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January 21, 2020

Nashville, TN – When It’s Important To Call A Plumber

Posted in: Industry News

You don’t want to be knee high in water before you finally get the hint that you need to call the plumber. Obviously, if you can fix the problem by taking a plunger to the toilet or dropping some drain cleaner in the sink, then you don’t need to call the plumber. But, there are some tell tale signs that will indicate you need help.

1.     Water when there is no water

Hearing water running in your pipes when nobody is running water is an indicator that there is a leak or that water is being backed up. A pretty obvious sign is if there are wet or brown spots on walls, ceilings, floors, and if the spot is warm then you know it more than likely a leak in the hot water line.

You could also check your water meter. If it’s spinning when no water is in use then turn off the valve to the water heater to see if the noise and meter stop, If it does, then that means you found the culprit!

Now, water running in your toilet might just mean that you need to replace a warn or damaged flapper (easy enough). But hissing sounds means that the internal tank components are warn, more than likely, and you might be best off doing a total replacement.

2.     Gurgle Sounds

The first sign of a clogged drain is hearing gurgling when you are running laundry, using the toilet, or using the dishwasher. The gurgling sound happens when your system is trying to find air. It is imperative to turn the water off if you hear the gurgling when you are running the washing machine, dishwasher, or running the shower/bath. Your system could back up into the house if you do not act soon enough.

3.     Slow-to-Drain Water

If your toilet, sink, or tub is taking longer than usual to drain, and is still not draining after you’ve used drain products, then this could be an indicator that you need to get a plumber in on the job. There is potential to create more damage to your system if you try too hard to get out a clog.

4.     Low Water Pressure

Buildup of debris in the faucet’s aerator can cause low pressure in kitchen and bathroom sink, and in this case the problem can be fixed by un-screwing the aerator, cleaning off the debris and screwing it back onto the faucet. If this simple fix does not help, then the problem could be more serious than debris in your faucets. Problems might include: an eroded waterline, water leak in the system, fractured pipe, etc. Don’t try to fix these issues yourself, call the pros!

5.     Stinky Smells

If you are suddenly hit with a bad odor and there is no cause, then you could have a backup problem from your main pipe. You need to call a plumber immediately or it could mean your home’s foundation is a stake.

6.     Frozen Pipes

If your pipes are frozen in the dead of Winter after you’ve already taken matters into your own hands to defrost them, and water pressure is still low then you could have cracks or fractured pipes on your hands. A full burst could also be in store when trying to remedy frozen pipes yourself. Obvious problem signs include water no longer running, strange clanking sounds, sewage smell, or visible frost or moisture on exposed pipes.

If you run into any of these problems and are in the Nashville area, give Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing Co a call at (615) 227-2811.


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