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March 25, 2020

Nashville, TN – Faulty Plumbing & Virus Contamination Issues

Posted in: Industry News

Modern plumbing can be greatly appreciated beyond mechanisms that
function behind the walls of our home when we consider just how much
work they do for how eliminating waste from our home works! Along with
the wastewater, sewage, and other materials that leave our home,
pathogens like bacteria and viruses that are present will go right
along with them. Properly installed and fully functional plumbing
makes it possible for the waste from our homes to be removed cleanly
and effectively.

We could imagine then, that plumbing that has not been installed
correctly or is faulty could then make a mess of that process. One
mess anyone wants to avoid, and that could cause issues that could
affect our health, would be the transmission of that bacteria or those
viruses to those living in the home. An example of one such situation
occurred in Asia in 2003, when the SARS outbreak took place. People
residing in their living complexes were becoming infected due to
faulty plumbing and dry traps that had allowed contaminated air up
through the pipes. In 2016, Hong Kong residents were suspected to also
have contracted viruses due to broken plumbing in their living

Now families living in the United States in both individual homes and
living complexes like apartments are much more likely to remain
unaffected by issues like the previous examples due to the plumbing
codes that exist for the houses and complexes. However, it is always
important to be sure that the plumbing of your home is intact and
functioning properly to avoid contamination of the soils underneath
your home or other plumbing mechanisms in your home due to issues like
leaks, etc.

If your plumbing is due for an evaluation and you live in the
Nashville area, give Jack Ward & Sons a call at (615) 227-2811. Prevent contaminated
waste from leaking inside your home that can ultimately have a
negative impact on the health of your family. If you and your family
are seeking shelter in your homes during this time in the midst of the
Coronavirus outbreak, be sure you are doing what you can to make your
shelter a safe, clean and healthy place as well! We hope you and your
families are having a peaceful and productive time together as the
current issue continues on.

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