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October 25, 2019

Nashville, TN – Plumbing Layout During Residential Foundation Construction

Posted in: Industry News

A homeowner from a more rural area of Nashville, Tennessee gave us a call with a request to lay down some plumbing for a future pole barn house on their property. They requested our services to ensure a professional job was done in order to preserve the quality of the plumbing. The homeowner wanted to build a pole barn house on their property that would last generations and maintain a solid plumbing structure for the lifetime of his family.

After scheduling a date to break ground and ordering the necessary materials for the larger size job, a team of our experts arrived at the location and began to assess the job site on the property. The first order of business was to establish the plumbing layout. The holes were dug according to the plumbing layout in preparation for the plumbing that would be inserted there. The drain lines were then dug to accommodate the layout of the plumbing fixtures such as the sinks and toilets in the building. Once the location for the septic tank was delineated, the spot was dug out and the piping was laid according to the previously dug lines.

Some spots along the lines required that some smaller pipe sizes were chosen to avoid large rock obstacles. Others required vertical step placements to accommodate the sudden unavoidable slopes in the ground. The lines were held to levels as the final adjustments and gluing were made to ensure that the entirety of the plumbing would be level with the ground of the future building.

Each fixture was accounted for and all of the elements of a proper plumbing job was addressed. Once the plumbing layout was completed, dug, piping placed, and measurements made, it was time to call it a day. (After just a couple of days of previous work!) The homeowner was glad about the final result and had been in on the project as it was being completed, helping with plenty of the installations along the way. We felt that the job was performed more tailored to the outcome the homeowner was looking for with the amount of input and involvement he had on the project. All that was left was for the homeowner to have the concrete slab poured and begin construction on the structure itself.

If you are looking to build another home on your property, give Jack Ward & Sons a call today at (615) 431-8695 to help you lay a strong plumbing layout to accompany your new foundation.

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