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July 14, 2020

Local Leak Detection Service for Damaged or Broken Pipes in Nashville, TN

Posted in: Industry News

Today’s story might come across like something from a spooky tale called “The Mysterious Leak From Nowhere.” A homeowner decided they had enough in their attempts to locate a leak that was causing trouble for their basement and gave their local Middle Tennessee commercial plumber a call for assistance. Our team of professional plumbing technicians took a trip to their home ready to put their skills to work.

After arriving at the home and becoming oriented to where the supply lines were coming and going, as well as a brief history of the problem the family was experiencing, they head to the basement to review the situation. Once at the scene, signs of the struggle were apparent. There were two buckets placed on the ground at either side of the basement meant to collect the water dripping from the supply lines running across the subfloor above. The water was dripping at a slow pace but was accumulating enough moisture to cause problems for any carpet they may have planned to lay or furniture to install.

The pipe presenting a problem was not hard to find both with the open concept ceiling of their basement and the line of beaded water along the bottom of the pipe. Our team got to work looking for the source of the leak, but with some insight from the family of the home: they had looked for nearly a week for the location where the water was exiting the pipe, but could not find it! This gave our experts a big tip into what the problem might be.

It was not long before it was diagnosed that there was indeed no leak from the supply line in question, but instead, a heavy sweating of the pipes. The cold water entering the home through the line meets the warm, humid air present in the basement. This causes the water in the humid air from the basement to accumulate on the outside of the pipe, condensing from the contact with the cold temperature of the surface of the pipe. So much of it will collect and begin to drip.

The solution is insulation, not pipe repairs. A very effective way of controlling a moisture problem of a sweating pipe is to insulate them. When looking for supplies for DIY insulation, you will find several types of self-adhesive and thick “drip” tapes that are designed to make adhering to problem pipes much easier. Ready to close out the problem and provide the family with relief from the water dripping in their basement (that was no longer a mystery!), our team got to work wiping the pipes as dry as they could. Second, they wound the tape in such a way that the pipes and fittings were completely covered.

After this material was installed with a professional eye and application, the family no longer experienced water dripping from the pipes along the subfloor ceiling of their basement. If your home is experiencing leaks that leave you perplexed, give your local Middle Tennessee commercial plumber Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. today at (615) 227-2811 to determine whether or not it requires a simple solution such as this one, or if there is a much more mysterious problem lurking behind the walls.

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