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October 08, 2019

Nashville, TN – Why You Should Repair or Replace Your Leaky Faucet

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Chances are, more often than not, people have a difficult time making time to repair or replace their leaky faucets. Depending on where the faucet is in the home, the traffic to the faucet can be much greater, such as in a kitchen. A location like this will only exemplify the poor condition of your faucet due to many different factors such as the excessive dripping or having to repeatedly tweak the handle to get the water to shut off at all. When you have finally found the time to spend looking at the functionality of your sink, be sure to look for the following possible issues to determine the best possibly way to go about doing that.

Take a look for any of the following 5 common signs saying that the faucet needs replacing

A replacement is usually in order once your faucet has begun to show signs of corrosion. It is usually unavoidable due to the fact that over enough time, water will at some point begin to break down metal. Some of the most indicating signs are rust colored patches and hairline fractures. If you see either of these are presenting on or around your faucet, it could mean that the corrosion is only going to continue spreading.

If water flows from around the base of the faucet when turned on, the workings of your faucet could be damaged and not just leaky. Look for any significant cracks or noticeable warping in the base of the faucet. If everything looks clear, try gently wiggling your faucet to test for give. If the faucet moves around easily enough, it might just simply need a tightening instead of having to be repaired or completely replaced.

A normal occurrence from your faucet that occurs with simple usage over a long period of time is when you turn the handle to achieve a flow of water but nothing happens? It could very well mean the handle is stripped. That means that, although your handle will turn how it is supposed to, it does not have contact with the stem of the faucet, making it impossible to turn your water on or off. This can be caused by something as simple as regular use and will need a replacement to be fixed.

Your faucet should give a steady flow of water while maintaining a pretty steady water pressure. If these problems are not improving, checking the condition of the aerator in your faucet might  be best. The aerator is the tiny mesh screen you can usually find at the opening of the faucet, otherwise known as the mouth of the faucet. It is used to increase pressure by forcing the water out of the small holes in the aerator.

A leaky faucet could mean a slew of problems for you from your water bill to mold damage inside your kitchen fixtures. Most fixes could be more simple, however, if you need a professional opinion or expert help with uninstalling or installing a new sink, give Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing a call at (615)-227-2811 today.


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