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by: Ann & Dave Gupta

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Newport News, VA – Professional Identification Signs in Local Libraries (Exterio…

Libraries are such fun and entertaining places to visit. There is so much to do; from exploring in the book sections, to joining in an arts and craft hour, to listening to a lecture, using their computers, or doing some serious reference work. Whatever you are there for, libraries always have new and innovative ways to grab your attention. That’s where colorful and ingenious library signage comes into play.

Signs in libraries don’t just say “no talking.” If that’s all there is, visitors will soon try another library. Arguably the most important sign of all for a library is the identification sign.

What is an identification sign?

Identification signs show you what is available. They identify what is right there where you’re standing. Unlike directory signs, which will tell you to go this way or that to find a particular section or department, identification signs point out what is in the current section or department. Designed and installed well, identification signs help create a great customer experience.

Every space in a library has a function, including the bookshelves, directories, section identifiers, and room identifiers. Aimlessly wandering through a library can be fun if you’re not there for any specific purpose, but if you are looking for something, getting lost or not finding what you need can be extremely frustrating. This is especially true if your library is on more than one floor. The massive number of sections, badly identified, can be confusing.

Identification signs for libraries will be a combination of text and images. They may also come in the form of poster signs or color-coded stack signage systems.

In our experience, we think that libraries do well when they adapt the same type of signage often found in modern bookstores. Identification signs that not only identify but entice people to a particular section or grouping are very popular and work exceedingly well.

Through the use of proper library signage, more visitors will find their library experience enjoyable. With all of today’s digital formats, there is the fear of having ‘library anxiety,’ where people don’t want to ask what appears to be a stupid question; if the answer isn’t readily apparent, many people will walk away not finding what they are looking for.

Don’t let this be the prevalent experience in your library. At James River Signs, we can put together a comprehensive identification signage package for you. It will encompass the best of signs for libraries. We know our signs and we know what will work for you. Call us or email us today for your free consultation!

Newport News, VA – Lighted Channel Letter Signs for Storefront Businesses (Custo…

Are you looking for a new sign for your storefront business? Something both eyecatching and pleasing to look at? For a business in the middle of other storefront businesses, a channel letter sign can make all the difference.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

A channel letter sign has a three-dimensional graphic element to it. It is comprised of an individual structure with separate illumination. Your business name is spelled out in individual letters (and/or numbers) and these make up your sign.

We create the letters using aluminum sheeting or acrylic. The nice thing about channel letter signs is that they are highly flexible, giving you many options when it comes to colors, texts, fonts, and sizes. Rest assured that we can incorporate logos or images into your sign. We have the skills to work with your imagery so that we can create a sign that matches your branding exactly.

What Types of Channel Letter Signs Are There?

Front-Lit Channel Letters – This is the most common type of channel letter sign we make. A channel letter sign made this way is comprised of an acrylic face, trim cap, aluminum returns, and an aluminum back. These signs can be customized to your liking, which is what makes them so popular.

Reverse Channel Letters/Back-lit/Halo Channel Letters – Instead of an acrylic face, we use metal faces, and these letters are mounted with a 1.5” standoff. When they are lit up, there is a “halo effect” surrounding each letter. A very pleasing look.

Combination-Lit or Front/Back Lit Channel Letters – Your letters can have one color illuminated with another color halo effect. Combination-lit channel letters use clear Lexan backs that have been specially customized using translucent vinyl graphics. This creates the halo effect.

Channel letter signs can be raceway mounted, which mean they are attached to a metal “box” that houses all of the electrical wiring and power supply. Alternatively, they can be directly mounted, attached to a building’s facade. So, when your landlord tells you nothing can be attached to the building, channel letter signs may have you covered.

James River Signs is a full-service sign company and our products never fail to please. If you have a sign-related project or just some questions about what signs will work for you, give us a call or email us today.

Newport News, VA – Custom Vinyl Door Signs for Dentist Offices (Interior and Ext…

You may not think door signs are very important to your business. After all, there do seem to be other signs which hold greater importance. Door signs and graphics, however, are great at sharing your messages with the public. They may not be as informational or as bold as other types of signs, but their importance should not be overlooked.

Whether inside or outdoors, door signs say who you are. With a well-placed sign, you can easily draw attention to your business from anyone who passes by. Especially in your dental office, where not every door signifies the same thing within, it is vital to have door signs that keep not only your patients organized, but your staff as well.

What are some benefits of door signs? We’re glad you asked:

  • Door signs give your dental office a more professional look. If your office is in a large professional building, or even if it isn’t, your door signs offer easy navigation from one place to another.
  • They are perfect for creating an impression in the minds of your patients.
  • Door signs help to keep your office organized. Think of all the doors in your office and what lies behind them. Door signs will help visitors and staff.
  • Door signs are highly customizable so they can achieve any ‘look’ you choose.
  • By keeping your door signs consistent, you will be adding to the aesthetic you’ve chosen for your dental office’s interior spaces.

In most cases, and most dental practices, we would advise that you keep your door signs uniform and ensure they are simple and clear to read. You may want to include images along with the door text to turn your door sign into something even more personable.

At James River Signs, we have created door signs for many clients, and we know just the type of door signs that are appropriate for dental offices. Not every size is acceptable, and it’s important to select the size of the sign according to the door. Your signs should be neither too large nor too small.

Customized door signs promote balance in any space. Let us help you with the designing and organizing your office spaces. Give us a call or email us today. Our professional and friendly team is looking forward to learning more about your needs.


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BIO: I have been a stay-at- home mom for the past 19 years. Before that I was a teacher. Besides wrangling my kids and running a household, I’ve also taken on tutoring jobs, taught children’s workshops, and supplied desserts for special events.