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July 16, 2020

Residential Clogged Sink Plumbing Service Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Posted in: Industry News

You just finished washing a load of dishes in the sink and when you unplug the drain, the water level is lowering at a snail’s pace, and what’s worse, you hear a loud gurgling sound coming up from the drain accompanied by bubbles of air. Needless to say, this is not an ideal situation and signals that your drains need some intervention. This was the conclusion of a homeowner that, after having tried some more conventional ways to unclog their drain, found no results and decided to call their residential Middle Tennessee plumbing service at Jack Ward & Sons Co. for assistance (615) 227-2811.

Our team of professional plumbing technicians arrived at the home that evening, ready to bust the clog at its source. From the description we had received over the phone, the most likely cause of the stopping up of the sink was coming from a buildup of grease, fats, and oils. It was then explained to the family that when these substances are sent down the drain to be disposed of, that it doesn’t work the way we might think. The substances bind to the pipes and begin to accumulate in the pipes, restricting the flow of leaving water and waste. They harden and catch other waste particles leaving through the pipes, causing the vlog to grow exponentially over time. It is strongly advised that disposing of these substances by the garbage can is the safest method for the plumbing of your home.

The importance of establishing this method was for future maintenance of the drain cleaning that was being performed, keeping the clog from happening again. Next, our team brought in the drain cleaning equipment and went to work on the clog. It wasn’t but within the next hour that a large mass of grease and fat buildup had been eliminated through the line out of the front of the home. Their sink was draining like new again- no more gurgles and bubbling!

Another important reason, aside from your drains not being able to function properly, to keep these substances from the inside of your pipes is the damage they incur from the corrosion. The pipes lose their integrity much more quickly when being in consistent contact with these substances. Making this lifestyle change is one that is much smaller than the amount of money that will need to be spent on products with claims, a drain cleaning service, and even a pipe replacement service!

Is your family experiencing drain clog and blockage issues? Give your local Middle Tennessee residential plumbing service at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call today at (615) 227-2811 for assistance with clearing the clogs and giving those pipes a fresh start.

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