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Chesapeake, VA – Custom Vehicle Graphics and Wraps for Marketing Mobile Business…

When you start your mobile retail business, several questions will ultimately come to mind, especially while venturing into a non-traditional mobile retail business.

One of the most critical considerations is how to attract attention. You can do so using the mobile retail vehicle itself.

Beginning a Mobile Boutique

How are you going to have the ability to run your mobile retail store on wheels inside your city? Is it listed under the present laws? Is it included in permits and/or licenses you might have to obtain? You’ll want to get in touch with your city for these details.

When you know how you can operate…

You’ll want to file for the business: partnership, sole proprietor, S-Corp, LLC, and so on. The Internal Revenue Service site offers a breakdown of the various ways you can file your mobile business, as well as details on receiving your EIN.

Create a Business Plan

Once you’ve filed your mobile business and received all of the necessary permits and/or licenses, you ought to create a fashion truck business plan.

Funding the Mobile Boutique Truck

After you complete the business plan, you might have to obtain financial help. It is possible to apply for a conventional business loan, take a line of credit out, run a crowdfunding campaign, or locate an investor.

Buy the Truck

Now you are prepared to locate a trailer for sale or a mobile retail truck for sale.

Once you have your vehicle – or perhaps you already have it – it is time to turn it into your own store on wheels.

The price varies according to the hourly labor rate and materials you buy.

Decorate its exterior

There are two main options to decorating the truck’s exterior:

  • Vinyl decals are recommended if you are searching for a minimal, clean appearance.
  • Mobile boutique vehicle wrap is good when you’re searching for a lot of graphics and colors and especially when you want to cover the entire vehicle.

The truck is then your free-form of advertisement. It is important that you include, therefore, all of the important business information like phone number, social media handles, website, and other details you want others to know quickly.

When your mobile vehicle bears your branding, it is working for you 24/7/365. Whether the vehicle is parked, in traffic, or on the move, it has the potential to receive thousands of views. Professional design can turn those views into valuable conversions. 

For more details on our vehicle wraps and graphics for mobile businesses, get in touch with our friendly team at James River Signs today at (757) 598-4036.

Chesapeake, VA – Business Parks Receive Custom Printed Vehicle Graphics and Wrap…

In terms of installing vehicle wraps, graphics, and decals, the bottom line matters. Perhaps you have some quotes on installation, or maybe you are entering the initial phase of the purchasing process – it’s natural to be curious whether they are worth their salt.

Unlike some other types of outdoor and digital advertising, a wrap is a one-time investment. You’ll need to maintain your vehicle, but, assuming you were doing that anyway, this is normally no hassle. Is the initial cost worth it?

At first, it might seem as if the effect of graphics on pedestrians and motorists is not directly measurable, because you cannot track a motorist’s path from initial glance to end purchase. It is possible, however, to get an idea of how many impressions you are receiving, how efficiently it’s conveying the identity of your brand, and how it stacks up to other types of marketing.


Vehicle Wraps: How much do they cost?

This is a question our clients ask frequently. We answer it with a common answer – it all depends upon what you are looking for.

Let us assess the various factors influencing the end total.


Partial or Full Wrap

The less vinyl used, the less you will need to pay ahead of time. Business owners who are conscious of cost might want to think about investing in a partial vehicle wrap, which may get the attention of folks passing by equally well, depending upon the effectiveness of the design.


Graphic Design

Often overlooked, attention-grabbing design is key to an effective mobile ad campaign. Print shops and graphic designers might bill on an hourly basis, and book time to ensure that the wrap properly fits.

We suggest not skimping on your budget for your creative process. Poor graphics may defeat the purpose of car advertising, which dissuades future customers and presents your business in a poor light.


Vehicle’s Size

Wrapping a multi-ton, 8-passenger van will have a significantly different cost than wrapping a smart vehicle. The quantity of material that must be installed will correlate with the quantity of money you spend.

For advice on vehicle wrapping, how it can boost your business, and for a quote according to your specific business needs, please get in touch with our team of professionals at James River Signs by calling (757) 598-4036 today.

Norfolk, VA – Professional ADA Signs Bring Results for Local Restaurants (Indoor…

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, is critical civil rights legislation signed in 1990. The act asserts that companies have to take every possible measure to permit individuals who have disabilities to appreciate the same services and products available to other patrons.

It also covers the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission to ensure that employees aren’t discriminated against due to a disability.

The guidelines below will assist you as a restaurant owner to recognize the ADA requirements, and comply with them so that your restaurant may be an accessible and positive place for all employees and customers.

We can provide you with expert guidance and, of course, we can take care of all ADA signage considerations, inside and out.

Customer Accessibility

The main hurdle that restaurants face while handling ADA compliance is barrier removal. The following is a list of the kinds of barriers that must be removed in all structures and avoided in new structures being built. has a list of specific, detailed requirements for fixing all the following issues.

Architectural Barriers

Customers who have disabilities will appreciate more than parking spaces close to your restaurant. They also require suitable space to get out of their cars, and an accessible, clear pathway into your restaurant from that point.

The entranceway has to be flush with the ground or has to have a ramp that has safety rails and a small slope so that patrons using wheelchairs might enter. If there isn’t any way to make the main entrance accessible and there are other entrances that could be, you must open those to the general public and note where this entrance can be found.

If your restaurant is located in a building on the third floor without an elevator, for instance, it’s possible to comply with ADA regulations by making your services obtainable for delivery to patrons’ cars or homes.


