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July 23, 2019

Nashville, TN – Summer Plumbing Maintenance Ideas & Frequent Problems

Posted in: Industry News

Lawn sprinkler spraying water on the lawn in the hot summer weather

As with most mishaps that can occur in your home due to a lack of being maintained, plumbing can is no exception. Some problems your plumbing can experience are more prominent in the hot summer months. You can of course have them maintenanced at any point in the year, but if you are looking to plan for scheduling maintenance for something like plumbing, be aware that you would probably rather have these fixes scheduled at the beginning of summer even if it is last minute than not at all.


1. More wear on your washing machine:

More fun outdoors means more dirt and grime that is accumulated on the clothes. This means more work for the washing machine than slower times of year, and it is easy enough for you to start to see problems popping up during your usual laundry cycle.


2. Higher usage on your toilets and showers:

Especially if there are children in your family, the toilets and showers tend to get more frequently used with them home more often with school having been let out for summer. Whether the fixtures themselves give, or the drains get clogged, these areas could pose a problem somewhere along the way.


3. Your front lawn has much more traffic:

The lawn mower is usually out and running, keeping the lawn maintained during the rapid growth of the summer season. Kids are chasing each other outdoors and there might be a get-together or two out in the grass. Breaking a sprinkler head can lead to a flood in your yard, so be careful!


4. The duty on your garbage disposal increases:

Any special events or parties you hold will no doubt host tasty snacks and other foods, which all get left behind after the festivities at your sink, and there is usually no mercy at the amount of food and accessories that can make it into your garbage disposal during the hustle and bustle. This can either clog or break your disposal if not properly managed.


Fortunately for you, if any of these plumbing mishaps do strike, your local plumbers at Jack Ward & Sons are only a call away and can fix it right up for you no problem. Give us a call at (615)-227-2811 for help with your summer plumbing blues.

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