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by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Hampton, VA – Doctor’s Offices Need Signs Too

The last thing a person needs when visiting the doctor is confusion! Where is the parking lot? Which door is the correct office? Is there a restroom since my GPS took me on the premium tour of the city rather than the most direct route? What can alleviate such confusion? Signs! Everywhere we look, we can find signs. There are post and panel signs advertising businesses, commercial real estate signs, and construction signs, to name a few, but doctor’s offices need signs too. So, what signs are needed at a place like a doctor’s office?
Let’s begin with the exterior of the business. Since street number signs are often obscured, post and panel signs outside look professional and allow a person to easily find the doctor’s office. Another exterior sign that would be useful is one stating where the parking lot is located. Helpful signs on the exterior of the building itself are address signs, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs, “enter, “exit,” or “use other door” signs.
Once inside the doctor’s office, a reception sign leads me to check-in. In this space is a lobby sign, door signs, restroom signs. On the door are the hours of operations. The windows can even have window graphics. Wall murals or graphic signs can make an otherwise dull lobby feel warm and inviting.
Signs necessary for the examining room of a doctor’s office include labels identifying what is inside cabinets and drawers. This is especially helpful when more than one member of the office uses the examining room. Informative signs regarding the doctor’s specialty, laws regarding medical policies, and office procedure signs are other signs that will enhance an examining room. When it is time to leave, “exit” signs are important, in particular if the office resembles a maze.
James River Signs would be happy to help any doctor’s offices that are looking for signs to include in their building.

Hampton Roads, VA – Window Film for Business Locations

People and businesses are becoming increasingly familiar with window film and all that it has to offer. The applications of window film are nothing if not abundant. Window film is becoming a  common sight in businesses. If you’re a business owner who wants to get your hands on top-quality window film, we can assist you here at James River Signs located in Newport News, Virginia. We accommodate the window film requests of customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Williamsburg and Hampton, too. We specialize in more than just window film as well.

Window Film and Many Diverse Applications

Why are people so crazy about window film, anyway? Its potential applications are plentiful. It can safeguard business settings from the hazards of UV (ultraviolet) rays that are given off by the sun. It can minimize glare, furniture discoloration, sun damage and more. Business owners who want to protect their chairs and desks from unsightly fading can get a lot out of window film assistance.

UV rays can take a toll on businesses for another reason. They can contribute to indoor temperatures that are unpleasantly hot and inconsistent. Business owners who want to keep their offices cool frequently gravitate to window film use.

Privacy can also be a great thing for businesses that are passionate about productivity. Window film can make it next to impossible for curious folks outdoors to be able to peer into business spaces. Professionals who want to be able to work hard in calm and quiet settings can revel in the privacy window film helps to offer.

Businesses that are attractive, modern and inviting often have substantial customer and client bases. That’s the reason business owners and managers should work hard to make their environments as unforgettable and visually enticing as possible. They can do this in numerous ways. They can start by investing in window film. Window film is accessible in all sorts of striking and cool styles that can make business interior spaces look a lot better. Patterns that are associated with window film are often lovely and contemporary.

Reach Out to the James River Signs Team Today to Request a Complimentary Quote.

Do you like the idea of taking advantage of the plentiful perks that window film offers? Contact us at any time.

Newport News, VA – Grocery Stores Need a lot of Signs

Grocery stores are one of the most essential stores in the community. They provide people with the food and many household items.  In order for grocery stores to be successful, they are going to have to be organized. One of the ways they can get organized is by using signs.

The Building Sign

The building sign is very essential for a grocery store. It is crucial in helping the customer find the store. In order for the sign to be effective, it has to be large . Other building signs that the grocery store is going to need are signs showing the entrance and the exit.

Street Sign

Even with the building sign, a street sign is also important. This can help people find the store from the street. Like the building sign, the street sign has to be easy to recognize.

Indoor Signs

Along with the outdoor signs, there needs to be signs inside the store. This helps with the structure and the sale of products. One thing people don’t want is to be wandering throughout the store trying to find items. There are many types of indoor signs. Stores can use floor graphics to advertise certain items or to show a customer the way to a certain section of the store.