Even if disabled patrons might approach your restaurant easily, they might have a difficult time getting in if your entrance isn’t ADA compliant. Entrances have to be at least 36” in width to accommodate patrons in wheelchairs.

Handles must not require turning or squeezing – this accommodates patrons who have mobility disabilities such as arthritis. Lever and loop style handles are compliant, panel and knob styles aren’t.


It’s vital to ensure that your bathrooms are accessible to disabled patrons, which includes wheelchair users and blind customers. Check out the following planning guide for in-depth directions to assist you in designing an ADA compliant bathroom in your establishment.


You can rest assured that your signs are ADA-compliant by using our team. We understand ADA regulations and can ensure that your signs are the right sizes and that they use the best fonts and graphics to ensure accessibility.

We also provide professional installation to make sure that the signs are installed in the correct locations and at the best heights.

If you’re not sure how many signs you need or whether your existing signage needs updating, we will be happy to advise you, making sure that you purchase the signs that you need, no more and no less.

For more information on our ADA signs for restaurants, contact James River Signs today at (757) 598-4036.

Norfolk, VA – LED Outdoor Building Signs for Storefront Businesses: Custom-Made!

If you want to give your business’s logo that additional visibility and “pop,” exploring your options in signage is an excellent idea. A couple of decades ago, neon signage was very popular – and as a matter of fact, there are several businesses that still make use of them – however, this technology is now being abandoned in favor of LED lights.

LED Lights Are Cost Effective

If you have ever compared the cost of standard LED lighting to that of fluorescent or incandescent lighting, you understand that the bulbs themselves are more expensive. While the price of this kind of lighting has decreased in recent times, it’s better to imagine it as an investment instead of an initial cost saving. The lifespan of LED lights is usually much longer than for other kinds of lighting.

They Offer Brighter Light Than Neon Signage Does

Did you ever sit in a dimly lit sports bar that was surrounded by neon signs? Did you see that despite all of those lit signs, it was still pretty dark?

With effective LED-illuminated logo signage, your logo will look a lot brighter during the day or night. And brighter LED-illuminated logo signage is ideal for lobby or outdoor signs.

LED-Illuminated Logo Signage is Available in a Broad Array of Colors

One other benefit of LED-illuminated logo signage is the impressive spectrum of colors they’re able to produce. The white bulbs alone can range from cool and bright to warm and soft.

LED Signage Looks Fantastic

The biggest reason so many companies in the Newport News, VA area select LED-illuminated logo signage is the fact that the appearance of them is clean and very aesthetically pleasing. Since your business logo is a direct reflection of your brand, it is vital that you pick the most professional signage possible. You want to communicate your brand and it’s associated quality at a glance.

Usually, LED-illuminated logo signage has its lighting inside. It may light up a translucent logo or create a back-lit effect where the light spills out from behind the logo. The most basic sign is a simplistic light box, but, more tailored options may be created depending upon the desired effect.

For more information on our LED outdoor building signs for storefront businesses, contact James River signs today on (757) 598-4036.

Newport News, VA – Menu Boards for Local Restaurants

It’s 2018 and menu boards are decidedly more interesting now than they used to be. Many restaurants you enter today have some type of menu board ranging from digital to chalk. What many in the restaurant industry may not know is that the menu is more than just a list of dishes they have to offer. A menu is a pretty important part of a restaurant’s in-house advertising. With a well-planned and constructed menu board, a restaurant can begin to convert a newbie to a regular pretty quickly.

Structuring a menu board correctly is important. Carefully planning and crafting a menu board is key. One big box with all a restaurant has to offer is hard to read and understand. Categories and an orderly lay-out help the customer know where to look for the options they want. It can be a form of arrangement that is differentiated based on courses such as appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks; or it could be arranged by categories such as vegan, gluten-free, and meat-lover. It is also important to have a menu board that lists the price to help the customer pick the options they want without having to ask for help before they are ready to order.

Another aspect of structuring the menu board that restaurant owners want to pay attention to is balance. Having all sections of the different boards the same font, size, and color is key. Restaurant owners don’t want one board to get overlooked just because it is out of balance from another board. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. For example if an owner is running a promotion, a certain board could be used to draw the customer’s eye to this specific board to promote an item for sale.

The orientation of the board is important also. Sometimes space dictates the direction boards must be positioned. If space is not an issue, careful consideration and planning on whether a board should be oriented landscape or portrait needs to be considered. Sometimes the amount of information included on a menu board helps dictate which way the board should be oriented.

Images can also be an important aspect of a menu board if used sparingly and professionally. If pictures are used, what is shown in the picture needs to be what the restaurant really has to offer. The pictures used on the menu board will set a standard that the restaurant needs to live up to. Photos taken and used of the food need to be professional and appetizing. Other types of images other than an actual photo of the food need to entice the customer to try the product.

The theme of a restaurant should be considered when choosing a font type and color for the menu board. Different fonts and colors evoke different emotions and feelings from people. These aspects of the menu board help set the mood of the restaurant. A restaurant owner wants to pick a font and color that not only appeals to the customer but also follows the overall ambiance of the restaurant.

Overall, the goal of a menu board is to inform the customer of what a restaurant has to offer. The in-house advertising this tool adds can’t be overlooked though. A sign company that not only knows how to make menu boards but also how to help a restaurant market their brand is essential. James River Signs would love to help restaurant owners with this type of signage.



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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.