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October 30, 2019

Nashville, TN – The Best Plumbing Tools For A Job Well Done

Posted in: Industry News

Some of you that are looking to begin your DIY plumbing adventures may question whether or not you are setting out with the best tools to have for the job. In today’s post, Jack Ward & Sons will give you some tips and pointers for what some of the most important tools are that you will want to have handy.

For starters, the best tool you can have for any job is a peace of mind. Once you move into a new house, a great idea is to have someone go down into the basement, or wherever it is that they would find the main water shut-off valve, and put a tag on the valve itself to label where it can be found in a hurry as well as be easily identified by others. In the event that you see any water coming out of a wall that shouldn’t be coming out, someone needs to turn the handle to the off position so you stop the flow of water. You don’t want to be looking for where the shut off valve is in the event of an emergency. Once this is established, and you have a quick route for this solution, you can know that you have a solution to just about any emergency leaking that you could encounter in your home.

Aside from this very effective preventative measure, you will want to put together your basic plumbing toolkit. A great piece to start with is with a basic set of water pump pliers. They should last you for years and come in a variety of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Be sure that you get them big enough to do the job. A pair of pliers with a large enough adjustment on it will help you get a good enough amount of tightness as you close down on it to get torque on the pipe. They are larger than your regular household pliers you might be more apt to find in your kitchen or junk drawers.

Another pair of pliers that is handy to have are pliers without the teeth on them. If you come across a brass fitting you need to remove, you don’t want the teeth on the pliers scratching through the brass as you turn the pliers. A handy screwdriver in your collection with some Phillips heads that are not worn out is also important to have. Another plumbing tool that is appropriate for stopping blockages is a plunger. In the event that a plunger can’t do the trick, using a tool called a closet auger may work. Unlike a plunger that uses suction to pull blockages through, a closet auger sends an arm through the trap and plumbing of the fixture to clear the blockage.

One last thing to remember is that having the phone number of a reliable local plumbing contractor is yet another tool to have that can help in some of the biggest plumbing emergencies. No matter your toolkit, some situations may get out of hand, and no matter the time of day, having a local professional you can count on can be crucial to avoiding the damage that comes with large accidents or mishaps. Give Jack Ward & Sons a call at (615) 227-2811 for helping solve your plumbing troubles.

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