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April 23, 2020

Nashville, TN – At-Home Haircut Got Your Sink Clogged Up?

Posted in: Industry News

Man unclogging a sink clogged up from hairAny plumbing system can experience clogs, there isn’t one that is impervious to them. There are many things that contribute to clogged pipes- grease, oil, toys, and small objects, just to name a few. Most of us across the nation and across the world are currently saying at home, and looking for creative ways to live out our normal lives without going out, like say haircuts, for example. If large clumps of hair have become lodged in your drains, there is a good chance it could be the final straw that closes up that makes your sink clogged up.

While there are a number of ways we can unclog our pipes, I think just about all of us could agree that the most ideal way to go about plumbing clogs is to avoid the clog in the first place. Now, say it’s too late, and you simply need a way to get that drain opened up so your sink works again. Below are a set of steps you can follow that should help clear your clogs right up.

Starting with one of the most common unclogging tools, the plunger, you will want to fill your sink partially with water. Placing the plunger over the opening of the drain, begin plunging! After you have vigorously worked the plunger, pulling and pushing the pressure into the pipe, quickly pull it away from the drain opening. Take note that if the sink you are plunging has two openings, be sure to stop up one side while you are plunging.

If your attempts to plunge the clog free do not work, a good next step to take would be to try to auger it. A cable auger would work best here. First, you’ll want to gain adequate access to the plumbing below the sink. Then, using a pipe wrench, you remove the sink trap. Usually, the threaded couplings you find on PVC traps made of plastic are large enough to be unscrewed by hand. After it is detached, get a bucket and help the water to drain out from the trap into the bucket. Lastly, you can now make sure your trap is unclogged.

Another, more invasive yet effective, way of unclogging your plumbing is to cut directly through the clog. Locate the part of the pipe that sticks out directly from the wall, the lower part of the pipe connected to the trap. Once the opening is unobstructed, feed the auger inside until you are met with resistance. Pulling the cable back out, tighten the lock screw, and begin to drive the cable far into the pipe while cranking the handle to drive the auger through the clog. Repeat this process until the pipe is clear and simply replace the piping and trap. Flush the pipes with hot water and follow up with some plunging for good measure.

Perhaps you’ve taken the scissors to a large mane you have been meaning to trim into something manageable or maybe even a trending style. For pipes that are already chock full of soap scum and other substances that have been threatening to cut off the flow of water for some time, a ball of hair could be all it takes to “seal” the deal. Using our tips should be enough to do the trick for your plumbing problems, but if it isn’t, there might be something more detrimental wrong with the status of your plumbing!

Give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. a call at (615) 227-2811 and schedule a plumbing evaluation to determine whether you are dealing with a tough clog or something as serious as a broken pipe! We wish you happiness as you continue life during quarantine and remain in the best of health.

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