Directional Signs

These are the types of signs that are placed above the aisles. This helps people find the area they are looking for. These signs need to have wording large enough for people to see from quite a distance so that they can find items easily.

Promotional Signs

These let people know whether an item is on sale, on clearance or any other type of discount. Promotional signs can be found in the front of the store on the windows when entering or in other strategically placed locations throughout the store.

Grocery stores that have a reasonable amount of signs and are organized are more likely to satisfy customers.

Newport News, VA – Banner Signs for Events

If you’re a business owner that has a specific brand, an event organizer, or an individual with a unique message for the community, a banner or sign can bring you a number of benefits. This kind of sign is cost-effective and very useful. You can reach a large audience, without having to take too much effort.

If you use a banner or a large-format sign, you may be surprised by how many people see the message.

It is possible to advertise your company to prospective customers with a number of advertising and media methods. While online keyword targeting ought to be a consideration for all marketing plans, the age-old marketing standby – banners and printed signs – still provide many benefits.


Where production expenses for more advanced ad media might hold back smaller businesses, banners will remain a technique that is affordable to produce and can provide great ROI.


Whether the banner is shown at a trade show, as the sponsor for an event or outside of your business, you can rest assured that many people who see the sign are potential customers. You’ll be able to worry less about the possibility of wasting resources reaching people who aren’t interested in your services or who are outside your neighborhood and trade area.

Even though other types of media provide targeted marketing, simple banner placement guarantees you are reaching those in your geographic location.

Repeat effects

Banners continuously reinforce your brand name every time they are seen. If put into a high-traffic space, a banner might reach the same consumer several times per day.

A banner that is semi-permanently installed inside a window or outside location might reinforce your brand name or influence prospective customers.


Businesses who sponsor several events in the area or appear at trade shows and gatherings frequently, will receive a lot of mileage from a single banner. Our banners are portable, easy to store and maintain, and don’t have any recurring or hidden costs once created.


Well-designed signage makes for effective advertisements. Because signage is such a natural aspect of our environment today, most folks pay attention to signs. When paired with design principles that grab attention – like the inclusion of stunning graphics, a recognizable logo, concise copy, or a stellar color scheme – using banners is a very cost-effective way to advertise.

For more information on our banner signs for events, contact our dedicated team of designers at (757) 598-4036 today.

Newport News, VA – Sidewalk Signs for Real Estate

Sidewalk signs are an integral part of the real estate industry. These signs are an ideal choice in areas with heavy foot traffic. They can be used to grab customer attention, raise brand awareness, and communicate information.

Different types of sidewalk signs exist, so it is advisable to gain knowledge about them so that you can make the right choice for your real estate business.


  • A-Frame

The A-frame sidewalk signs are available in many colors, sizes, and materials. The folding design makes it portable. The double-sided sign is easy to change.

  • Weighted Base

If you want the signage to stay put and not get blown away by heavy winds, then the weighted base is an ideal choice. The signage prevents movement and damage in the wind.

  • Swinging

The swinging signage holds customized graphics from the top. The rest of the sign tends to sway or swing in the wind. It is great for outdoor use and is sure to grab customer attention.

  • T-Base

The double-sided signage has a strong base. The shape of the display resembles a “T.” The sturdy design ensures that the signage stays upright even in windy conditions.

  • Portable

The portable sidewalk signs come equipped with wheels and handles and this enables easy transportation. They are an ideal choice for trade shows and other real estate events.


  • Letter Boards

The letter board is a great choice if you have changing signage needs. You can change the messages and information easily without having to print new graphics.

  • Standard Poster Frame

The poster frame holds and displays posters in an upright manner. This makes them easy to spot even from a distance. They are available in different styles and sizes.

Sidewalk signs have been used as an effective tool of communication. They can be used to inform customers about new and existing real estate deals. As these signs usually sit at eye level, they are hard to miss.

The signage can be customized as per the specific needs of your business. They offer the flexibility of promoting different types of messages. The signs are cost-effective and can help in attracting new and existing customers to your real estate business.

Ready to buy sidewalk signs for real estate? We are committed to providing quality products and services from initial consultation to design and installation. Contact us at (757) 598-4036 to get a free quote or any other information about sidewalk signs for your real estate business.


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