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October 20, 2020

Grease Trap Maintenance Tips & Repair Service – Jack Ward Plumbing Nashville TN

Posted in: Industry News

If you are a business owner running a restaurant, cafe, or other establishment that prepares food, you may very well be familiar with your kitchen requirements. The kitchen regulations work for you to help serve your customers with the utmost efficiency and cleanliness. Of these regulations, the grease trap is meant to help manage grey water waste and keep your kitchen components running smoothly. However, if your grease trap is not maintained, it can malfunction, causing a very, well, sticky situation. 

How a grease trap works lies in how it is built. The compartments inside of a grease trap allow grey water filled with grease and food solids to flow through, while the debris is trapped in the compartments and collected inside the trap. When not properly maintained, such as cleaning out the buildup of food solids, fats, and oils, the water flow becomes restricted and creates a backup in the system. It is important to contact a professional grease trap servicer, like your reliable team here at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co., and schedule maintenance cleanings.

Some grease trap servicers do not do a thorough job, cutting corners on the job that can lead to more issues down the road that will only add to your maintenance cost, even calling for a grease trap replacement! Listed below are some of the top things we look for during a thorough and effective grease trap maintenance cleaning:

  • The cover is inspected for any signs of rust or other physical damage.
  • The gaskets are checked for tearing or any other signs of compromise.
  • The bolts are checked for accuracy of size and if they have maintained their grip.
  • The baffles (walls of the trap that slow the water down for collecting the cooled grease) are cleaned for optimal performance. 
  • The flow is checked for continuity as well as if there are any leaks present. 

After all of these points are inspected and repaired or cleaned, the grease trap is back to working order. For grease traps that are filling up with grease and food solids more quickly, a maintenance cleaning might be necessary to be scheduled more often. Our team can help determine what frequency would be right for your establishment. Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811.

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