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June 02, 2020

Nashville, TN – Plumbing for New Home Construction

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In this article today we will review a basic bathroom layout in a basement during new home construction. This kind of plumbing installation during construction is called underground plumbing. To get started, you will need a permit as well as a site plan.

Starting with the bathroom, the plumbing will need to be roughed in accordingly. Consider the shower and drain, which in this case is for a 3 by 5 foot shower. You will want to measure off the wall, allowing for three and a half inches for the installing the framing, a half an inch for the drywall, and a half inch space behind the whole setup. From there, you will measure out from the wall to the center of your drain. There will be a p-trap underneath it, however, covering the p-trap with a cup of some sort is important to help keep cement out during the rest of the new home construction.

The toilet should be at least 12 inches away from the finished wall and 15 inches left or right of anything else. Giving more room if you find it ideal would be just fine. Make sure that in your plans for all of the different pipe systems that you include the vent pipes. These vent pipes can be pushed back as far as you can, hiding them in the wall so that they run up and connect to the rest of the plumbing vent lines that will make their way out of the roof.

When it comes time for the piping to be laid in the ground, a couple of things you will want to consider is that your shower in your layout requires a p-trap to be built into it. Another important thins to remember is that a 3 inch line is needed for toilet drainage. It can be quite a satisfying thing to utilize a large amount of square footage from your basement for a living space complete with a bathroom. Be sure to have the proper plumbing in place before any new construction, as the foundation of your home is not something that is easily worked on from the outside. You will want to make changes with the smallest impact in the event that something goes wrong.

One of the best ways to avoid problems during laying plumbing for the construction of your new home is to hire your local plumbing professionals, like Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. Give us a call today at (615) 227-2811 and schedule an evaluation of your construction site for help with the installation of the plumbing that will be set for the future of your home.

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