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August 15, 2019

Nashville, TN – Why You Should Choose Professional Inspection Maintenance

Posted in: Industry News

Stack of clean sewer pipes


Our team here at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. Works to make sure that all aspects of the plumbing of your home is in place and functioning properly. There are many different methods of doing so, some more effective than others. We make sure that we utilize the best practices that will ensure that your plumbing is taken care of in a way that the results will last you for years to come.

To inspect the plumbing of your home, one of our technicians uses a snake like tool with a camera on the end. This tool is used to probe around in the sewer pipes to determine the closest possible accuracy of where any damage to the pipes or blockages are located. The camera will reveal if there are any breakages in the tubing made by intrusive tree root growth as well.


If, in the event that something detrimental is found, a cutting tool can be used to try to remove remove the problem. If manual removal is not an option for whatever reason (the pipe integrity is too weak, for example), then a chemical product can be applied to inhibit any further growth into the plumbing system.

If your landscaping recurrently gives you problems by interfering with the plumbing of your home, you may want to seek other preventative measures that address the growth itself. Otherwise, scheduling a yearly maintenance plan would be a good idea to help consistently maintain the integrity of your pipes. Regular cleaning is also a very good idea to set up with your local plumber to make sure that the insides stay healthy and functioning properly as well.

Call Jack Ward & Sons today at (615) 227-2811 for a pipe inspection, tree growth removal, or thorough cleaning today!

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