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June 04, 2020

Nashville, TN – Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips For Summer

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Here comes the sun! Temperatures are rising and so is the amount of people that are spending more time having fun in the sun. If we’re not careful, so will the amount of people that suffer from dehydration or heat stroke, so drink plenty of water and use plenty of sunscreen! That being said, your sprinkler system might be the hub for keeping both your kids and lawn outside in good spirits during the blazing sun. The following tips will help keep your sprinkler system and front yard irrigation doing a great job as they work full steam ahead into the summer season.

Whether you buckled down and installed your system yourself, or called a local plumbing professional like Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. to do it for you, there is still a level of maintenance that needs to be kept up. If your system is left to fend for itself, the efficiency of your system can deteriorate and a variety of factors can cause water to leak, costing you more and more money.

Testing your system, ideally when spring hits, is a good way to get it warmed up for summer use and to make sure everything is in tact to prevent future problems. To run a start-up procedure, you have to navigate through the whole system. This will ensure that none of the heads broke, that all plumbing and parts are still functioning, and every zone of your yard is still being serviced. Check that a good overlap of the placement of your sprinkler heads have been maintained so you get a consistent color across your lawn. This could become a problem when blocked by something such as a large tree.

Lastly, when winter rolls around again, it is crucial to perform a “blow out”. This is when you hook up an air compressor to the sprinkler system and literally blow any excess water out of the system to that there will be nothing left inside when the freezing temperatures hit. Leaving water in your lines during a freeze can cause the pipes to break and burst.

So, these are some reasons why its important to follow through on the maintenance of your sprinkler system to make sure it is always operating efficiently and the way it should. Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call at (615) 227-2811 for any repairs or installations your family needs to get through the summer with style!

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