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August 20, 2019

Nashville, TN – Your Large Family Pets and Plumbing Service Calls

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One particular service call from a homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee, left us feeling that it would be best to write about the importance of the friendliness of a family pet during such calls for a service worker to come to your home. If your family has the need to call a local plumbing professional for a fixture repair or installation, and has a family pet like a large dog, please keep the following story in mind for before the technicians arrive.

This homeowner had noticed issues with their hot water heater that, after some education from plumbing topic blog posts online, they determined needed to be replaced. There were several issues with the performance of their water heater, and after a while of putting off the call, they decided to reach out to their local plumbing professionals. It wasn’t long before one of our expert technicians arrived and was invited into the home. They were given an explanation of the problems at hand and it was soon determined that the water would need to be shut off for the removal of the water heater to make way for the installation of a new hot water heater unit. The homeowner explained where the shut off valve was located outside the home that would need to be accessed before taking the next step.

Lastly, it was discovered that the family dog, whom was being kept outside, wanted nothing to do with the technician and had full intention of protecting its family from them. Once the dog had spotted the technician, it did not stop barking and, despite the family’s efforts to restrain him, could not be contained until the technician had finally left the home and rescheduled for another appointment where the pet would be taken to a relative’s house to spend the day.

If the need to call your local plumber at Jack Ward & Sons arises, please be sure to make arrangements for any easily spooked or excitable pets that will help make an inspection or repair call move as smoothly as possible. Once that is taken care of, we are only a dial away at (615) 227-2811.

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