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November 06, 2019

Nashville, TN – How to Replace your Faucet Aerator

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Have you ever heard of a sink aerator? It’s not exactly a common household item term, but nearly every sink in your house has one. The aerator was originally designed to create a clean stream of water so that it doesn’t splash all over you. But when water conservation laws came into play, the faucet was also a place they could put in a water restrictor. A piece was inserted into the mouths of faucets that redirects the larger stream of water to forcefully flow through the small hole. This creates a great amount of water pressure.

If you are experiencing water pressure problems, you may want to look into where there might be a blockage in the workings of the faucet. There may very well be a piece of a broken washer, a pebble, or a piece of solder that exists in the part of the faucet between the valve that lets water pass through and the aerator itself. Another indicator of a blockage in this part of the sink can present itself when both handles are turned on and the water forces the foreign object up into the aerator. This can happen even when the faucet works just fine using only one handle. What happens is that the greater amount of water from both handles can dislodge the foreign object and lodge it in the aerator. Our first step is to get access to that part of the faucet.

When taking the aerator off you have to be careful. The first step is to get yourself a pair of adjustable wrench with no teeth as to avoid damage to the sink piece. A trick you can use if you do not have a tool like this is to use a rag or a piece of duct tape as a buffer between the tool and the piece. Simply use the tool to turn the piece and remove it from the end of the faucet. This will allow you to look into the aerator for any foreign objects. Go ahead and set the aerator aside and place a washcloth or other breathable material over the drain. Let the faucet run turning both handles for a few seconds. This will cause any more foreign material in the faucet to be pushed out and get caught by the rag.

Once you feel all possible foreign materials have been removed from the faucet, simply screw the aerator back on and test the flow of water once more. This simple process can keep your sink from working either poorly or not at all. It is something that can be repeated as long as blockages in that region of the faucet come about. For aerators that have become broken, simply remove the piece and replace with a new one.For more plumbing tips and DIY advice from the professionals at Jack Ward & Sons plumbing, give us a call at (615) 227-2811.

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