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August 20, 2020

The Negative Effects of a Heavy Rain on Residential Plumbing – Nashville, TN

Posted in: Industry News

Heavy rain can have many lasting effects on a home, including the plumbing and drainage system. Some of these are easily fixable while others may take a little more time or effort to resolve. The effects of heavy rain can leave plumbing with increased pressure, underground shifting, and backup in pipes. Over here at Jackward & Sons, we believe that nobody should have to deal with these dilemmas alone. If the topics discussed do not hit home and you believe you have a more serious issue from serious rainfall or natural disaster, give us a call at (615) 227-2811! Otherwise, read on to see how heavy rainfall could be affecting your plumbing.

Let us start with Pipe pressure

Heavy rainfall can be the cause for increased pressure on your plumbing system, but what many people do not know is this can be damaging. Sometimes, the immense water pressure might not necessarily be ON the pipes. The rain may collect in the surrounding sand, dirt, or clay, which creates thick mud that will rest heavier on the pipes. Most residences have very durable plumbing systems, but if you experience anything abnormal going on with your plumbing after heavy rainfall or natural disaster, then it could be too much pressure.

Underground Shifting

Just like when we talked about water collecting in the soil and dirt and creating pressure- this can also cause the surrounding earth to soften around the underground pipes. Essentially, when this happens, the dirt will move out of the way, causing the piping to shift out of their original positions. The shifting of the buried pipes can, of course, lead to cracking in your plumbing because the pipes are being forced to bend.
One way to tell if your pipes are cracked is if there is decreased water pressure. Cracked pipes can be a major problem and be the cause for increased expenditures down the road if not resolved right away. It is best to turn your water off immediately and call Jackward & Sons if you are aware of or suspect a cracked pipe in your home.

Unusual Backups in your Plumbing

The damaging affects of water with heavy rainfall can also cause messy backups from rocks and soil. Remember those cracks that can leave a negative impact over time? Well my friend, if you’ve let it go for too long, you may have debris that has gotten into your pipes through those cracks that were a result of your shifting pipes.

The result of this could be toxic to your homes’ foundation, causing a blockage. When there is a blockage and there is nowhere else for water to go, it will seep into other unwelcomed areas like your home’s basement, crawlspace or underground areas.

Another thing to watch out for is tree root invasion into these broken pipes. If there is a cracked pipe, tree roots love to absorb the nutrients from pipes and will persistently find a way to break in and grow, also creating a blockage. If your toilet bowl is filling up after an empty flush or you notice your drains no longer draining the way they should, it could be a sign of a blockage.

Act, Prevention is Key

First and foremost, make sure your plumbing is up to date and in standing order. Any pre-existing issues will only worsen with heavy rainfall or natural disaster, meaning more money out of your pocket. The best time to have Jack Ward & Sons evaluate your pipes is before Winter or during the Spring.

Next, make it a habit to check your gutters! This is key in preventing unnecessary water buildup in the soil around your home and plumbing system. Leaves, sticks and garbage can create a block in water flow, and you do not want that!

If you’re experiencing or suspect and increased/decreased pressure after heavy rain or natural disaster, or any of the other problems described a above, and live in the Middle TN area, don’t hesitate to give Jackward & Sons a call at 615-227-2811. We will make sure you get it solved, because no plumbing job is too big or too small! Whether residential or commercial plumbing, we are here to serve you.

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