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September 30, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee Homeowner Repairs Not Replaces Their Appliances

Posted in: Industry News

Plumbing calls often reveal a homeowner looking for a solution to their plumbing woes or even plumbing emergency. Something may have broken somewhere along the line, or is malfunctioning in such a way that it is causing distress for the home. There could be a troublesome leak or water pooling in a living area. Now while these calls make up quit a bit of the calls motivated by the need for a local professional plumber, yet another benefit to homeowners for calling in is to make smaller, though still uncommon, repairs.

When a large appliance or plumbing system in your home has experienced a problem that can be fixed in a smaller scale, you can rest assured that the fix will ultimately save you the cost of having to replace the entire appliance itself! One such call was from a homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee. They called in with a question regarding the ice maker on their refrigerator. It was explained that the ice maker had stopped working a couple of months ago and their attempts to get the hardware working were in vain. They had begun to question if the breakdown was taking place at the plumbing hookup to the fridge and decided a professional’s evaluation would be necessary from that point forward.

Soon after, some members of the Jack Ward & Sons team made a trip to the home in Tennessee to take a look a their appliance in question. They were welcomed to the home and began to take a look right away. As they were servicing the appliance, the homeowner made small talk and revealed that their intention was to have the ice maker repaired and save the money it would cost to replace the refrigerator (especially in fear that more parts would begin to further malfunction). The appliance was becoming more dated, but they felt they could get a few more years out of it. In no time at all, the hookup was repaired, and the ice maker restored to working order!

If your family has been making adaptations for a plumbing appliance that has been on the fritz, call Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing for a repair that could restore functionality to the unit as a whole and possibly keep it working for your family for some time longer.

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