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Williamsburg, VA – The Sky’s the Limit — Ceiling Graphics for Businesses

Ceiling graphics in the lobby or waiting room offer a unique experience for the viewer. Welcoming visitors with a lobby sign as well as artful graphics on the ceiling make the business stand out for those who enter the establishment. Memorable and unique, ceiling graphics can range from scenic to words or fun images

Hospitals, as well as doctor and dentist offices, can utilize ceiling graphics to provide a calming experience for the patient. While lying back in the dentist chair, a view of the ocean or of a sunset might help calm patients and make them more relaxed. Doctor’s offices might ease the anxiety of waiting patients by having peaceful graphics with nature on the ceiling. A picture of the universe might help calm fidgety children in a pediatrician’s office.

A gym, where workouts involve laying down while lifting weights, for example, can have inspiring graphics or words placed strategically on the ceiling. This will add a unique approach to this type of business in promoting work outs and the gym.

Ceiling graphics can welcome visitors into a lobby area with an artful design that matches the architecture and decor of that space. For example, a government office in a classic building might have a Baroque painting or Rococo design on the ceiling.

A pool maintenance or sales company might have a picture on the ceiling of kids in a pool playing or they might want a design of the sky making it seem like the customers are already in their pool.

Bakeries and sweet shops can welcome visitors with a mouth-watering photo to create a fun atmosphere while increasing appetites and sales.

Rooms that are used for meetings in churches might have spiritual pictures or verses printed and placed on the ceilings. Recovery groups and discussion gatherings can benefit from from added graphics or sayings on the ceiling.

Hotels can use ceiling graphics in their lobby. They can use a graphic of a local attraction or a scenic view from a place nearby to not only enhance the building but to promote tourism.

Unusual surfaces are not a problem. Ceiling graphics can be applied to rooms with sealed concrete, wood, ceramic tile, brick, and other materials. The shape and size of what a person may need in ceiling graphics can be customized. Ceilings that have images are a surprise and can add an element of excitement and entertainment to a business.

Newport News, VA – A Monument to Success – Monument Signs for Shopping Centers

Tenants in a shopping center or outside mall must be able to draw customers if they are to succeed. If not, those businesses will not be tenants for long. That statement is so simple in its logic yet easily overlooked. Even if a shopping center is thriving, there is likely room for improvement. Commercial real estate occupants, whether they be: restaurants, banks, professional offices, or retail stores, need to have a magnet at their entrance. The most effective attention-getters you can place at the entry to such properties are monument signs with tenant panels.

Monument signs are a draw morning, noon, and night. No matter the season, a well designed and constructed monument sign glows throughout the day beckoning to passerby. They allow the public to notice the presence of the individual business establishments when combined with tenant panels. The two, when used together, are a powerful marketing tool for any shopping center or strip mall. Together they are a 24-hour billboard which is visible to everyone within sight.

These signs are the result of much planning. There is versatility in the types of materials that can go into completing the project. The most popular inputs utilized in creating these excellent marketing tools are aluminum, acrylic, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and stone. All of these are durable materials which will allow the signs to last for years with minimal maintenance or degradation. However, it is worth noting that stone is the most durable material you can use for these exterior signage projects.

The monument sign itself is the anchor feature at the gate. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing as per the client’s taste and requirements regarding color combinations and font type. The design team takes into consideration factors such as the region, surrounding architecture, and landscaping. A specialized construction crew then implements the design. Typically, a foundation gets dug, and then the monument is built atop a masonry base. The last step is the addition of lighting and detail features such as lettering and logos. Thus, the whole plan is complete.

Any multi-tenant mall or shopping center would benefit from the inclusion of a monument sign in tandem with up to date tenant panels. Together they constitute a powerful marketing solution for the property and its tenants. This signage creates an appealing way to announce the presence of each of the individual establishments conducting business within the particular shopping complex.

Newport News, VA – The Trade Show Sign

Trade show signs are the place to exhibit your business and its products. Surrounded by people in your trade, you have to make a lasting impression. How do you do that? With a catchy sign. Trade signs are as diverse as the products each business offers. Each sign differs from the next. Your trade show sign can be a banner, a table cloth, a hanging sign, or so much more. Whatever you choose, you need to be sure that your sign represents your business, your product, and is attractive to potential customers.

Before you decide exactly what kind of trade sign you want, you need to consider what you want on the sign. This could help determine what sign will work for you. The basic types of trade show signs are:

  • Fabric Frame Displays
  • Tension Fabric Displays
  • Pop Up Displays
  • Graphic Tents/Canopies
  • Banners
  • Table Throws

These signs can affect the entire feel of your display. Do you want to simply put your company logo and name? A smaller product, like the table runner, might be the right choice for this. Do you want to put up more information about different products? You might want to look for a larger display like fabric frame displays.

