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June 18, 2020

Nashville, TN – 5 Tricks From Local Service to Up Your DIY Plumbing Game

Posted in: Industry News

5 Tricks to increase your DIY plumbing successIf you are a regular DIY plumber around the home, chances are that you may have put teflon on threads before. If this is true, then we would also venture to say that you have most likely encountered these problems at least once! These 5 tricks below will help you tame your teflon woes with some new plumbing savvy.

Foolproof Application

A really neat way to help apply the teflon much more easily is to first wrap your teflon around an object with a thin diameter, like a pencil. After that, proceed to wrap it around the threads of the pipe. Holding the pencil out far enough to keep the teflon taut will make this loads easier for you!

Hole too small?

You need a hole for inserting a pipe, but after using the holesaw to make one, you noticed it is much too small. This trick will help you upsize it, no problem. Take the “center bit” of your holesaw and, since it no longer has anything to drill into, fit it into your bigger one. This will cause it to stick out just far enough to get the hole going and save lots of the workload.

45 Degree Angles? You got it!

Find that joining two pipes at a 45 degree angle is a frustrating task? No longer, for this trick can be a gamechanger. Measure the distance from the center to center of both of the pipes that are to be connected. Then, multiply the measurement by 1.4. Lastly, subtract the measurement for both of your pipes, and you will be left with the final measurement for your angle!

Copper pipe also out of shape?

Need to put a fitting on a copper pipe? Is it not going in for the life of you? It’s most likely out of shape. Taking your adjustable wrench, set it to the pipe’s size, and rotate the wrench around the pipe to round it out back to normal. The fitting should now go on, piece of cake.

Removing a faulty fitting.

Gluing a fitting on incorrectly isn’t the end of the road. For simply removing glued fittings, cut the pipe flush with the fitting. Then make two cuts on the portion that is the hub, and use a chisel or flat head screwdriver to pry it off. Give yourself a hand for saving a trip to the hardware store.

If you are looking for the best way to implement some of the tips above, give Jack Ward & Sons Co. a call at (615) 227-2811 for help with professional installations and to achieve DIY success.

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