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December 10, 2019

Nashville, TN – Your Newly Installed Toilet Could be Causing a Dirty Bathroom?

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So, you got a fresh new toilet installed (possibly by Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing), it’s working great and you have no complaints! So, what more is there to worry about? Well, GERMS. Nasty, floaty, infection causing, dirty, scum-of-the-earth bacteria! Now, if you are an avid “Put the toilet seat down and THEN flush” kind of person, then this may not apply to you… Although you may still find it interesting.

In a journal article from the American Journal of Infection Control found here, tests concluded that a toilet bowl contaminated with Clostridium Difficile (a bacteria that causes water stools and abdominal pain) was still present after 24 flushes. This information is important to note because this bacteria, along with E. Coli (bacteria which commonly causes urinary tract infections) and many others, could be vastly spread around your bathroom. It doesn’t matter how frequently you clean your toilet. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a new toilet with fresh plumbing. All that matters is that you went to the bathroom, you flushed the toilet and left the lid up! Wait, what?! Leaving the lid up or down matters?

Indeed it does matter, because apparently, water splashing from the toilet (toilet plume) when it is flushed can spread as far as 15 feet from the toilet! It can get on your toothbrush, walls, door handle, contact lens case, makeup, etc. GROSS! Now, not all bacteria will make you sick, and usually it’s harmless, but the idea of feces and urine spreading across your entire bathroom every time you flush the toilet is disturbing (unless you like that kinda thing). Future research is currently being done (as seen here) on whether or not leaving the toilet lid up will produce potentially infectious aerosols and infectious disease by testing the air above and around the toilet, along with surfaces in the bathroom. The closer contact you make with the little germies (like flushing while you’re still on the seat, courtesy flush they say), the more likely you are to get sick or develop an infection by them. Of course, many other factors play into this as well, like the strength of your immune system and your stress level, etc.

So there you have it, avoid the splish splash of unwanted bacteria and feces around your bathroom and shut that lid! Some might even go as far as getting new toothbrushes and sanitizing anything that might have been splashed with poopoo water. What a relieving feeling to know that everything included in the brown bag special will stay in the bag.

If you are having any other leaks, cracks, broken plumbing or anything that would warrant help with plumbing, toilet repair and installation in your Nashville home, GIVE US A CALL at (615) 227-2811.

We like to make sure everyone can keep a sanitary living space here at Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing.


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