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July 18, 2019

Nashville, TN – Clogged Sewer Line From Cooking Oils & Fats Down The Drain 

Posted in: Industry News

Spatule and greasy frying pan after cooking collecting fat drainage to pour down the drainThe best way to keep your main sewer line from clogging is to understand why it does. This way, you can help prevent the clog way before it happens. Unfortunately, however, not all homeowners are well versed on this topic, and run into complications when their sewer line fails them. Our team received a call from a family in Nashville, Tennessee that was in such a predicament and needed a local professional to come to help.

Our team arrived at the home, and went right to work at trying to identify the location and source of the clog. The family had been suffering from backed up sinks and toilets that they had remedied with quick patch fixes that wouldn’t last. They finally decided enough was enough and had called their local professional, Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing. As we traveled down the line, it became apparent where the clog was coming from.

The further away from the house the line went, the more solidified the clog had become. Aside from a lot of other waste materials that were leaving the house, the major factor contributing to the clogging was the accumulation and hardening of a long term disposal of cooking oils and fats. The other waste materials were compounding the problem by getting caught up in the solidifying fats and oils.

After the clog was cleared, the plumbing was again inspected to make sure everything was back in working order. Then, the family was given valuable information on the impact cooking oils and fats can have on the sewer line of their home. They were given advice on how to dispose of them via the garbage can by closing them up into disposable containers or jars. When the problem had become solid enough, the commercial drain cleaners were failing to do the job. It was explained that, no matter if water is being run or not while dumping the oils and fats down the drain, that the pipes can still become clogged.

Have the drains in your home begun to back up? Have your attempts to continue to unclog the drains proved less and less effective? Your home might be suffering from a clogged sewer line, and the best practice to avoid damage to the pipes, etc. is to call your local plumbing professional. Give us a call today at (615) 227-2811 to help solve your problem!

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