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March 18, 2020

Nashville, TN – How Tornadoes Affect Your Plumbing

Posted in: Industry News

Tornadoes seem to be the hot topic in Nashville after a big one ripped right through. Many people are left wondering if their plumbing could be affected, and the answer is “yes”. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your home after a tornado hits your area. Just because your house wasn’t ripped to shreds or you haven’t found obvious things like exterior cracks, broken glass or roofing issues does not mean your home’s plumbing is not at risk. Whether you are looking for some insight because your were just effected by a tornado, or are unfamiliar with the ways in which a tornado can effect your home, read below to have your questions answered.

Is your Plumbing Functioning

When you’ve determined that your home is structurally sound at the foundation level, and you’re ready to check your plumbing, the first order of businesses is to ensure everything’s operating as it should. Inspect each and every room in your house, turning on all the faucets to our sinks, flushing all the toilets. Check that water comes out of bathtub faucets and showerheads. Clunking, banging, low pressure, leaking are signs of a problem.

As you test each fixture, take note of how the water works. Is your toilet slow to flush or drain? Is the water pressure lower than you remember it being before the tornado? Do you hear the pipes making noise when leaving a certain room? It’s necessary to give a professional plumber a call if your answer is yes to any of these questions. You can feel free to call Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing at (615) 227-2811.

Inspect the Equipment

It is wise to inspect any and all equipment that is a part of your plumbing system, which is why it is the next step your take to ensure your plumbing has not been affected. The equipment you will check is water heaters, conditioning systems, pumps, refrigerators, and any other appliances that are connected to the plumbing.

Firstly, you want to be apprehensive with whether the tornado caused a leak in any of the connecting water lines. After you have verified that there are no leaks (visible at least), it is time to make sure that there are no pieces or equipment itself that isn’t bent, cracked or otherwise broken or damaged. Dish washers or clothing washers should be run as to check for leaks or low water pressure or fill time. Be sure to be on standby to listen for leaks and to make sure water to draining and entering as it should.

Don’t Forget: Your septic system

Being that septic systems are down below, it can be hard to consider them in your plumbing checklist. Surprisingly, a tornado can do more damage than one may think. Being that tornadoes are able to pick up extremely large objects and move them miles away, you could quite possibly end up with crushing, huge items and debris covering your septic tank. If this has happened to you and you are in the Nashville area, give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing a call at (615) 227-2811.

Look at your septic systems drain field as well because everything from hail to extreme winds to flooding that comes with tornadoes can hinder your drain field from doing it job properly (which is to drain). It’s a good idea to give us a call (if you’re in the Nashville area) to your local plumber is your system seems waterlogged, mushy and/or it was hit by hailstones.

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