Fabric Frame Displays

Fabric frame displays are a larger type of trade sign. These displays can be used to outline your entire booth and display as much information as you want. These types of displays are made with metal frames. On these frames graphics or huge photos can be hung. The sky is the limit. These types of displays are extremely versatile. Everything from the color of the frame to the information displayed has many options.

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are exactly what they sound like: fabric is displayed taught between aluminum piping. Tension displays can be made in a variety of shapes creating a straight flat panel or a curved display that shows images behind the trade table or podium.

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are simple, portable displays that can be put up and taken down quickly and easily. Pop up displays are stored away easily.

Graphic Tents/Canopies

Graphic tents are tents specifically designed to display your company’s logo. They are large, tall, and visible to people in a crowd even from a distance. With a tent or canopy, your company name and/or logo is prominently displayed on the valance in all four directions.

Banners and Banner Stands

The banner and banner stand are the tried and true style of trade show advertising. Ideal for displaying a large picture of a product, a banner needs a place to be displayed. That’s where the banner stand comes in. The banner stand displays the banner with a sturdy metal support. Banner stands come in retractable stand, telescoping stands, and more.

Table Throws

Table throw displays are ideal for smaller events or in combination with other types of displays. These are simple table covering advertisements. They can be folded up for easy storage. Table throws can draw the attention of people who might otherwise walk on by your display.

The type of display that can be used is up to you, but remember at a trade show you are competing with other similar businesses. Make sure the name of the company and /or logo is large and visible. James River Signs can help a business design, create, and make the perfect trade show sign for your business.

Hampton, VA – Raceway Mounted Signs

Signage for any business is of key importance in order to attract customers to the store as well as create brand awareness. In the sign industry, exterior signage is one of the most beneficial and popular forms of advertising. A sign that is of the right size, font, and color can leave a lasting impression that has the potential of reaching prospective clients.

Raceway mounted signs are some of the most popular exterior signage used by businesses all over the country. These are large signs that are mounted on a rectangular structure that affixes to the side of a building making the sign extremely visible and attractive while hiding all the hardware in a box behind the sign. The large size characters are affixed to a three-sided rectangular box that houses the electrical components to a give a clean look. Raceway mounted signs require less alteration to the building and have minimal intrusion on the mounting surface. These signs are often custom designed. James River Signs has expert designers and fabricators that use cohesive color combinations, premium materials, and unique fonts to create signs that truly express a business’s image.

There are several advantages of using  raceway mounted signs to advertise a business.

  • The three-sided rectangular box or raceway channel protects and conceals wiring and electrical components
  • The whole sign only requires two or three mounting points which results in less intrusion than single letter installations. This is important for businesses who lease from a landlord who has standards that limits a business owner in what they can do to the front of the building.
  • Installation and maintenance is much faster and easier than single letter installation.

Raceway mounted signs are a perfect solution for any business looking to advertise their business and make an impression on clients. The fact that these signs can be customized for any business allows for tailor-made signs that can stand out making it a great marketing tool.

Chesapeake, VA – Elevator Graphics — A New Place for Businesses to Advertise

Advertising is one of the most important components of a growing business. Finding converting advertisements can help expand the reach of a business and make those much needed sales. There is no better way to get a product or service in front of a large audience. In fact, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends companies making under $5 million per year to spend 7 to 8 percent of their gross revenue on advertising and marketing. Advertising can be a competitive process as millions of companies are fighting for limited space. Finding an underutilized area is the holy grail of advertising.

Think about how many billboards a person can see while driving on the interstate. For most people the answer is dozens and dozens. Now think about how many advertisements you see on elevator doors. This number is probably a lot lower. This helps to prove that elevator graphics are a very underutilized advertising space. As a place where people frequent, elevators provide the perfect spot to catch some attention and potential business. As elevator doors are blank canvases that people waiting for the elevator look at, this spot is ideal to place some images for a business.

Another great feature of elevator graphics is that they aren’t as intrusive as other forms of advertising. People may not see them in the same negative light as pop-ups, email spam and other forms of marketing. Elevator graphics are eye-catching as they may be the only type of graphic and advertising in the area.

Elevator graphics are incredibly dynamic offering a whole range of possibilities. This gives companies the opportunity to design something custom and unique. These factors will help the advertisement stand out even more. Companies can choose from a host of font and letter options to find the most fitting combination. These elements can help tie an advertisement into the overall theme of the company. Colors, logos, overall design and other graphics can be completely customized as well.

With countless companies looking for space to advertise, it is always nice to be at the head of a trend. Elevator graphics are a new and exciting space to advertise. They offer a great opportunity for companies to put their services and products in front of potential customers on a daily basis. Elevator graphics are affordable, easy to install and custom made. Contact us to begin designing a custom graphic today.


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