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September 12, 2019

Nashville, TN – Tips To Extend The Plumbing Life Of Your Home

Posted in: Industry News

Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Plumbing in Nashville, Tennessee

Prevention is a powerful tool and can apply directly to the lifespan of the plumbing in your home. Repairs and replacements can be made ultimately, however, there are several different measures you can take as a homeowner to take care of your plumbing in a way that can limit those extra expenditures as well as prevent some serious damage. 

  1. Your plumbing is designed to handle most waste materials that are common for a household bathroom. There are many things that are flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the tub or sink that can cause damage to either the plumbing or septic system as a whole. These following materials should be disposed of in the garbage can and avoid plumbing fixtures altogether:
  • Drain cleaner products
  • Feminine products and wrappers
  • Grease and solid fats
  • Cleaning and baby wipes
  • Cotton balls/Q-tips
  • Medicines/Pills

2. Have the contact information of a reputable and highly recommended local plumbing company on hand in case of an emergency. Having someone on the problem as quickly as possible will not only save prevent further damaging of your plumbing system but of other surrounding property and valuables as well. 

3. It is very good practice to have a local plumbing expert come out to your home at every change of season to make sure everything is up to par. With the seasons come a change of temperature and other variables that may affect the plumbing differently than the previous few months. 

4. Keeping things clean and organized during a plumbing inspection or house call keeps the whole process running smoothly, not just your pipes. Another advantage to keeping the area clean and organizes ready for repairs is that if there are any external factors for your plumber to see that might affect the plumbing as well, they can make the appropriate fixes at that time and prevent any prolonged problems. 

At Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing, we wholeheartedly agree with exercising prevention as a form of increasing the health and longevity of your plumbing. Give us a call at (615) 227-2811 today  

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