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June 16, 2020

Nashville, TN – Commercial Plumbing Company Service For Large Construction

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Commercial plumbing company installing at a commercial constructionWhen the construction of a new high rise building was announced for the Nashville area, one of the first and foundational services that needs to be established for the construction is the plumbing of the building. The amount of coordination for such a large job is immense, so it is important to find the right professionals for the job. The local plumbing experts at Jack Ward & Sons Co. were glad to be a part of the construction of the condominium that would provide the future living spaces of many Nashvillians.

The company that had established this building had worked through the planning and coordinating of the project. That’s when they called our team of specialists to complete the installation. A 3D CAD model of the plumbing system for the building was provided for the work to adhere to and the next step was to begin! The routines and schedules were put in place to help the entire team of service members on the job work together in a choreographed way to deliver results.

It is highly important when working on a fast paced job like this one that the installation be done as quickly as possible while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of a strong plumbing installation. Every day a new part of the project production begins, as the deadlines set forth for the construction team can be tight. A waste vent system or kitchen lines for multiple floors of sinks will need to be installed to complete accuracy before the next floor is installed or there could be problems that will hold up “the flow” of all of the construction, so we be sure to work in teams and get it done right.

The plumbing system for a complex of living spaces like this one does not stand alone, however. Other contracted systems the building requires, like a heating system, would connect to the plumbing system we put in place to drain away all of the condensate that is accumulated. Our team works with other teams on the same project to put together the systems that make it possible to live in the building that is being erected. These systems include waste water, sewage water, water supply, and pump systems.

Do you have a commercial project that needs attention for a complete installation of the necessary plumbing systems, or a repair of previously installed systems? Give Jack Ward & Sons a call today at (615) 227-2811 to discuss the size and details of the commercial plumbing project.

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