of a sign maker. One place we do not really think about needing signs is a church. Churches can benefit in many ways from the use of signs.

Churches can benefit from different signs. They use signs in a multitude of places. They can use signs inside or outside. Signs can be used to direct people to where the church is located. They can be placed on street signs and free-standing poles that serve as permanent guiding posts. They can contain text or have graphics. The choices are endless.

Most commonly there are signs with the name of the church placed in front of the building. Sometimes churches have signs that allow them to change the message using individual letter cards. These signs can be used to convey a biblical message, show announcements, and even communicate funny messages that have a desire to bring parishioners into the church. They serve as a way to effectively communicate with everyone in the neighborhood and people that might just be passing by. This type of sign is an economical choice for a church with a limited budget.

A more technologically advanced sign choice would be an LED sign. These let churches use state-of-the-art techniques that give them an energetic voice in the community. LED panels signs can create a graphic appeal that displays the church’s name in brilliant excellence for the entire community to see as well as messages. If the church wants a more subdued presence and maybe something more traditional, they can opt for a monument sign that is durable and will stand the test of time. A monument sign can also hold a LED panel.

In addition to all the outside applications, churches have sign needs on the inside of the church also. Churches can use LED signs inside as well. These type of signs are good for a large church so that all can see messages during the service. LED panels can be used in other areas of the church also to convey messages for the people in the building. Churches can also benefit from using lobby signs to direct people to various parts of the building. These types of signs can be wall signs, attached signs, or other various types of signs. These are especially useful if the church is large and has a lot of different activities happening. It lets everyone know where to go.

Regardless of whether signs are used inside or outside, a church can benefit from using a professional sign company. As more and more technology becomes available, it becomes more available to churches as well as other businesses. James River Signs looks forward to working with churches in all their signage needs.

Newport News, VA – The Importance of Signs in Today’s Fast-Paced Business Landsc…

It’s harder than ever before to succeed in business. Between today’s fierce domestic competition and numerous international companies, as well as the internet’s commercial byproducts, having reasonable prices and so-so products and services no longer cuts it for companies.

Furthermore, just as companies must feature outstanding prices and top-quality products and services to stay afloat, businesses must also take steps to differentiate their brand, identity, and offerings from those of competitors. In a day and age when companies from all across the globe can deliver their wares to buyers with a simple click, having the best prices is only half the battle.That’s where sign manufacturers like James River Signs come in.

James River Signs specializes in the design, creation, and installation of many different types of signs. To help business owners benefit from the advantages of professional signs, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sign variations!

Lighted/Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are fairly common today, and it’s easy to see why. These signs are affordable, customizable, eye-catching, and indicative of a cutting-edge business. Electronic signs can attract gazes from a distance or up close, in daytime or at night, and in any climate or weather.

In short, electronic signs help businesses to stand-out from others.



Sidewalk Signs

The internet has made it possible to pre-plan everything—from meal deliveries to medical check-ups and air-conditioning schedules to equipment servicing—but humans are, by their very nature, spontaneous. Thus, there’s something inherently alluring about a tasty meal special or a fantastic clearance promotion being advertised on a sidewalk sign.

And for businesses, there’s something inherently rewarding about cashing in on passersby while using minimal effort and resources.

Sidewalk signs are customizable and they’re a favorite of businesses today because they stand on their own, can be updated in no time at all, and produce excellent results. It should also be noted that sidewalk signs, because they can be modified to suit specific business needs, also help customers to feel as though they’re being personally attended to. Again, the internet and lightning-fast ordering processes are great, but in business, there’s still something to be said for a human touch.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great option for businesses looking to add a new flair to their decor. First, because they’re usually applied to the inside of a window, they’re protected from the elements and will remain intact regardless of the weather. Second, window graphics are highly customizable and can appeal to customers on a variety of levels. Window graphics can advertise promotions, products, a funny-looking company logo or mascot, pricing information, and much, much more; the possibilities are endless.




Roof Signs

The old saying, “go big or go home,” may have derived from the early days of roof signs.

As their name suggests, roof signs are electronic signs that are especially designed for placement on roofs. These signs are energy-efficient and can be LED-powered. They’re able to withstand even the roughest of elements, and they’re ideal for helping businesses compete in particularly difficult areas, as they can entice customers from near and far to stop in.

These customizable signs are some of the most popular types available for purchase today, but they aren’t the only signs on the market. On the contrary, there’s a sign available for every purpose one can think of; don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals regarding sign needs, questions, and estimates.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to signing up for the all the perks of signs!


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