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November 25, 2019

Nashville, TN – How To Fix Your Wobbling Toilet

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Do you find that the more you use the toilet in a particular bathroom in your home that it is to wobble more, feeling like a ride on the playground? Some temporary fixes, like sticking a screwdriver under the base to keep it from wobbling, won’t do the trick. The fix lies in the plumbing mechanisms and tools in place to keep the toilet working properly.

A wobbly toilet is the result of a problem that can be found somewhere in the base of the toilet, specifically the two bolts and the wax seal underneath. The plumbing for this fixture is neatly housed and kept hidden underneath the ceramic base, so the first order of business will to be to remove the fixture. Before removing or tampering with any plumbing fixture, you want to turn off the shut off valve so as to cut off the water from being provided to the fixture.

Next, you need to flush the toilet to get some of the remaining water out of the bowl and the tank. A sponge will help you rid the toilet of the last of the remaining water. After this step is complete, remove the coverings for the two closet bolts found at the base of the toilet. If the bolts are not intact with the washer, if they are broken, or if the surrounding china is worn or broken, the bolts will not be able to do their job properly. Proceed to remove the washer and bolt even if you see obvious damage or problems with the bolt, as removing the toilet will still play an important role in determining how to fix the wobbling problem.

Take a look at the condition of the wax seal, does it look worn and weathered, or is it in pretty good shape? A deteriorated wax seal could further cause problems for the plumbing of your toilet. Next, remove the wax seal to expose the closet flange underneath. The closet flange is the metal ring that should properly screwed into the floor just below the wax seal. The flange is what connects the plumbing to the toilet at the floor of the house. If there is any problem with the security of the flange to the floor, the toilet will also be affected.

Another way this connection can be affected is if the floor itself is damaged. For example, the flange may be secured to the floor, however, the floorboard has sunken down or broken entirely, meaning the toilet does not have the support it needs to rest flush and keep sturdy. In the event your floor is creating a problem, you can use shims to help create support where the previous support has failed. Once you have singled out that the lack of support of the floor is the problem, you replace the was ring, the bolts, the toilet itself, and then the closet bolts. Once the toilet is secured properly, you can drive the shims under the base of the toilet using a level to determine the correct amount of shim needed to hold the toilet up flush with the rest of the floor.

Your toilet will now be secure and there will be no leaks. You can use some caulk or putty to hide the shims at the base of the toilet if desired. If your toilet is presenting with more serious problems than just wobbling, or if you prefer a professional get involved with the repair, give Jack Ward & Sons plumbing a call at (615)-227-2811.

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